The Ancient Genes
245 An Unexplainable Situation
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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245 An Unexplainable Situation

Max sat on the sofa with his shirt on and towel below. It was a bit odd, but what was he supposed to do, this lady had barged in without any notice.

Aria on the other hand, felt odd as well. First of all, Max wasn't showing her around the apartment and kept staring at her. The other thing was his appearance, why was he dressed like that when he knew that she was coming.

"Aren't you going to show me around?" Aria finally broke the silence, she couldn't take Max's gaze anymore. It was obvious that she was not feeling good about the situation, but she stayed quiet about it. She had been through much worse after all. She knew how to keep her calm and if people crossed the line, she wouldn't be nice anymore.

Max, on the other hand, frowned a bit. He couldn't understand what this girl wanted. What was she trying to find in here? The pouch he stole?

 Is this how they search people's houses?

Max really didn't know what to do. "You still don't believe after that?" he asked, talking about yesterday when the headmaster confirmed their identity.

"Well, it's….there is nothing wrong with showing around once…" Aria said with a troubled look, she had seen the pictures of the apartment but that was not enough. She wanted to see it in person and receive every information from him. Yet this guy was not interested, she really regretted making the payment first.

Talk about situation. They were understanding each other through misunderstanding.

"Fine….I guess…" Max released a sigh as he got up from his seat. He didn't know if this girl was really a crackhead. Did she really believe she could find the pouch this way?

Aria stared at Max with wide eyes. She couldn't believe him. What was this? She was renting the apartment. Why was this guy sighing as if he was doing her a favor by showing around?

"This is the hall." Max said as he stretched his hands, "You can look around." 

Aria turned around and scanned the place, it was nice indeed. When she was done, she turned around and looked towards Max.

'Really?! That's it?! Is she here to mess with me? What could she possibly find like this?' Max didn't know but seeing her looking at him with those expectant eyes, he could only shake his head and lead her around.

"This is the kitchen…."

"This is the bedroom….'

Max showed her all the rooms and she did the same in all. She just casually looked around and nothing else.

"Where is the bathroom?" Aria asked as she looked at Max.

'She really thinks I am hiding stuff in there...sigh!'

Max gave her a look before leading the way. Aria followed behind Max not being able to understand what was that for.


Outside the Apartment…

"I am finally here...this should be the one…" Lear mumbled as he checked the address and it was indeed the place. He was carrying a bag of snacks and drinks in his hands, planning to have a party. His real motive was to get a few naked shots of Max after getting him drunk. That b*stard did something and now his naked images were flying all around the forum. Everytime he thought about it, his face turned dark.

Lear walked towards the door and pushed it open. Locks were not a match for Lear, his element was the ban of all metal lock. He didn't even consider ringing the bell and directly barged in using his element to open the door.

"This is the bathroom…" Max said as he opened the door and walked in.

Aria followed behind and had a surprise on her face. "It is big considering this apartment."

Max nodded, it was indeed big. It could practically fit two to three persons.

"Hmmn? It smells nice…" Aria said with a pleasant face as she grabbed the side of the bath and stooped low to take a whiff.

"What are you doing?! I just took a bath in that!!" Max was shocked to see her doing that.

What was she? A pervert?

Not only did she barge into his place but was even taking a whiff of the water that she took a bath in.


As soon as Max's words entered Aria's ear, her eyes widened and her face turned red. She immediately tried to pull back but her hands slipped in the process and she ended up falling into the bathtub splashing water all around.

"Are you fine?" Max's eyes widened and he immediately stepped inside to give her a hand.

No matter how strong his will power and mentality was, it shook a bit when his eyes fell on Aria.

Her clothes were wet and sticking to her skin. It was even possible to see a bit of her skin through it and with Max's sight being stronger than most, one could imagine his situation.

'Damn it!'

Max cursed and took a deep breath before calming himself down.

Aria raised her head and looked at Max, her face was red. But when she saw that there no ill intent in Max's eyes, she calmed down a bit. She was embarrassed and angry as well. What kind of person was this? He had just washed himself here when she was supposed to be moving in and on top of that, he even left the water in the tub.

Besides, she couldn't understand what kind of shampoos he used. Obviously Max didn't use any shampoo. He had two higher grade energy in his body, that was the reason for it.


Before Aria could say anything to Max, a heavy noise of something falling onto the floor attracted her attention and Max's as well.

The duo turned their heads to look towards the entrance and found Lear standing there with his eyes and mouth wide open. 

His hands from which the bag of drinks fell kept shaking, he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing.

From where he was standing, he could see only Max's upper body and Aria's head due to the sides of the bathtub.

Max was stooping low towards Aria. On the other hand, Aria's face was red and she looked embarrassed. This was what Lear saw.

What could Lear think, Max was above Aria and in that position while her face was red, they were in a bathtub. Not to mention the surprised look on their face for being caught, what in hell could he possibly think!!!!

Damn it!!!

"No….You got it wrong!!..." Max immediately spoke seeing Lear's expression.

"Yes, ….you are misunderstanding…." Aria spoke with wide eyes as well.

"She came here to check because of yesterday's incident…."

"I came here to rent the apartment…"

Max and Aria spoke simultaneously.


A silence enveloped the surrounding. Max and Aria looked at each other with wide eyes while Lear gave both of them a look.

"Even your reason doesn't match….sorry to have disturbed you….carry on…" Lear spoke with a complicated look before leaving.


Lear walked out of the apartment and sighed. He couldn't help it. He had been defeated. When Max had behaved rudely with Aria yesterday, he had said that it was not the correct way to get girls. But today, Max had literally slapped him on the face.

'How can that work? You gotta be kidding me?'

Lear continued to walk through the street contemplating about it.

Even after a few minutes, he couldn't believe it. 

As he was nearing the Academy, Lear finally decided it. He would give it a try, there was no other way. If Max could do it, there was no way he couldn't.

Lear scanned his surroundings, trying to find any hot girl in his vicinity and suddenly his eyes detected it.

"Damn it! That's a golden ratio!!" Lear couldn't help but exclaim as he observed the girl standing near the Academy gate. She had long crimson hair and a well defined body. She was obviously a student which could be seen from her uniform. The green band on her arm signified that she was an exchange student. She had her face turned sideways and Lear couldn't get a proper view of her face. But the amount that was visible to him was enough to determine that she was one of the greatest beauties that he had ever seen.

Lear walked towards her taking giant and confident strides. He was going to get her.

"Hey, tomato head! You, the red haired gir-…" Lear's mouth shut tight as the girl turned her head.

'Sh*t! I am dead!'


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