The Ancient Genes
232 Meeting a Friend 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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232 Meeting a Friend 2


The door opened and a smile formed on Lear's face. He looked towards Max with a smug on his face before taking a step into the room.

As soon as his feet touched the floor of the room, a chill ran through Lear's spine and the hairs on his body stood. He immediately noticed that the floor beneath had started to shine as runes had appeared on it.

'Formations!' Lear screamed in his mind and dove towards the side without a second thought.

But, in the heat of the moment, Lear failed to see that the walls on the side, the ceiling and everything in the room had runes floating on them.

The person who had set the formation must be planning to kill the intruder in one strike.

Lear saw as the formations lit up and mana fluctuated. 


The next instant, a bolt of lightning flashed inside the room as a high pitched scream rang across the entire campus.


Max stood outside as he heard several zaps of lightning. After a few minutes, the attacks finally calmed down as the flashes of lightning vanished.

Max finally pulled the door and entered the room with light footsteps and utmost vigilance.

He scanned the room and found Lear in the left corner. His face had turned black, his hairs stood like pikes and he continued to twitch after every few seconds.

A series of rushed footsteps sounded and a person came running towards the entrance.

"Who is there?" A familiar voice entered Max's ears. He turned his head to see a person standing in the hallway with a gun in his hands.

Max could actually feel a dangerous feeling from it, which indeed gave him a surprise for a bit. It seemed he wasn't the only one to change this time.

"Are you going to shoot me?" Max asked with a laugh. It seemed that he had failed to identify Max.

Axle stood there and looked at the guy with a frown. He seemed familiar. He had heard that voice somewhere.

He couldn't match this person with Max. He had gotten taller, had gained muscles and the aura around him had changed as well. It would be hard for anyone to recognize him. 

Axle looked at the person very carefully before his eyes widened in surprise, "M-Max! Is that you?!!"

Max smiled as he replied, "It's my ghost."


The smile on Max's face froze as a bullet passed an inch away from his face.

"If you are a ghost, then I will have to kill you again to let you proceed onto the next life you b*tch!" Axle spoke with a rage in his tone, his eyes were turning red. He had been worried like hell and had almost slept into depression and here this b*stard was grinning right in front if his face.


Max could feel that it was a bad idea to give a surprise. He should have informed him earlier.

At this moment, Lear managed to climb back onto his feet with the help of the table beside. He looked at the scene. The guy with the gun looked dangerous. Even though Max had said that it was a friend, did something happen to him? Anyway, it didn't look good. His feet were still weak from the shock earlier and he couldn't do anything.

Lear suddenly looked at the small metal figure on the table and his face lit up. He immediately picked it up and aimed towards Axle planning to disarm him. The mana around him fluctuated before the metal figure flew towards Axle.

Max seemed to have noticed Lear due to the tiny mana fluctuation, but he couldn't stop him in time.



The metal figure flew towards Axle and when it was about to him, a golden shield appeared in front of him disintegrating the figure into pieces.

Max sighed looking at the gun which had golden colored runes floating on it. He remembered that Axle had his unique way of using formations.


Suddenly, Axle fell to his feet and the light in his eyes dimmed as if they had become lifeless.

'Did he got hit?' Max frowned. But the next instant his face darkened and several lines appeared.

"T-That was the limited metal series of Mio-Chan….only 20 were sold…throughout the capital…." Axle began to mumble.

"Mio-Chan!!!!" Axle's sudden scream frightened the heck out of Lear. He couldn't understand what was happening. He turned his head to look towards Max, but he found the guy missing.


The door of the entrance closed and a message appeared in front of Lear.

«I forgot my stuff in the Headmaster's Cabin. Will be back in a bit.»

Now, Lear was sure that something was wrong.

«Lear: Don't lie you were never carrying anything to begin with.»

Lear replied but there was no response.

Suddenly, Lear felt the runes in the room shining once again.

"I...will… take...revenge for...Mio..chan.."

An eerily voice entered Lear's ear and he turned around to see Axle whose eyes had turned red and he was leaking a chilly aura.

'Demon!' Lear screamed in his mind. But he was still in no position to fight. His body was still numb from the last attack.



Max stood outside as he looked at the flashes of lightning emerging beneath the door.

He could only shake his head, some things still remained the unchanged. 

Lear's bad luck and Axle's love for Mio-Chan.


Achilles Residents, Capital.

A girl stood in a hall with a giant screen in front. An old butler stood in the back.

The screen in front of them was showing a live figure of a man with silver hair and beard. There was a small scar on the man's brows.

He was the Lord of Achilles House, Luther Achilles.

"Why didn't you ask me first?!!" The man's angry voice resounded in the hall.

"You wouldn't have allowed me to do it then…" Aria spoke with her head down and fist clenched. This was her chance and she failed it.

"Yes, I wouldn't allow my daughter to take such dangerous tasks. Why do you need to handle the things which aren't even at your level? Are you really so eager to die?" Luther scolded her. He had received the report of what happened a while ago. The Blackwood didn't take any time and had already complained. He could imagine the next meeting session.

"What is wrong with me doing this? Didn't you go through thick and thin to prove yourself to grandfather and earn the position of Lord?"

"I want to prove myself to the grandfather as well. I don't want to marry that person, I am much more valuable than just a tool for the alliance." Aria spoke through gritted teeth.

"Sigh! Who said that? Besides, what is wrong with that person?" Luther asked with a sigh. He couldn't say that the marriage wasn't for the benefit of the family. It was set up by his father. But, it didn't mean that he would sacrifice his daughter. His father had said that if he could find a defect in the kid then he would cancel the marriage himself.

And even after a few tries, he couldn't find one. But the main problem was his daughter's unwillingness. She didn't seemed to have good feelings for that person and she even herself couldn't understand it not could properly put it in words.

"There are still a few years for don't need to be in such a hurry." Luther said with a light smile. He couldn't do much with his father's decision and could only try to find more about the kid. To be honest, he himself was pretty much satisfied. He felt that he was good match for her daughter.

"That's the reason, I need to work even harder." Aria replied with a determined look. She was determined to find out the truth.

She could imagine getting herself fired from the Knights of House for sure. Even if she wasn't, she had to leave voluntarily and take responsibility for giving such commands or it was possible for her squad to face repercussions.

But this wasn't stopping her, she would find it out. She had a guy feeling that something seemed to be happening in dark. She would find it out.


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