The Ancient Genes
248 Meeting Bahamut 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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248 Meeting Bahamut 2

Max looked at the girl and sighed, there was not much option now. He had to catch that baldy and make him return her money.

"She wouldn't steal any of my stuff, right?" Max mumbled. He was planning to go out and he had shifted some of his stuff into the apartment. But then, he shook his head. Why would she do that?

Max got up from the couch and stretched his hands out a bit. He then opened his system and a message entered his vision, Max remembered that a message had indeed popped out earlier but seeing that it was from Lear, he had just skipped it as he was carrying Aria in his hands.

"Why is he asking about Wilson?" Max wondered as his brows scrunched together in confusion.

«What's going on?» Max messaged him and waited for a while but there was no reply. He then shook his head and closed the chat with Lear before opening the one with Bahamut.

«Coward Cat: Are you free?»

A few seconds later, Bahamut replied, «Bahamut: Zen Palace, 3rd Floor, Room No. 7»

«Coward Cat: Coming…»

Max replied as he got out of the house, next instant, a mask and a cloak immediately appeared in his hands. He wasn't going to take any risks. He would mask all his movements in the Capital.


Aria heard the main door close and realized that Max seemed to be going out. She walked up to the window just to see where he was going. But the next instant, a strange expression appeared on her face as she saw Max taking out a cloak and mask from thin air.

She immediately got out of the house and tried to tail him, but the moment she got outside, Max was long gone. 

Aria's face didn't look good, "Something is definitely wrong, or else why is he moving like that? Besides, that was definitely a storage artifact. There is no way that a servant could possess something like that."


Shoppers Street, Frost Territory.

"Big Sis don't you think, it's enough," Lear spoke with difficulty as he carried the big heap of shopping bags all on his body.

"You were saying about Wiso-" Before Erina could complete her sentence, Lear interrupted her, "That would look good on you, Sis."

Erina looked at the piece of jewelery and walked up to it, "You think so?"

"Yes! Definitely! 100%!" Lear said with utmost confidence and vigorously nodded his head. This was what he had been doing this past hour. Every time she would ask about Wilson, he would distract her with one way or the other.

In the end, Erina ended up buying it. "Its getting dark, lets go."

"Are we going back, Sis?" Lear asked with hope, he really wanted to run back right at this moment.

"We are just about to do what we came here originally for," Erina replied with a smile and they walked out of the shopper's street. Lear finally saw the car waiting for them and he dumped all the bags in the trunk finally lifting the weight off of his chest.

"Drive to the Arena…." Erina said to the chauffeur and he nodded before stepping on the gas pedal.

A few minutes later, the car stopped in front of a huge colosseum looking building. Lear could read the board above very clearly and it spelled, " Frost Ice Arena"

"Let's go…" Erina said as she got out of the car and Lear could only follow behind. He knew very well what this place was. People could fight in matches, train, watch and bet legally here. They even had 3 Arena all over Ishtar. Though it didn't have many variations like the 12 Arena's in Capital did.

Each one was run by one of the noble family and had a specialty of its own. Like the one in the Barnes territory had Earth element as its specialty while this one had Ice.

They entered the Arena and an attendant came running by their side. Erina passed her a black card, Lear could tell it was a VIP card.  On the other hand, he didn't even have a normal card, after all, why would he need that while acting like trash. He had made sure to keep his distance from anything related to fighting. His father would be crying tears of joy if he knew that Lear was actually here.

The attendant led them to an underground chamber and before entering the fortified airtight gates, he took one of a thick woolen jacket and all necessary gear as if he was going to the poles. Lear moved to take the gear but suddenly a delicate hand caught him by his shoulder, "What are you doing? That's not for you…The formation here takes a week to recharge to gather the coldness….how can you waste it like that…."

Lear's eyes widened, 'Are you kidding me?!! It's freezing in there!!! Even my bones will crumble!!' But before these words could come into his mouth, Erina had already dragged him inside.


On the other side, Max had reached his destination. He was standing right in front of room no.7. He gave the door a slight knock and much to his surprise, the door moved back. It was open. Max entered the room and there was no one in there. It seems that he was early.

But suddenly, Max felt his body reacting to something and the next instant, a message appeared in front of him.

« «God's Halo» has been activated, 5% increase in stats detected….»

He was here….


The door opened and a person walked in. Max looked at the guy and knew it was him. Tall and buffed up body. Rippling muscles…and huge build that was how he had imagined Bahamut to be.

"You have got a lot of manners, inviting a guest and letting him wait…" Max said with a smile and the guy looked at Max and just bowed a bit.

"Hmmn?" Max couldn't understand his behavior. Was he apologizing? But that was just a joke.

As Max was thinking about what was going on, the huge guy suddenly parted way and a child walked from behind around 11 or 12 in age. He had a popsicle in his mouth and took it out as he spoke while scratching the back of his head, "My bad….I had some urgent work…."

Max was frozen to his spot. This wasn't happening now, was it. He really was hoping that it was a joke.

"Who are you?" Max asked even though he probably knew who he was. But, he still couldn't believe it. Someone had to be playing jokes on him.

"Why are you asking such a stupid thing now, I am the one who called you here?" The boy replied as his brows tightened a bit.

It was him, the kid was Bahamut. 


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