The Ancient Genes
236 A New Identity
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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236 A New Identity


Rays of sun entered the hotel room through the window illuminating the entire room.

"What the hell? Who switched on the lights?" Lear mumbled as he tugged the blankets over his head.


The door was suddenly flung open and a thunderous voice jolted Lear up.

"Get up!! You piece of sh*t!!"

Max entered the room. He was still irritated by what this guy had led him through.

People had given him a weird look all through the streets as he carried a naked and unconscious guy. Especially the moment when he took the rooms in the hotel, Max felt the receptionist's gaze was piercing his heart. Such embarrassment.

"What's wrong?" Lear still half asleep couldn't make out the situation until Max's first fist completely woke him up.

"Damn it! Why are you hitting me? What did I do?" Lear screamed feeling he had been wronged.

The more Max looked at the guy, the more anger he felt. This guy didn't even have an idea of what had happened.

"Hell, you didn't do anything!! I just want to beat the crap out of you!" Max's reply made Lear's eyes wide.

"Y-You! I won't take this injustice lying down!!" Lear screamed before he balled his fingers into fists as well.

The duo continued to rain their fists onto each other until Lear was finally down and Max managed to win. He was the stronger one after all.

"Get ready, we need to go to the Academy." Max said as he took out a pair of trousers from his spirit world and threw it onto Lear's face.

Lear looked at the trouser in confusion when he suddenly felt a little cold between his legs. He immediately lifted his blanket and found his pants missing.

His eyes went wide and he immediately pulled the blanket up to his chest and looked at Max with terrified expression, "What did you do to me?"

"You wanna die this early in the morning." Max said with lines on his face. His tone was grim enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. "Get out fast, I am waiting in the lobby." 

Lear saw Max leaving and didn't dare to say anything. He remembered passing out last night and there seemed to be a lot of ruckus for some reason.

'What in the hell happened?' Lear thought as he got up from the bed.


Orca Magic Academy, Capital

Max and Lear arrived at the Academy.

There was a huge crowd of students moving in through the main entrance.

Some were radiating strong mana radiations while some were weak.

Well, it was common because Orca Magic Academy didn't only have courses for Mages but other normal people as well. It was the largest education institution on the Continent.

Business, Arts, Management, Medical were some of the other popular fields for commoners here.

Max and Lear walked along with the crowd entering the Academy. Max's eyes and ears were wide open. He was carefully observing his surroundings.

He could easily identify the rich and powerful who walked confidently while the vulnerable looking ones were definitely the commoners.

After a few minutes of walk, they finally reached the Arcane section of Academy.

Headmaster's Cabin

William, the headmaster was working as usual when he heard the knock on his door.


" Knock!"

"Come in." The headmaster said and raised his head towards the door.

Max and Lear entered the room and greeted the Headmaster.

The headmaster nodded his head and brought out a few cards from his drawers.

"I have informed the Academy about two new students and you can join from today, I will be sending your information in a while."

"Take it… this is your identity card and the dorm card," the headmaster said as he passed the cards to Lear.

Max saw that there were two cards in Lear's hands and none in his. He raised his head towards the Headmaster.

"There is something, I have to tell you," the headmaster said as he brought out a form and passed it to Max.

It was his admission form for Arcane Academy.

"You understand, right? What do you want?" the headmaster asked.

Max looked at the form and his eyes turned serene.


The paper was suddenly set ablaze surprising both the Headmaster and Lear.

"I will take a new one." Max spoke with a calm look on his face.

The old admission form contained Max's information which was supposed to be sent to the directory of the Academy.

It contained Max's parent's name and his last name as well. No one would do anything or even relate Max to the Edwinson's back in Arcane even under the circumstances where his parents' names matched with some famous mages. But, in Capital, things were different. The last name itself would automatically let people identify you as a part of the Noble House.

Max filled up the new form and submitted it to the Headmaster.

"You can do the classes, I have already informed them about you. So there shouldn't be any problems," the headmaster said with a calm voice.

"And one more thing, you won't be able to get a dorm." the headmaster said in a calm manner.

"Why?" Max asked in confusion. There were several empty rooms from what he remembered.

"Dorm Facility can only be availed at the beginning of the sessions not in between. Wait till the end of this session," the headmaster replied.

"But, what about the students of Arcane?" Max asked, they should have come here in between the session as well.

"The Academy made a special exemption for them." 

"I was in trouble. You know about it." Max said with wide eyes.

"You think people would believe you. That you survived an impossible fall and travelled halfway through the continent miraculously avoiding all the beasts and got out alive?"

Max found himself lacking of any answers.

"What about him then?" Max pointed at Lear with a frown.

"He belongs to the mainline of Noble House. They have their own special reservations." The headmaster replied as a vein popped out on his neck.

"But-" Before Max could even complete, the headmaster slammed his desk in anger.

"Enough!! Leave now!!" 

Max could only leave after being scolded as Lear followed behind him with a grin being happy for Max's miseries.

The headmaster finally breathed in relief. He felt it was a good thing that Max wasn't in the dorms. He didn't know how he would handle the trouble if he caused a ruckus here.

The headmaster still didn't know that Max had already caused a ruckus yesterday and had left behind a legend for generations to be told.

"Hmmn?" the headmaster suddenly noticed the form which Max had submitted and opened it up.

The name of his parents and family background were missing. There was only a single name in it.

Max Arkansas.

The headmaster sighed. He didn't know what it meant. But he was a calligraphy expert and hence could observe and decipher the strokes of ink on the sheet. Many emotions were reflected in them.


Max didn't have much thought when he wrote his name. Arkansas was the first Human God. He would have been dead if not for awakening his genes within him. There was nothing wrong with carrying on his name, this life was partially that man's gift. Not to mention he was his descendant as well.

Now that Max thought about it, how foolish he was back then thinking of committing suicide, really foolish, believing that he could fix everything. Now he had realized that some things were not in his control. He couldn't control people nor their emotions.


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