The Ancient Genes
244 Why is she here?
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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244 Why is she here?

Max stretched his hands out and relaxed on the couch. He finally had a place to live, rent was a bit expensive though.

He didn't have any class today, there was nothing to do. Even his meeting with Bahamut was canceled. They still had to plan their steps ahead properly. Besides, they had to find the other guys and help them activate the system as soon as possible too.

After a few minutes, Max brought out a few of his clothes and picked one of his bedrooms as his. His clothes were away getting dirtied because of the gang in his spirit world. It was better to store a few in the wardrobe.

When Max was done, he decided to bring the gang out. One by one each one of them were out. The shadow leopards, Once, Twice and Thrice. Juju the Deputy Commander and Sera the Commander.

As soon as they were out, their eyes began to look all around in curiosity. It has been a while since they were out.


Max clapped once to get their wandering eyes on him.

"This is our new home, you can go and look around. No one is allowed outside the house. No breaking and looking out of the windows as well. I don't want people freaking out." Max said and looked at them, "Understood!"

"What about me! I can look out! You said I was cute." Sera jumped up. Obviously they weren't going to freak out at the sight of a little girl.

"No! You are their leader, Sera. You need to set an example for them. If you look outside, what will they do then?" Max explained her and patted her head.

Sera nodded her even though her expressions were saying otherwise.

Max smiled as he looked at the girl who was trying to act big and shook his head.

"You can go, but remember one thing." Max said as his gaze passed through each one of them, "Those who will break the rules will be grounded for a month." 

The group flinched, except for thrice. He was the only innocent guy here, who obeyed Max's every word.

"Now go and return when I ask….."

The group didn't even take a second before vanishing on Max's order.

Max shook his head and headed towards the bathroom. He had seen the bathroom, only though there was a single bathroom, it was huge. He was feeling sweaty after searching around the whole afternoon as well. It was a good idea to take a bath. After that, Max planned to go lurking around the capital. He knew a few locations where he could scout out some information on what was going on currently.

When Max got into the bathroom and took out the towel from the spirit world, a pouch came flying along with it.


Max picked the pouch up. It was only then that he remembered about it.

It was what he had stolen yesterday from those group of thugs.

Max entered the bathtub along with the pouch in his hands. The warmth felt good and relaxing. He then shifted his gaze towards the pouch and sent his mana into it and observed the thing inside.

"What is this?" Max muttered in surprise as he pulled one of the cyan crystals from the pouch. There was nothing but those crystals inside the pouch, approximately around 10 to 20.

Max could feel the strange mana radiating from it. It was something very different from what he had ever seen. He could tell it was mana for sure. But the element which it carried was unfamiliar to him.

"Which ore is it?" Max was a blacksmith, he had learned from his master, worked with the grandmaster, studied in Arcane, and had even worked in a smithy in the trial. He had enough share of his experience. Yet he had never seen it.

It was definitely a high grade one for sure, definitely not lower than a 6★ or may be 7★.

Max kept the ore back in the pouch before throwing it back in his spirit world. He would have to ask his master about it.

There was one thing, which Max felt odd here. Why were a group of thugs dealing in something so rare like that?

"Don't tell me, I messed up some important person's business…" Max laughed.


Max got out of the bath with the towel wrapped around.

As he was changing his clothes, the doorbell rang.


"That guy is pretty quick…." Max mumbled as his hands paused and he walked out with his towel and loosely buttoned shirt.

He had messaged Lear the address earlier telling that he had finally got a place to live.

Max walked down the stairs and saw the Sera busy on the T.V. with Thrice beside her. 

Aside from them, the rest were missing.

"Time up, people….Let's get back…" Max issued the order.

"What? I want to stay for longer…" Sera walked up to Max with puppy eyes.

"Later Sera. We have someone coming here, ok." Max patted her and she called everyone else. Max was a bit surprised, he had his suspicion, but today, he had confirmed it. These guys indeed had a connection with Sera.

Within a minute, all of them were back in the spirit world.


"Coming!!" Max shouted with a smile as he walked towards the door. It seemed that the guy had finally seen the forum post.

"Creak!" Max opened the door and his eyes widened. The idiotic face which he was expecting didn't appear but a beautiful one did.

Silver hairs and eyes., the fair skin. The girl couldn't be anymore familiar to Max. He had just met her yesterday.

Aria Achilles

'Why is she here?' Max thought. It should have been all sorted out yesterday.

Aria on the other hand was surprised as well. She wasn't expecting Max to be here as well and the way he was dressed mad her brows furrow a bit.

Max realised that too and immediately buttoned his shirts up.

"Is this your place?" Aria asked, her voice was sweet and mesmerizing as usual.

"Yes…" Max replied, the place was technically his. He had rented it.

"Oh, I see.." Aria replied, she thought that Max owned the place and was renting it. He was Lear's servant after all. He had to stay by his side and couldn't use it.

"Umn...aren't you going to invite me in?" Aria asked. She was feeling a little odd as Max kept looking at her.

What could Max do? He didn't know why she was here and kept standing there without speaking a word.

"Yeah sure….come in." Max replied awkwardly before turning around leading her in.

He brought her in and allowed her a seat before serving her a glass of water.

Aria looked at the glass and then towards Max. Max felt embarrassed for the first time. He was a minimalist living the life of an early human, he didn't carry stuff like tea or coffee with him but only food supply, that too meat and dried rations.

Max sat in front of her. She had barged in his place and he wanted to know what it was for.

Aria frowned a bit. Max kept staring at her instead of showing her around or saying anything. She shouldn't have paid the money earlier. Just because he had the money, he wasn't doing anything. But she was in an urgent need of a place. She had been punished and had to leave the House of Knight. The dorm provided to her as the member of the House of Knight was no longer usable.


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