The Ancient Genes
231 Meeting a Friend 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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231 Meeting a Friend 2

The door to the headmaster's room opened and Max was the first person to walk in.

The headmaster felt relieved when he saw Max enter. He was worried as well when Max went missing. He had taken the kid's responsibility not to mention that Max was now one of his students as well.

When the headmaster was about to speak, another person followed behind and entered the room.

It was Lear.

The headmaster obviously recognized him. He had heard everything from Stark and hence wasn't surprised but the next instant, his face twitched as a girl with silver hairs walked behind.

'I see…' William thought as he sighed. These kids were never going to stop it now where they?

"May I know what brings you here?" The headmaster asked as he turned his head towards Aria.

Aria gave a slight bow of respect. She had too. Even though William was the Headmaster of Arcane Academy, when it came to their relation on campus, he was still a teacher. Everyone had to respect their teachers no matter which family they belong too.

"Sir, I am here to confirm these two people's identities…" Aria said with respect and explained the entire situation to him. How the event took place in the bar and how Lear and his servant were caught in the vicinity.

"I see…" William mumbled as he looked at Max with a calm gaze. Max averted his eyes as he could feel a chilly gaze on him.

"I assure you of these two people's identity." the headmaster finally spoke.

Aria nodded her head. She had expected it to go like this after all, the duo had brought her here with so much confidence. But she couldn't help but feel that something was odd. She felt as if they were hiding something and the most important thing, she felt that Max kind of resembled the person who had blocked her rapier.

Aria could only shake those thoughts off of her mind before leaving. She hadn't managed to get a clear look at that person. She couldn't just go on with her instincts not to mention that the headmaster had even confirmed their identity.

When the door shut, a silence prevailed in the room. Lear didn't say anything. He didn't know what to do. His very first impression seemed to have gone in the drain and his hopes of studying on scholarship seemed to be falling apart too.

Max finally decided to break the ice and the awkwardness, "How are you headmaster?"

"How am I?" The headmaster repeated before his rage erupted into a storm, "How can I be well!! You disappeared causing us endless worry and the first thing you do after returning is causing trouble as well!!!"

Max felt his eardrums were at the point of bursting when the headmaster finally stopped.

"Were you two really involved in it?" The headmaster asked as he glared at the duo.

"No!" Max replied without a shred of hesitation.

Lear immediately turned to look at Max as his eyes dilated. 

«I don't mind. It was your fault to begin with. Try to say the truth and see if you can get free education or not.»

A message suddenly popped up in front of Lear and he then looked at the headmaster and spoke with utmost confidence, "No!"

The headmaster looked at them, he didn't seem to have trusted them but he still spoke, "It's good if you haven't done it…"

He then looked at Lear and spoke, "I know what you are here for. But I don't think it's possible. You can't take admission without your parent's consent."

"Will this do?" Lear suddenly took out a white sheet of paper from his wallet. On a closer look, Max observed that there was a sign on its lower-left corner.

"What is this?" William asked as he looked at the paper radiating a slight amount of mana fluctuations.

"This is my mother's signature. It has her mana imbued in the ink. I am sure it will work if you can just print out my admission details around it, right?" Lear asked with a serious expression.

"Yes, it should wor-" the headmaster suddenly realized something. There was a bigger problem here, "No!! Why do you have this in the first place?!!"

Lear scratched his head as he awkwardly replied, "I asked my Mom for autographs and then printed my results around them. That acted as the sign and I didn't have to show my results to get her signature in reality. She still believes that I am her biggest fan."

Lear's mom was a Mage as well. But she had been out of action for a while. She hadn't been to any mission after Lear's father became the Lord as her responsibilities as the wife of the Lord didn't allow her much freedom.

She was very popular and famous during her prime time. But now her popularity had started to decline….but she was still happy that her son was her biggest fan.

Max choked on his breath when he heard Lear speak. He couldn't help but give him a look. This guy was savage.

"No...I like her….it isn't like that…" Lear tried to defend himself as he noticed the gazes on him were changing.

"Sigh! I wouldn't have given you admission in a regular case but this…" the headmaster sighed before his gaze became calm, "Are you sure about it? Because if you would want to leave later...I am afraid it wouldn't be so easy…"

Lear felt a chill as he observed the look in the headmaster's eyes. He slightly tilted his head to look at Max who just shrugged. It was his decision.

"I don't plan to leave." Lear spoke with a determined look. He wasn't going back now was he? There was no way, he had already burned the bridges when he ran away from home. Not to mention that his family was being targeted. He wasn't going to keep quiet and look.

"Good! From now on you are a student of Arcane Academy. As long as you are on school premises, I will be here for you." The headmaster spoke with a smile. 


Max and Lear left the headmaster's cabin. All the necessary paperwork would be carried out in a day or two and they would be finally students again.

"Where are we going?" Lear asked as he followed behind Max.

"To meet a friend," Max replied with a smile.

Within a few minutes, Max and Lear had reached the dorm area. It was pretty shabby for the level of Capital in Max's eyes but he didn't pay much attention to it.

When they finally got closer to their destination, a music entered Max's ear and he couldn't help but smile.

It was the intro of an anime show. Max hadn't heard it for quite a while now.

It was the intro of Mahou Shoujo Mio-Chan.



Max struck the door with the back of his hands a few times but the volume seemed to be so loud that the person inside didn't seem to have heard it.

"Who is the idiot listening to this weird music at such a high sound…" Lear said with a frown, "Let me do it."

He nudged Max aside before using his element. The doorknob which was made of metal was no match for thief Lear.


The door opened and he looked at Max with a smirk before entering the room. 

Max could only shake his head at the poor fellow.

The next moment, a scream escaped from Lear's mouth and he felt that he had made the worst mistake of his life.


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