The Ancient Genes
246 The Queen
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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246 The Queen

Max looked at Aria and she stared back at him. Both were in shock because of what had transpired a moment ago.

"What are you talking about?" The duo simultaneously asked each other.

"Let's get out of here first…" Max said as he turned his gaze away and still kept his hand extended towards her.

Aria suddenly realized that her wet clothes were sticking to her skin and had become a bit transparent. The realization made her face even more red in anger and embarrassment. She avoided Max's hand and stood up on her own, wrapping her arms around her chest and got out of the tub.

Max could only take his hands back. It wasn't like he was dying to help her.

When Max was about to get out of the tub as well, a shriek suddenly entered his ears and he turned his head only to see Aria had slipped once again.

Max tried to reach out to her but he hadn't been paying attention from the start. He wasn't a main character in a novel who would get to the girl whenever she was in trouble.


Max closed his eyes and his body shook on the heavy thud. That gotta hurt.

"Are you an idiot?" Max said as he got out to help her.

He didn't know what else to say. She didn't rub her feet on the mat and didn't even use her hands to grab the tub or the towel bar to walk, when she was clearly wet from head to toe. Walking on the bathroom tiles like this, she was practically asking for it…

"Hey…" Max asked as he stooped below. But the next instant he froze seeing her eyes closed.

'Damn it! Don't tell me she is dead!' Max felt a chill rising up his spine and immediately placed his finger below her nose. 'Thank God! she is breathing…' He then proceeded to check her pulse, his achievement in Vital Arts was enough for him to know about her basic status and thankfully, she only seemed to have passed out from the impact and should be back soon.

Max breathed in relief. It wasn't like Mages couldn't die like this. They definitely could. Mages didn't have a strong body but used mana to enhance and form a barrier around their body during combat. In a situation like this, where someone was caught unprepared, there was definitely a chance of death. 

Aria was strong but her mental situation was in shambles from what happened moments ago and she was trying to hurry out which led to this disaster.

Max could imagine what would happen if she died here, the mere thought gave him chills. At his current level, it would be like fighting against a mountain.

Max got his hands under her knees and neck to pick her up. Her skin was soft which gave birth to some weird thoughts in his minds.

'Damn it!' Max cursed and kicked away the wicked thoughts. His will power was strong and he had gone through much worse, a virgin body's temptation was too easy for him to defeat…..until now at least.

Max walked up to the couch and laid her on it. The floor was wet all around, but he couldn't care about it anymore.

"Hey...wake up…" Max lightly slapped her cheeks, but it didn't work. Sprinkling water was of no use, they were practically dripping wet.

Max didn't know what else to do. The only way he knew to wake her up was through pain which might not be a good idea here.

He remembered how he kept burning his skin to maintain his consciousness in the trial when he was bitten by the Poisonous Three Head spider. That was some serious pain. He still had the mark on his sides.

But he couldn't possibly burn this lady's beautiful skin here. As for getting her to hospital. Hell No!

Max could imagine the commotion. A guy like him walking with her into the hospital like this. That was practically begging to get killed. Her family would try to shut him up to avoid unnecessary rumors flying around, if they were the ungrateful type.

Max got up and shook his head as he went to get a towel, he kept thinking about what to do? Suddenly, an idea popped up in his mind.

'Yes! Lear!' It wouldn't be much of a problem if he got Lear to take her to the hospital.

«Where are you?»


«Reply goddamit! ASAP!»


Max could only sigh. The idiot wasn't responding.

He walked back to Aria after drying himself and quickly changing his clothes.

The girl wasn't up. 

Suddenly, Max frowned. Her clothes were wet. It wasn't good, he immediately turned the Air conditioner up and brought another towel.

But Max suddenly froze."What the hell was I about to do?" He threw the towel on her body and began contemplating what to do. Touching her didn't seem right. Even though he was doing it for her, no girl would want something like this to happen.

But if he didn't dry her up and change her clothes, she might get sick. Max thought if he could get someone's help here. A girl who could possibly handle the situation here.

Nope, he couldn't!!! It was now only that Max realised how terrible his life was. Except for Anna, who was Wilson's girlfriend Max didn't have any other girl as a friend. 

"Damn it! That's frustrating…" Max muttered under his breath and sighed. He consoled himself that it was only because he was fighting for humanity.

Max looked at her again and thought a bit. He had an idea in his mind. He could ask Sera to do it. If he could direct her and Sera could change her size. She was definitely capable of it.

But there was a bigger problem here. What would he say to her when she wakes up? What happened? How did her clothes change?

Max wasn't going to reveal Sera to anyone at least not this soon when he didn't have enough strength to even protect himself and was continuously living on the edge.

"Sigh! I am sorry….but I am not a protagonist of a novel….I don't want to end up in trouble….I will have to be cruel here." Max said as he decided to let her be like that. He wasn't going to change her clothes. The idea was tempting but he had to think about how the girl would feel and her family too.

Max turned around planning to go but in the end, he sighed and turned again. He came back and sat near her and a flame lit in his hands. He might as well train his flame controlling ability in her.

On the other side…

Lear stood there without uttering any word. He was scared, damn he had met the Queen….goddamit!

She was Erina Scarlet, Wilson's sister and the only female among the Celestials of this generation and hence termed as the Queen.

"What did you say?" Erina asked with a smile. She had been waiting for her chauffeur to get the car as she had been planning to go out for a bit.

"N-Nothing…" Lear fumbled as sweat began to slide down his forehead.

"Hmmmn...but I remember hearing….tomato…" 

Lear felt the water in his body leaving at a rapid pace.

"When..Ah! I said your hair reminded me of tomatoes … I like it very much….they are are misunderstanding Sister...hahaha!!!" Lear gave a mechanical laugh.

"Whom are you calling sister?" Erina's expression suddenly changed.

"No...i didn't mean to offend you… I am Wilson's friend, so it just came naturally…" Lear decided to play his ultimate card to get out safely.

"You are Wilson's friend?" There was a change in Erina's voice and expression.

"Yes…" Lear said with a smile and vigorously nodded his head.

"Great! Come with me a bit!" Erina said with a smile and pulled him as the car finally arrived.

Lear's eyes widened, he couldn't believe it.

'Sh*t!! If she begins asking questions then I might be caught!!'

He immediately decided to message Max. It was then he noticed that there were already a few messages from him. But hell, how could he care about them at this point. He didn't even give them a proper look and immediately messaged him.

«Lear: Give me every information Wilson ASAP or I might die today….hurry!!!!!»


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