The Ancient Genes
230 Meeting the Headmaster
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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230 Meeting the Headmaster

"Umn...I think we have some misunderstanding here," Max spoke with his hands in the air. He wanted to resolve the issue calmly. Their faces were out and using force now would probably get him a wanted poster all over the City.

"We will see whether it's a misunderstanding or not when our captain is here." One of the mage replied. He was clearly suspicious of Max and Lear who seemed to have fallen out of the sky.

Max glared at Lear who could only force a smile on his face.

Suddenly a series of footsteps sounded. Max could hear it even from a distance, someone was rushing towards them.


A feminine figure leaped off the roof of a building behind. She seemed to have taken the shortest route like Max and Lear did.

Her figure gently landed on the ground as her hairs fell off on her shoulders a second behind.

The people seemed to have been mesmerized by this silver hair beauty.

Lear who hadn't seen her earlier fell in a daze as well. He couldn't help but mutter unconsciously, "She is beautiful."

"Don't even think about it," Max spoke in a grave tone, warning him. He had already planned to push this guy towards Lora. He couldn't allow him to ruin it like this. Besides, this girl was an Achilles. Her family was on the side of the Association.

So, it was in humanity's best interest if Lear ended up with Lora whose family was on Union's side.

"Why?" Lear asked in confusion before a smile leaked out on his face, "Oh! I see, in that case, I will be generous and leave her."

Max looked at the guy who was smiling from ear to ear as if he understood everything. Max really wanted to tell him that he wasn't even going to succeed in the first place, but he refrained himself from doing so.

"Who are you?" Aria took a step forward with one of her hands on her rapier. She scanned both Lear and Max trying to get any hints while observing their expressions.

«Follow my lead.» Max sent a message to Lear and a reply immediately came.

«Lear: Ok»

"I am Max, and this is my Master and the 3rd Young Lord of Barbes Family." Max spoke with a dignified manner acting like a proper butler. His back was straight and his tone was proper. He had seen quite a few butlers, not to mention that Uncle Rolv of his. He had spent most of his life and had picked up a lot from him.

Lear looked at Max and his face twitched a bit. He had run away from home and this guy here was openly revealing his identity.


Lear could only maintain a dignified look on his face and stand there. Even though he knew that his family would find him sooner or later, he wanted it to happen later if possible.

"3rd Lord of Barnes Family…." Aria looked at Lear who looked calm and a dignified aura covered him.

She obviously knew about Lear's existence but she couldn't identify him. 

"Can I see your Family Crest? We had an incident a few blocks away. I just want to confirm it." Aria spoke calmly. Barnes were a neutral force and she wouldn't want to offend them.

"Lady, I don't know who you are. But, do you know what you are doing right, now? Are you sure you can afford it?" Max spoke as his tone became louder and louder.

Aria looked at Max with a calm expression. Her doubts had lessened a bit. It was the reaction she had expected. This was how nobles reacted because it was a challenge to their authority.

Lear too was looking at Max, having a hard time to maintain his facial expression.

Was this some way to get a girl? No it was definitely not. He really wanted to scold Max, how could he do such a poor job after he did a sacrifice...this was not the way to get a girl. He needed to show off money.

Max suddenly felt something in his hands which were behind his back. He slightly tilted his hands and noticed Lear stuffing a bundle of notes in them.

«Lear: Don't shout! Flaunt money!»

Max's face twitched but he maintained his expression.

«Do that one more time and see if you are dead or not! Stay quiet!» Max sent a message with roaring intent and Lear immediately shut up. He still continued to grumble in his mind. His plan was a sure success. He couldn't understand why Max didn't want to use it.

"I am sorry for the late introduction. I am Aria Achilles." Aria took out a family crest proving her identity before speaking again, "I hope you will cooperate."

Lear suddenly realised why Max was angry at him. It wasn't that his plan was bad. The money was not enough. The Achilles were not any less rich than Barnes. He understood that even he would have problem getting the girl probably.

"I beg my pardon for not being able to recognize you, Miss." Max spoke with a calm tone and Aria nodded.

It was indeed not a butler's place to talk with her.

Max looked at Lear as he sent him another message.

«Show her your Family Crest and let's get out of here.»

Lear took his bag off of his shoulder and put his hand into it. But suddenly, he froze. 

Max looked as Lear raised the bag, his hands had passed through the other side of the bag.

Suddenly a scene flashed through Lear's mind and he couldn't help but want to facepalm himself.

When Lear had fought the first battle in the express car, he had directly pulled the metal sand from the bag. It had resulted in a hole as the metal sand drilled it's way through the bag.

"It seems, I lost it." Lear said in a calm tone.

'Hell, I can see that!!!' Max really wanted to scream.

Aria couldn't help but get suspicious about it.

The 3rd Young Lord was carrying a bag? Why didn't he have a storage device? Besides, even if he didn't have one for some reason, why was he carrying the luggage while the butter didn't have a single thing on him.

Max too could feel her getting suspicious. He had thought that anything wouldn't matter if Lear could prove his identity. But, now….well it would be a bit troublesome but the Barnes House had its territory and members in Capital. It shouldn't take them long to confirm Lear's identity.

«Lear: Sh*t! We can't let them go to my family's territory!!»

Max looked at the message and replied «Why?»

«Lear: I ran away from home, almost got killed in the express car hijack, and the moment I arrived in the Capital, I got arrested by the Knights of House. If my father and grandfather came to know about these new continuous accomplishments of mine, I will be in big trouble.»

"Is any one of you from the Barnes family?" Aria asked the guards around.

One of the guys flinched before finally raising his hand, "I am."

"Can you recognise this person?" Aria asked with a calm voice 

The guy felt sweat sliding down his face. He was just a member from one of the branch families. Even though he had never met Lear, he should be able to recognize him in normal cases. After all, the branch families had to take sides when the inheritance time came.

But….in this case. What was there to doubt? Lear was a trash. There was no single person who had doubt regarding inheritance. It was going to be his eldest brother. Hence, everyone had forgotten about his existence. No one cared for him

Seeing that the guy didn't spoke anything, Lear felt lines appearing on his face. Max felt like laughing but held himself back.

"We will be taking you under custody until we can confirm your identity….I hope that you will cooperate." Aria said as the mages around her took a step forward.

Lear looked at Max and Max finally spoke, "There is another way to confirm our identity."


Orca Magic Academy, Arcane Section.

Headmaster's Cabin.

William sat on his seat with a frown. He had received a message from Stark about his arrival a few hours ago and there were still no signs of the duo that he brought along.

"Don't tell me he created another trouble." The Headmaster mumbled under his breath as he continued to browse through the files on his desk.



"Come in!" the headmaster raised his head and spoke. He was expecting Max and it was indeed him.

A smile leaked out on his face. He was relieved to see him alive. After all, he was technically his student as well. But when he saw the people behind him, his face twitched.


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