The Ancient Genes
238 Plan
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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238 Plan

«Passive Buff «God's Halo» had been activated granting 10% increase in stats»

Max looked at the screen which had suddenly popped up in front of him.

When he was about to open the chat box, a voice entered his ears.

"What did you do?" 

Max turned his head to see Axel taking a seat beside him. He had a frown on his face.

"What's wrong?" Max asked with a smile.

"Why is everyone giving you glances?" Axle asked as he stared at Max.

"Well, it isn't my fault for being so handsome." Max smiled as he pulled one of the food trays towards him.

"Tsk.. Shameless….you dare to call yourself handsome in front of me." Axle spoke with a proud look and pumped his chest up.

At this moment, the crowd suddenly started to buzz again. Max didn't even need to look, he could sense two familiar persons entering the Cafeteria.

"Damn it, not again." Axel cursed. This had already been the fifth time this week.

"Let's run…" Axel began to pick up his tray in a hurry. His face was dark.

"What's wrong?" Max frowned and grabbed Axle's hand pulling him back to his seats.

"Damn it! Let go, I don't want to get in trouble. Look at the entrance, I am not even interested in seeing her face. You know how many knights she has in the Academy. One word and I am dead." 

Max could only let go seeing the guy's desperate expression. 

"You are not coming?" Axel asked with a frown.

"Well, it's been a while. I might as well say hello, I guess." Max replied with a smile.

"Y-You are crazy!" Axel spoke with wide eyes. He couldn't believe that it was the same Max who was once trembling at the thought of being in the same class as the four tyrants.

Seeing that Max had no intention of moving, Axle sped off into the distance disappearing in the blink of an eye.

A minute after he left, three girls with two guys arrived. They sat on the table ahead of Max. 

Max could tell that the two guys were guards even though they were young and dressed like students. It was very clear from the way they stood by their side instead of taking a seat.

It was quite common for a Young guard or servant to accompany these Noble people in Academies since they weren't technically breaking any rules.

"I said he would run away. Give me the money, I bet." A burst of sweet and charming laughter resounded.

Max could clearly hear them and slightly raised his head to look at this person and his eyes flickered a bit.

The first two persons were obviously the ones he was familiar with.

The quiet one with blonde hair was Elly Lorenz and the one with the puffing cheeks and black hair was Lisa Walker.

The third one was someone that Max wasn't so familiar with, but how could he forget this person when he had spent so much time in the trial searching for every one of his family members.

The girl with slight brown hair was Max's First Aunt's daughter.

Janet Edwinson

Well, he didn't expect to be seeing so many familiar faces in such a short period of time.

"Do you still think it's a coincidence? It's already been 5 times." Janet said with an unbelievable expression, "He is clearly avoiding you Lisa."

Lisa stood there with a red face, she couldn't understand it. What was the guy's problem? She just wanted to be grateful for once and buy him lunch at most if he didn't want to be acquaintances with the great her.

"Why do you need to keep creating trouble for that guy? You know how things are. If you talk to him, it might only create more trouble for him." Elly suddenly said with a calm tone. She was tired of it. This had gone on for five days and Lisa insisted that it was just a coincidence. God knows how much she had lost to Janet in these five days.

"Who would dare to create trouble if I speak a word?" Lisa said with a tone full of anger.

"If you want to thank him, just do it in private when there is no one around." Elly said with a sigh. It was difficult to get things through the thick head of her friend.

"Hey look there is another guy. Let's ask him, if that guy was really scared by her or not. We could end this for once and all." Janet suggested.

Lisa and Elly turned their heads to look at Max. 

Obviously they could not recognise him. If even Axel had a hard time recognising Max, there was now way for them to be able to recognize him at all.

"Go and call him here." Janet ordered her guard and he nodded.

Max heard everything very clearly.

«Bahamut: You don't even need to do anything I guess. Here comes your first big opportunity.»

Max looked at the rows of text in front of him and replied.

«Coward Cat: Where are you and how long have you been stalking me for?»

«Bahamut: I just came here a while ago.»

 «Coward Cat: How did you recognize me?»

«Bahamut: Well, I can tell at a glance. I can feel it.»

Max thought and nodded. He remembered the time that he met Anna.

«Bahamut: Go along with the plan that we decided last night.»


Last night…

Max had just escaped from the Academy Campus. There was now way that he could have carried Lear without pants across the entire city. He could have lent him one from his spirit world, but they were all used and he wasn't going to give him one of his used ones at any cost. Who knew what he would do with it.  

He could only contact Bahamut for help not only because of pants but also for the fact that it was difficult to find a room in the middle of the night.

Bahamut had booked a room for them and left a pant in a parcel on the counter for Max to pick.

In the end, Max had to bring Lear without pants facing all the embarrassment. Thank God, he had the masks.

After reaching the room, Max had received a message from Bahamut. It was then that they planned it all.

The first step for them to create a force was to establish themselves. Bahamut and I am Mr. Cool were from Noble Houses, they could easily influence the upper society once they showed their might and established their position.

But Max was different, he could wield much more influence if he could slam all of the Young Masters of the Noble Houses. Even though it might lead to some trouble, it was worth it.

It would be revolutionary. A person with no name and background.

A person for everyone to look up to, he could easily pull everyone who weren't the part of 12 Houses towards him. That was some huge manpower. It was to be noted that a lot of average Mages came from common background. Some of these were talented as well but couldn't reacher higher level due to lack of support.

Most of them had to join Noble Houses under contracts to be able to look forward to their future.

There were a lot of students in the Academy who came from lower society or those who were discriminated against and picked upon by the ill mannered brats of Noble Houses.

That was what Max was supposed to aim for. He had to get this people and show them that they had another choice. They didn't need to lower their heads to people.

In short, becoming a light and a leader was what he was supposed to do now. Unlike the previous times where he was always hiding, it was time to show off. Only then could he establish his dominance.

Well, Max didn't mind at all. He wasn't planning to take it lying down if someone came asking for it. He was more than willing to let him have it.


Current time….

«Coward Cat: Well, I have already started it a while ago. You missed it I guess.»

«Bahamut: Oh...Well, Now I am here. Show me what you got.»

«Coward Cat: Roger»

Mas replied as he noticed that the guy had finally come in front of him.


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