The Ancient Genes
242 Searching for Apartments
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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242 Searching for Apartments

"Sigh! Who would have thought that the Headmaster of the Orca Academy was the Leader of an Ancient Family?" Max mumbled, his expression wasn't so good. The bad impression that he gave was one thing, what he was more worried about was having his identity out.

He really didn't want to meet any of the Family Leaders at this point in time, but it seemed things wouldn't be going the way he wanted them too.

He stepped in the wrong place after all, it seemed that the headmaster had reported about him in the family. It was obvious that he had reported him in a good light and was supporting Max, that was the reason that the old man gave Max a chance.

But Max still would have preferred if he could have avoided it.

'I should inform Master about it.' Max thought and dialed Stark's number.

The phone rang for a while before it was picked up and Stark's voice sounded from the other end.

"What are you doing? Calling me at this time? I thought you would be attending your classes for today."

Max froze, what was he supposed to say. He got suspended even before the first class.

"Umn..I….I still have sometime before my class…" he lied. Not actually. He had a day's worth of time before he could take his classes from tomorrow.

"I see.." Stark's voice came from the other end.

"Master…. I met the Headmaster of the Orca Academy today." Max spoke and told him about the event that took place.

Stark became silent for a while before speaking again, "It seems that it was unavoidable after all. The Kingsman Family is situated in the Capital. It must be tough to hide anything from them. Your interaction with Williams must have gotten the old man onto you."

"Don't worry, he won't do anything to you. He might be a bit interested in you due to the prophecies but he doesn't care about it like my family leader does. That's the reason he is raising children to wield the artifacts."

"Anyway, just don't provoke the old man. With Williams by your side, it wouldn't be any problem." 

Stark talked a bit more to Max before hanging up.

Now, Max could tell that the old man just wanted to observe him for now and hence brought up the task. It was hard to tell whether he would stick to his words or not.

But one thing was for sure, if the scenario where they had to steal the artifacts came true, it would be a disaster.

Max slowly walked out of the Academy and began searching for apartments near the Academy on the net.

As soon as he logged onto his account planning to search the unofficial Academy forum as it had several advertisements for apartments, he came across several posts that left him dumbfounded.

A Messiah has appeared….

The day of the revolution is here…

The more he looked at it, the more exaggerated it became.

The Mystery man crushes the Mage King's Daughter.

The post about him was the second most-liked post of the week. Max's curiosity was piqued who could have beaten him to it and he clicked the post in the first place only to see a pic of Lear standing but naked in the moonlight with Excalibur about to pierce the heaven.

Max shook his head, he definitely couldn't beat it and he didn't even want to.

When Max thought of looking around, his eyes caught another post as he saw a familiar name in it.

Will the Celestial react? 

The Orca Academy housed most of the Celestial. They had 4 of their own and there were a few others as well who had come here as an exchange student for this year making the number higher than ever before.

When the time came for the All Academy competitions, they would be representing their own Academies though. If not, it would be a one sided thing. 

Well, not like it wasn't one sided every year. With Orca having 4 celestials, they always managed to dominate the competition. While the Academy like Arcane didn't even stand a chance.

Max continued to read through the post. It specifically pointed at a name which caught Max's attention the most. The look in his eyes fluctuated a bit before returning to norm.

Nathan Edwinson.

Will the Celestial of Light move in revenge for his sister?

There were a few other names which Max didn't give a sh*t about.

Max closed the page and went on to look for the thing he wanted. If people wanted to get their ass handed over, he would just do it for them.

He just wished that the guy was strong, otherwise, he would be too a lot of people.

"Found it!" 

Max mumbled as he found a list of apartments for rent which had been posted by some nice guy to help the students.

With that in hand, Max began to move. The area wasn't too far from the Academy and there was no need for him to waste money in a cab.

After a few minutes of sprinting, Max reached the first location.

He rang the doorbell and an old lady came out. When Max asked her about renting the apartment, the lady invited him in.

They talked for a while before Max left looking for another apartment.

She wasn't willing to rent her apartment to a blacksmith student.

Max found her reason to be absurd. She was looking down on blacksmiths. He really wanted to bring his hammer out and break some Mage's skull for her to see.

The next two destinations didn't end up in any success as well. Max had wasted two hours in discussion with them and was rejected after that.


First one gave him the reason that he was a scholarship student. Max thought of burying the guy under a pile of money but he restrained himself. He felt he would definitely get an enquiry on himself if he did that. Why was a person with so much money studying on scholarship? He didn't want anymore trouble, he could imagine the headmaster going crazy.

The second one said that he wasn't accepting a person with no background details, after all, Max had told them that he was an orphan. 

Max thought of calling his master, but stopped a second later. He decided to look a few more. There was no harm to come back later if he didn't find any.

The search for the apartment continued and so did Max's streak of continual rejections. A few more hours passed and the sun came above Max's head.

Max really felt helpless. Some apartments were already taken while those which weren't rejected him for no reason.

When Max thought that he was getting an apartment, the sole fact that he was an Arcane Academy student got him rejected.

They didn't even wanna talk to him and just threw him out of the house.

"What the hell is going on?" Max was shocked.

«Lear: Where are you?»

Max looked at the message and replied.

«Looking for an apartment...»

«Lear: Oh! Did you find any?»

«Nah...» Max explained the situation to him.

«Lear: Well it's not surprising...»

Max frowned.

«What do you mean?»

« Lear:  Don't you know the stories? "The Harbinger of ill fate"»

«No...» Max replied.

« Lear: Arcane people are being treated as a harbinger of ill fate after the disaster, not only here but at many places.»

«How is this their fault?» Max replied as his brows scrunched.

« Lear: I know. But people are afraid. Not to mention that this feeling only got stronger after the series of bad events that occurred in the capital and some other cities after the people from Arcane moved in….the rate of crimes increase at some….some had fights breaking out...some places had witnessed huge battles...people have got scared due to this...»

" This doesn't make sense...» Max couldn't think how such coincidences occured.

«Lear: If I am not wrong, the demons have started to emerge. The Arcane disaster was the beginning and now they have slowly started to let their presence be known. The Association and the Union must not be willing to disclose the emergence of this new enemy that they don't know anything about…..»

«And that is why we are being blamed for it….» Max's face turned dark.

«Lear: Don't worry, send me your location. With me, Lord Lear by your side, I will see who won't dare to give you an apartment for rent...»

Max shook his head and sent him his location. He didn't forget to leave another message.

«Don't look at the top post on the Academy's unofficial forum….»

He then closed the screen before moving on, he still had one last place to check. He wasn't giving up. There had to be nice people in this world.


A while later…..

"Yes, I am a nice guy….just pay me 5 times the amount…"

Max sat on the sofa looking at the bald guy feeling that he had lost faith in humanity.

What was the use in saving this goddamn world now?!!!


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