The Ancient Genes
234 Feeling the Change
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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234 Feeling the Change

Max and Axel continued to talk. They had a lot to catch up to. Axel began to recount his experience. How they survived the disaster. What happened after that, his life in Capital and much more.

They talked for hours without realizing that the sun had started to set.

"One more thing, don't talk casually with anyone from our Academy….." Axel suddenly spoke as he remembered it.

"What do you mean?" Max asked with a smile.

"Well, you know that when we were in Arcane, some students were studying undercover. Like that daughter of Mage king…" Axel said as he stretched his body. They had been sitting for hours.

"What about it?" Max asked calmly.

"Well, they have all left our Academy and joined the Orca Magic Academy. So don't try to call anyone out. If the person is nice, it won't matter but if he or she isn't know, right…" Axel laughed. They couldn't do anything about it. Such cases were quite common a few months back when the students of Arcane were still new here. The difference between a noble and a commoner was not clear to them.

But Axel had to say that there were a few good nobles as well. They weren't rude but still maintained the noble air around them. Well, whether they were truly like that or just faking it was still not confirmed except for one guy.

James Oven.

He was popular here as well, not at the level of 12 Celestials though. But Axel was sure that the b*astard was faking his character. His character had changed even more after coming to the capital. Axel couldn't even find a single flaw in it. He was an ideal noble.

Max noticed Axel's face slowly sinking and a chill filling his eyes. "What are you thinking?"

The words jolted Axel out of his thoughts and he shook his head, "Nothing…"


Before Max could say anything else, the door suddenly opened and a person walked in.

Max looked at the guy and recognized him. He was someone from his department. He didn't know the guy's name though.

"Hmmm? You seem familiar." The guy said as he looked at Max.

"He is Max, from the blacksmith department as well." Axel introduced.

"Yes! I remember it's you." The guy said in surprise.

"This is Shon from the Blacksmith Department as well." Axel introduced.

Max brought his hand forward, "Its nice to meet you."

"Same here," Shon replied as he shook Max's hands.

"Forgive me but I will be going to my room. Today was a tiresome day." Shon sighed. He really looked exhausted.

"What's wrong? Is it them again?" Axel asked with a frown.

"Why does it matter, it's not like we can do anything,"  Shon replied with a dejected face as he began to walk towards his room.

"Maybe I should leave as well." Max could hear him muttering.

"What's wrong with him?" Max asked with a calm look as he gazed at Shon's back.

"Didn't I tell you? The discrimination here is way worse than you can think. Just lay low and try to avoid any problems. Apologize at the first sign of trouble, it doesn't matter who the person is or whose fault it is, ok." Axel spoke the whole sentence in a single breath without any pause. It seems that it wasn't his first time giving someone this advice.

"Hmmn…." Max didn't say anything,

"Aren't you planning to leave?" Axel asked with raised brows. It was already getting dark outside. 

"Why? Aren't there any free rooms here?" Max asked, he could sense that the room on the right corner was empty.

"I don't have the keys to the room. Besides, even though you are a student of Arcane, you have to be recorded in Orca's directory to be able to use dorms since the facilities belong to them. It is not mandatory for regular activities and school hours since teachers are mostly present not to mention the irritating bunch of Knight of House. But for dorms, there are stricter rules and regulations, they need to know about the students in case something went wrong in the teacher's absence…"

"Aren't there any overseers?" Max asked with scrunched brows.  There should be overseers to the dorm, who would take care of their needs.

"They didn't provide us with one, we need to inform the Dorm Management team for any problems  and they would fix in their leisure time….." Axel said with a sigh.

"Well, it's only a day, from tomorrow I will be able to legally use the dorm," Max spoke with a smile as he walked towards the locked door, "Since there aren't any overseers, no one is coming to check right?"

"Technically, unless they receive some complaints or had a change in mind…" Axel replied as he looked at Max not being able to understand his actions. The locks were strong, a simple attack wasn't enough to break them. If he foolishly attacked with all he got, it would be disastrous. Alerting the management was still one thing but he might even end up setting the room on fire.

Max held the lock in his hands and concentrated to scan and pry into the internal structure of the lock. He then used his telekinesis ability to twist the opening mechanism.


A noise came from the lock and Axel's eyes widened in surprise. Even he would have to work his ass off with the formations to open it up.

Max lifted his hands with the lock in it.

"You sure, you weren't stealing and robbing people all this time…" Axel asked with a serious expression.

"Well, you aren't totally wrong," Max laughed and Axel flinched. Max had indeed robbed mana beasts of their cores and resources. Not to mention that he just robbed a bunch of people in the bar right in front of the Knight of House before coming here.

Max opened two of the rooms for himself and Lear. He then carried Lear who was snoring loudly from one room to another, before going to take rest himself.


Max got fresh before entering the spirit world to follow his usual schedule of training and spending some time with the gang.

 After entering the spirit world, when Max was finally about to train, he opened his system to check for any changes in his stats when he noticed a few notifications. It seemed that it had happened during his fight, that must be the reason that he hadn't noticed it and the system too didn't send a big pop up noticing Max's situation.


«User: Max Edwinson»

«Race: Primal Human»

«Race Arts: The Ancient Manual (4th Layer) »

«Spirit: Seraphine, The Queen of Fairies»

«Spirit Art: Spiritual Fairy Art (2ndWing)»

«Gene Abilities»

★Enhanced Hearing (High)

Allows the user to hear even small voices over a radius of 500m when concentrated.

★Advanced Elemental affinity(Medium)

Allows the user to control elements at a much higher level. 

Use depends on users' proficiency.

•Fire (High) 

•Earth (Low)

•Water (High)

•Wind (Low)

★Dominance (High)

Grants immunity to any form of oppression from mortal beings. Allows the user to exert mental pressure on opponents weaker than him. 

★Ruler (Low)

Adds charisma and wisdom to the user. Allows the user to share Combat Buffs to followers.



«God's Halo»(Low)

Activates when the chosen ones enter within a radius of 300m. Grants up to 10% increase in stats with each user.



•Calm Mind (Max)

•Life force (Max)

•Spear Mastery(Medium)

•Sword Mastery(Medium)


•Vital Arts(Low)



•Ruler's Blessing(Low): Allows the user to have 10 followers. Grants 1% increase in overall states to all of them and 5% when followers are within a radius of 300m.

«Followers: 1»

«Spirit Abilities»

★ Telekinesis (Low)

An ability that could be used to lift objects in the air.

★ Divine Sense (Medium)

Allows the user to enter a state where his senses heighten drastically.

★ Spirit Energy Manifestation (Low)

Allows the user to manifest the spiritual energy out of his body in w definite form.

Current Form: Water Cobra

A rare intelligent manifestation who had willingly submitted to the User. Can further evolve.

Note: User's spirit abilities will vary according to the User's spirit energy level.

Max could see that a few of his skills had leveled up. His Enhanced hearing had gone to High along with his affinity with the fire element.

It seems that Max's recent use of fusion of two elements to make ice had got his Advance Elemental Affinity to medium. Aside from that his sword Mastery and his Divine Senses had increased as well.

The battle had indeed born fruits for Max, no wonder he was feeling a bit different than usual, he was getting stronger.


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