The Ancient Genes
250 Bahamut Vs Coward Cat 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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250 Bahamut Vs Coward Cat 2

"What's the problem now?" Max asked with a frown. There were still problems left for them to solve?

"I plan to attract some people with money. Since we want to grow fast, we need a good reputation and a dozen complete missions under our belt. I will use the money to complete missions. There are several missions regarding finding mana treasures. I will just buy them at the Black market and complete the quest. The problem is I will be burning the money away. It is going to cost a fortune, I can probably afford it for a few months….I have about 200 million Zen in my savings and more if I calculate that guy's savings as well…" Felix said as he pointed at the door, he was talking about that man.

Max had his eyes wide open. He couldn't believe how much money the kid had. Was this a joke? He here had a few million only after selling the rare ore that he had found by luck. If not, he still would be penniless and here this kid was talking about hundreds of millions.

"Even though that much money probably won't make your family itch, they will surely not turn a blind eye to a kid spending so much money?"  Max said with a calm look, he would smash his head on the table if the kid dared to say they won't.

"Yes, that's the problem… the amount I am currently receiving is more than enough for my needs, if I ask for more, I might draw some unwanted attention from the House…." Felix said with a grim look, honestly, it looked a bit funny on his childish face.

"I will think about something. Besides, once I Am Mr. Cool arrives, we can use his help… for Average Man, I doubt whether he got any money or not." Max said with a calm look. He didn't think that the guy would even have a penny. On second thought, he shouldn't be deciding it….if Bahamut could turn out like this, he wasn't sure how others would anymore.

"And yeah, did you just say 'kid'?" Felix said as he realized that Max had just referred him as a kid. This was one of the things he hated, especially from people who knew the truth about him.

"Ah! It's just…." Max had said it unconsciously, what was he supposed to say looking at this young boy?

"Let's spar, I never found someone at my level to spar with….all the people who know about me are stronger than me….." Felix said as he got up, there was a clear excitement on his face.

Max didn't know what to say. He got up as well, he knew that the kid was a monster and to be honest, he was curious too. He had been looking up to him all this time, he wanted to find out if he was the stronger or not.

"Lets go, there is a small underground arena beneath…." Felix said as he led the way and Max followed behind.

Max felt odd as they walked through the hallway. People were staring at them as well. It seemed that they were a group of children making queue in school. Bahamut walking in front was the smallest, he barely reached Max's shoulder and was an inch or 2 shorter. Behind Max was the Gentle Giant of the Zen House, there was nothing to say about that Behemoth.

"You better be strong. Since I can't take part in the competition, I will be counting on you guys. If you fail, my entire plan will fail as well." Felix said with a calm voice and turned around to look at Max before further adding,  "We need the winner of the All-Academy Competitions in our Mercenary Group…only then will we benefit the most."

Max could only nod as he was lectured by him all along the way.

Underground Arena…

Felix finally stopped as they reached the Underground Arena. They were a few people around, most probably mages. Some were training around and while some were just sitting and looking at the others hoping to learn something from them. This was a common occurrence.

"Can you make this place empty?" Felix said and the man behind nodded. Within the next few minutes, the people began to leave and soon the place was empty. Two boards were placed in front of the door.

"Area Under Maintenance"

Felix walked into the arena and turned around with his arms crossed. He stood there and looked at Max slowly walking as he taunted, "Come on, I will go easy on you."

Max looked at him and shook his head. The kid was really looking down on him, but he was not as weak as he was back in the past, "You sure wanna stand like that without any weapon? Don't come crying when you lose…"

Felix's face darkened, "You think I am a kid, huh! Come I will show you."

Max didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Wasn't this something that could be said to anyone? Why was this Kid…I mean boy taking it so personally.

Felix waved his hand and a huge club appeared in his hands, the dark huge club with spikes protruding out of it looked pretty menacing. The smell of blood and the aura that it had conjured was pretty obvious to Max.  The club was even larger than his own body.

Max suddenly noticed Felix's feet sinking a bit into the ground and smiled. This was the Bahamut he knew, the one he had imagined.

"Fine then, here I come."

Max took a step and the next instant his body vanished. Felix's eye's flickered with a strange gleam and he brought out his club in front to defend.

The club made a strange whistling noise as it moved cutting through the air. Max noticed it and just decided to go in and strike, testing the waters.

A dagger appeared in Max's hand his hands moved swift as he struck, "Clang!"

An intense metallic noise rang and Max felt a huge force traveling through his entire body as he was blown away. He landed on his back a distance away and made a roll before getting back on his feet. There was a surprise on his face.

Just how heavy was that thing? It didn't even shake not to mention the force behind it. Even though Max had used a bit more than half of his strength, it was still not weak at all. He could easily smash through the head of a Ferocious beast. Yet he was knocked this easily and that kid on the other hand didn't even move an inch.

"Is that it?" Bahamut smile and Max could feel his superior gaze.

He could only shake his head, muttered under his calm breath, "Let me see if you can take it all."

The next instant, wings extended from Max's back and his feet kicked the ground shooting like a star towards Bahamut.  His movements were swift and within less than a second, Max was already onto him.

Bahamut looked a bit surprised at the wings on Max's back but the confident expression on his face still didn't leave. He might not be able to match Max's speed, but he wasn't that behind and when it came to a frontal confrontation, he was confident in himself.

Max saw that Bahamut didn't plan to move and a smile emerged on his face as he mumbled, "You are too confident"



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