The Ancient Genes
235 Tales of Flaming and Silver Jewels
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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235 Tales of Flaming and Silver Jewels

The sky had turned black, it was an hour past midnight. The Academy Campus was silent. There was still a light or two open, maybe some students were studying or God knows what they were doing at this time of night.

Arcane Dorms…

"Ah! It hurts…" 

Lear who had been lying asleep all this time finally woke up as he tried to turn onto his side where he had the wound on his stomach.

"Where am I?" Lear mumbled as soon as he realized that he was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling.

He immediately woke up and remembered what had happened. 

"That b*stard, I am gonna kill him…" Lear muttered in rage sprang up onto his feet. 

A pain immediately jolted Lear's whole being and his stance turned weak, "Maybe tomorrow but I won't let the b*stard go!"

Lear sensed that everyone was in their room and hence didn't make any noise.

He got up from the bed and walked out of the room feeling thirsty.

The lights were off and only a dim light from the moon was coming through the window illuminating the room.

"What kind of spooky place is it?" Lear mumbled under his cold breath. The building was indeed an old and unused one. It had indeed faced a lot of wear and tear before being stopped to be used. When the Arcane Academy shifted here, they opened it again for their use.

Lear walked towards the refrigerator which he had seen when being beaten in the hall. There had to be water in it.

As soon as Lear got out of the hallway leading to the rooms on each side and made a left turn, his body froze.

"….a.." He tried to speak but no words left his mouth. There was a huge shadow in front of him, right beside the refrigerator.


Finally, a scream escape Lear's mouth. The shadow seemed to have been jolted by the scream as well.

 The shriek was so loud that it seemed to have pierced the sky and several lights immediately lit up throughout the campus.

"What's going on?!!" Axel immediately rushed out of his room. Max wasn't late too. Shon was the last one to get out.

They were dumbfounded to see Lear foaming on the ground with his eyes turned white.

They immediately rushed up to him and Shon went to switch on the lights.

It was then that they noticed that there was another huge person near the refrigerator.

"Kevin? What are you doing here?" Axel asked with a frown.

"I just came to meet, Max. You know the situation right." Kevin said with an apologetic face.

"Idiot! Did you find this to be the right time to come? At least give me a call, I shouldn't have given you the spare keys…" Axel grumbled.

"What happened to him?" Max asked as he pointed at Lear who was foaming on the ground.

"I don't know. I was just having my midnight snacks, when this person came and scared me." Kevin said with an innocent face.

"Scared you or you scared lump of mass...anyone will have a heart attack seeing you in dark. You fat Minotaurus!!" Axel screamed, but suddenly lines appeared on his face.

" It isn't my chocolate cake right?" Axel said with a grim tone as he noticed the brown cream on Kevin's face.

Kevin immediately wiped out the cream.

"You b*sta-" Axel was interrupted by Shon who was looking down the window. "You guys should probably get going…."

Max immediately stood up and looked down the window. There were flashes of light coming their way.

'I am gonna kill this guy once he wakes up.' Max thought as he looked at Lear.


"I will be leaving." Max spoke as he patted Kevin, "Thanks for coming, but we will talk later…"

Max picked up Lear and bid them farewell before walking out of the room.

As soon as Max got out of the room, he immediately took out a rope from his spirit works and tied Lear with it and made several loops of it around his chest. He was afraid that the guy would fall when he would start to run.

Max quickened his steps and began to move downstairs. When he was about to open the door, he felt some presence. They were here.

'So fast? ….Mages!!' Max's eyes went wide as he sensed the mana fluctuation. They were strong.

He immediately took out two masks and put one on his face and others on Lear's face before turning around and making a dash.

 When Max took the first step, the door behind him opened.

The guards who had just come saw Lear hanging on Max's back with a mask on his face.

Who wouldn't find it suspicious in the middle of the night?


The guards immediately sprang up into action and chased behind the suspicious figure.

Max ran as fast as he could and climbed the stairs of the building. The terrace was the only way for his escape now.

"Wait! Or we will attack!" the guards shouted in warning.

'Hell, I will be stopping!' Max thought. He knew very well where this place was. The place where the younger generation was being raised. Getting caught here for illegal trespassing might get him in big trouble.


Max sent the terrace door flying with a kick and ran with all he got.

Seeing that the person didn't have any intention to stop, the guard finally attacked.

Mana began to surge around him and a ball of flames lit up on his hands. He didn't think twice and threw it towards Max who had stepped on the railings.


Max had already dived off of the terrace when he noticed the ball of flames and immediately unflurred his wings as it was his only way to dodge in mid air.

Max flapped his wings and pushed himself to the side. But the ball of flame still manage to graze past Lear's pants lighting it up.


Max cursed. He was scared of Lear's manhood being burnt, if anything happened to it, his plan of getting him with Lora might be in grave danger.

Several lights had been lit up and students came out to look at the commotion.

Everyone was dumbfounded to see a man in flames flying in the air.

Since Lear was the only person being faced towards the dorm building, people weren't able to see Max as the duo had almost the same body proportions. Not to mention the distance and time, they were still in half-asleep mode.

Max flew towards the nearby tower which looked like a watchtower but had a huge clock on it for showing time to students.

He landed on its roof and tore off Lear's pants to shreds with few slices of his dagger.

Lear's jewels and excalibur hanged in the breeze. They were standing with the moon right behind them. The light of the moon made Lear's manliness to light up even more and show it's brilliance to the world. The girls standing on the balconies screamed as they covered their eyes while some started to take pictures.

Max didn't stay anymore and flew away, disappearing into the moon becoming a small dot.

The tale of the day would forever continue to linger in this full moon and be told till generations.

The tale of the Flaming and Silver Jewels.


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