The Ancient Genes
237 Two People Two Minds
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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237 Two People Two Minds

After getting out of the headmaster's cabin, Lear separated from Max since he had his class. 

Max on the other hand phoned Axel. He had 20 minutes left before his class. He might as well take a tour if possible.

Axle arrived shortly after.

"You don't have a class?" He asked.

"No." Max replied as lightly shook his head.

"It seems you and Kevin are in different sections then, he has his class now." Axel replied after a bit of thought.

"Let's go, I will give you a tour of the campus." Axel said with a smile as he took the lead.

The duo continued to walk and Axel showed Max the different departments and office buildings. They passed by the library, the field and the parks.

The campus was indeed huge. There didn't seem to be any end to it.

As they were walking, Max observed some students who had an armband, Axle pointed them out and spoke as well, "They are the members of the student council called the Knight of House. Don't try to get on their bad side."

Max could see that most of the students avoided these people's path. It was quite clear that they were scared of them.

After a few minutes of walk, the duo reached the Cafeteria. It was quite big and luxurious unlike the one in Arcane.

"Did you have anything for breakfast?" Axel asked as he looked at Max.

Max shook his head in denial. He didn't have any. His stomach was too full of anger in the morning all because of Lear.

"Grab a seat. I will treat you." Axel said as he went towards the counter to order.

Max turned around to look for seats. Even though the Cafeteria was big, it didn't mean that the students were any less.

Suddenly, Max's eyes fell on a familiar figure with blonde hair and a calm look emerged on his face. He slowly began to walk towards the guy.

"Do you mind?" Max asked with a smile as he pulled out the chair. 

The person raised his head to look at Max for a while before replying with a smile, "Yeah, sure."

This person was none other but the Youngest Lord of Ovens House, James Ovens.

The people noticed the situation and were surprised. Max didn't seem to be giving the aura of a wealthy or a noble. Yet he was sitting beside a person like James. 

Who was he?

People began to whisper. Everyone knew the unwritten rules. The mainline descendants of the Noble Houses were people of the top tier and everyone treated them with respect or fear.

No one dared to behave like that. You needed status to be able to interact with people like them.

Max could hear each and every word of these people clearly.

''s much more complicated than I thought.' Max though inwardly.

These mainline descendants had already set up themselves as someone special. These allowed them to act as leaders in their generations. Either respect or fear, it didn't matter which one it was, as long as it could influence people, it was worth it.

This was the place where they formed their own groups and recruited people into their houses. It was obvious that they needed to show themselves as special and superior. Only then will the people be willing to follow them.

"Hey, it's been a while. Do you remember me?" Max asked with a smile.

"I beg my pardon, it seems I am quite forgetful these days." James replied with a smile.

"Well, we didn't have much of an interaction so it isn't unusual that you don't remember me. I am Max from Arcane Academy." Max replied as he brought his hand forward.

James observed Max with a calm expression on his face before extending his hands, "Nice to meet you."

"I heard of your heroic deeds during the incidents. I really admire you." Max said with an honest look on his face.

"It's not worth mentioning, it was my responsibility as a Noble." James said emphasising the word Noble.

"Noble?" Max asked in confusion.

James looked at him calmly before speaking again, "Well, you are new here. You will slowly learn everything. If you have any trouble in the future, just contact me."

James passed a card to Max before getting up, "I have a class now."

"Sure, take care." Max waved his hands as James left. The surrounding people continued to look at the scene in surprise.


James walked out of the cafeteria and when he was in a deserted corner, a person suddenly appeared by his side.

"Did you find what happened with the deal in black Liquor?" James asked with a frown. "Who stole the storage pouch?

He was really irritated because of it. Someone had interrupted his plans.

The person shook his head. There was still no information on those people.

" Get me the list of the people who were there on the mission from the Knight of House." James said and paused before speaking again, "Look into that guy as well. The one I met in Cafeteria." His voice was calm.

The person nodded before disappearing again.

James walked out of the deserted corner without turning back.

 He had felt odd about Max. At first he thought that the guy was just a dumb one who didn't have any idea about things. But when he noticed that the guy seemed to be unfazed by the gazes of the people, he knew that something was different here. Moreover, Max didn't seem to have much reaction to the fact that he was a noble. 

Even though it was possible that he didn't know about things, it should have been very easy to understand the meaning from the word itself yet the guy still seemed to have not much of a reaction.

Something was wrong….


On the hand, Max smiled as he looked at the guy leaving.

He had come here to confirm a few things and he did indeed.

He couldn't sense anything from the b*stard even at such close distance. Talk about a troublesome thing. Either he was one of the stronger ones or it wasn't possible to sense them. Max could only hope that the first one was true or it would be a headache.

There was one good thing, when Max initiated the handshake. He felt it. His body reacted and he knew that feeling very well. One thing was clear, if he could get in touch with the person. He could identify them as humans or demons.

'I bet that b*stard would definitely look upon me.' Max couldn't help but smile. He knew that things weren't going to be peaceful. He wasn't going to take it lying down. He was very clear of his goals. Hence he knew that once he would be in light, that guy would definitely look up on him. 

In that case, Max's best option was to trouble him and distract him. A guy like him who thought so much ahead of definitely would want everything in his hands would definitely try to find out why Max interacted with him.

He shouldn't be able to find much though. But Max would achieve what he wanted. This guy was one of the worst types, if Max could distract him and waste his time even for a bit, it was definitely worth it.


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