The Ancient Genes
240 In Front of Headmaster“s Cabin Once Again
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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240 In Front of Headmaster“s Cabin Once Again

The Cafetaria kept buzzing with noises. Some of the students had taken out their phones and were secretly taking pics and recording the event.

It wouldn't take much time before the whole Academy would know about it.

"What has you being a noble got to do with me?" Max's voice rang in the cafeteria.

"It has got nothing to do with me. You have no right to give me orders." Max said with a serious tone as he looked at Janet.

"We just wanted to have a peaceful conversation. It's you who attacked. What right do you have to be acting like this?" Lisa intervened.

Max looked at her and sighed. 

Was she really that dumb? She didn't even know about her own subordinate? That guy was the last one to be able to have any association with the word peaceful.

Elly on the other hand, continued to look at Max. For some reason, she felt as if she had met the guy somewhere.

"If you wanted to have a peaceful conversation, you should have come and requested instead of sending your bodyguard to threaten me." Max said with a calm voice.

"Don't act arrogantly. Do you even know who you are talking to?" A guy in the crowd finally walked up seeing the situation.

"It seems, you don't know how things work here?" Another person came up.

"Let us handle the situation, Miss." Two more people stood up.

Max could clearly tell what was going on. These guys seemed to be trying to get on these girls' good side.

"Stop...we didn't ask you for any help." Elly suddenly spoke with a frown and these people immediately halted their actions. She hated these kinds of people.

"Miss, we need to teach him a lesson. We can't let people disrespect the name of the Nobles. They have defended the borders for so long, everyone must have respect for them." One of the guys spoke trying to persuade Elly.

"What a joke? Disrespect?" Max laughed. "I will give respect to people who deserve it. As for you people, " Max scanned the entire room before completing his sentence " Aren't worthy of it."


As soon as the words left Max's mouth, a terrifying pressure radiated from his whole being carrying the intense bloodlust that he had accumulated over his course of time in the trial.

The people who had come out to teach Max a lesson felt their legs go limp under the terrifying aura and fell on the ground with a thud. No one beside them had felt anything wrong.

The crowd looked at Max with a surprise. They weren't so dumb to not even know that Max was behind it.

Max looked at the crowd and spoke, "Your families or ancestors might have done something worthy of receiving respect. But remember one thing, respect can't be inherited. You need to earn it."

His words were like a bomb, it shook people's heart and mind. The words they had always wanted to say. Something which they didn't dare to do was finally done by this person in frony of them. Someone had finally rebelled. 

"Don't dare to play noble in front of me. You are nothing in my eyes." Max said with a calm demeanor and got up from his seat with the food tray in his hands.

"And you, it is not that hard to say thank you. Just drop that superior attitude of yours for once, " Max said lightly as he walked out of his seat, "Don't forget that you might be dead or would have been in an even worse condition if not for us." 

Lisa looked at Max with confused eyes, she couldn't understand what he meant. 

"It's him." 

Lisa turned her head on hearing Elly's voice who was looking at Max with wide eyes.

"It's that guy from Arcane, his friend." Elly spoke as she looked towards Lisa. She was reminding her that it was Axel's friend.

Lisa's eyes widened as well. How was that possible? What was going on? She had searched for the guy after the Arcane Incident, but was sad to find that he was in the list of casualties. She really wanted to thank him.

But now, she had done something even more wrong and made thing worse. She couldn't understand why it was so hard to be grateful for once.

"You two know him?" Janet asked as she looked at Max's back with a complicated look. His words had left a strange feeling in her.

As Max walked towards the exit, he could feel a ton of gazes on him. It was time for the final touch, he hoped that it would work.

«Coward Cat: Do it!» He messaged and the next moment, a sound came from the crowd.


Everyone froze as the clap rang, Max on the other hand was praying in his mind, 'Work! Work!'



After a bit of pause, two more claps rang within an interval of few seconds before a huge applause began.

Max smile in satisfaction as he walked out of the Cafetaria. From the moment he had entered the campus, Max had been noticing things and observing people. He could feel the frustration and resentment. The feeling was too familiar to him. It wasn't a good thing to manipulate people but let's just say it was for a greater good.

After Max walked out of the Cafeteria, the Academy forum exploded with the news.

It didn't take much time before several posts appeared with Max facing off against four people.

People called him with different names in all this posts, The Rebel, Messiah of the Commoners, The irregular etc.

Max was oblivious too the fact that his plan was much more successful than he could have ever imagined it to be.

He was waiting near the balcony on the first floor for Bahamut. The area was only a floor below the cafeteria.

Max continued to look down the campus from the balcony. His vision was much stronger than any other person. He could see what was going around.

Suddenly, Max felt a tap on his shoulders. He turned around expecting to see Bahamut but it turned out to be a familiar face.

Max couldn't forget that purple hair and feminine face.

It was Norek.

"It seems you remember me." Norek said with a smile as he observed Max's expression.

Max didn't have much interaction with the guy. He didn't have any strong impression of the guy and didn't know anything about him as well.

"You have changed a lot." Norek said with a smile. He remembered a few things about Max and he could tell that it seemed as the previous and current guy were two different people.

"Have I?" Max replied with a smile as he noticed a red band on his arm. It was different from the blue ones that Knights of House members wore.

"I am a part of the Disciplinary Committee…" the moment Max heard that, he flinched. He could somehow get why this person whom he didn't have much interactions with was suddenly talking to him.

'Isn't this too fast?' Max thought. Besides, Bahamut had assured him that this much trouble was nothing. As long as he didn't hospitalized someone, it was fine.

"Don't worry, I am not here to administer punishment. Let's go, it will be a bit troublesome if those people from Knight of House arrive first. You will understand everything once we get there."

After a minute, Max sighed as he stood in front of the Headmaster's cabin.

He looked at the door and could sense two monstrous presence inside.

One was very familiar to him, the other was unfamiliar.

He had left the Cabin a while ago and now he was standing in front of it once again.

'Damn it!'

It seemed he was being watched, no wonder he was called this soon.


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