The Ancient Genes
254 First Day.....
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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254 First Day.....

Max sat on the waiting shed which was built for public transport. It was cold, winters were not that far. The thin layer of fog was visible to Max under the lights of street lamps.

The shed was located right opposite to the hospital on the other side of the road. He could clearly see people going in and coming out.

It was so late in night, yet this place was still so lively. It seems as if there was a never ending stream of people.

Max closed his eyes and waited patiently. 

After about half an hour, a series of footsteps approached him.

Max finally opened his eyes to see Lear walking up to him. The guy came and sat beside Max with two cans of drinks in his hands.

Lear passed one of the cans to Max before opening his own and taking a huge gulp.

Max opened the can as well and asked, "Is she fine?" 

"Yeah, she is fine least she is awake…" Lear spoke as he looked at Max.

"It's good then…" Max replied before taking a sip.

"Go and look if you are worried." Lear said with a smile. He still seemed to have not forgotten the scene from the bathroom.

"I don't have anything to do with her. There is no reason to visit her." Max replied with calm.

" are her housemate...isn't that enough….not to mention you shared a bathtub…" Lear said with a laugh.

Max glared at him and Lear immediately shut his mouth up. Yet, he still couldn't control his lips which continued to wriggle on their own as he tried his best not to laugh.

"What was the reason for the sudden sickness? Didn't the doctor say anything?" Max asked as he looked at Lear.

"The reports aren't out yet, they still can't say anything for sure….but, " Lear's face suddenly turned serious and he spoke with a calm voice, "I saw him giving a detoxification medicine… "

Max frowned, "Poison?" Someone had that much guts? To kill a noble in the Capital? This had to be a joke.

"You sure about it? When did you even begin to have knowledge about medicines?"  Max asked with raised brows.

"The Doctor looked suspicious when he said that he still couldn't tell anything. Not to mention, how could they have administered a treatment without having any idea about the illness. Besides, he recognised her on the very first look and went away for a while. Most likely to make a call or to inform his senior….." Lear shook his head as he continued, "I will be a fool if I can't even see through it. I secretly noted the name of the medicines and looked through it.. "

Lear took his phone out and passed it to Max, "I found four medicine vials in the dustbin beside Aria's bed. Three of the vials have no information about them on the net. They are either elixirs or some rare and important medicines as for the last can see the description…" 

P1-6mao Vial

It had a clear description about it from it's maker to its components and the last sentence contained its uses.

….mainly used for detoxification purposes….

"How can you be so sure about it? It can be used for detoxifying the elixirs effects...the elixir might have contained some poison property.." Max said after a bit of thought.

"Absurd...elixirs poisoning unheard of...and in rare cases, such poison elixirs come with their own detoxifying solutions. Not this random thing….it is clear being used as a support item along with elixirs.." Lear argued.

"Besides, do you think that a common fever would need even elixirs to be treated…..huh...why are we even talking about this? Do you think a fever could get this serious for a Mage?"

Max could feel that Lear's reasoning was not so wrong. Besides, he didn't know much about elixirs so it was better to accept Lear's argument and think about them.

Suddenly, Max felt some strong fluctuation in the surrounding and the next instant, a couple of luxurious cars rushed towards the hospital.

The guard at the entrance came to inspect but the driver in the very first vehicle just flashed out a token. 

Max could guess what it was...a House Crest.

They were most likely from the Achilles House.

The guard didn't dare to ask another question and immediately went back opening the gates to let the vehicles pass.

"Let's go….she should be fine now…" Max said as he got up from his seat. 

Lear got up and followed behind as well.

"Have you thought of what to say when they come for you?" Max asked as he looked at him.

"Don't worry, I do. Besides, I bet they will come on their knees to thank me…" Lear said with a laugh.

"You are pretty confident, what if they don't?" Max asked with a smile.

"Barnes House is a neutral force, I am sure they wouldn't dare to." Lear spoke as he looked at Max with a smirk, "What do I do if they decide to engage the girl to me, her savior?"

Max's face turned dark, he was trying here to match him with Lora and this idiot….

"Reject it…" Max spoke with a calm voice.

"I knew it! You have a thing for that girl don't you!" Lear looked at Max with a grin as he pushed his elbow into Max's sides.

"Yeah, sure...leave her for me…" Max said as he ignored the idiot and continued to walk under the moonlight.


The next morning arrived and Max was up again. This time he was finally going to start his Academy life.

"Let's lay low for a day or two…" Max muttered to himself. He could think how the headmaster would react if he did something again.

After walking for a while, Max finally reached the Campus. Since he was early, he decided to visit Axel in the dorms.


"Why are you so early in the morning?"  Axel spoke, his hairs were messy and his eyes were barely open. As for his dress, Max didn't even want to comment. The guy was still holding the giant sleeping pillow with the print of Mio-Chan on it.

"You want a coffee?" Shon, Axels's dormmate asked Max. He was the one who had opened the door as well.

"Yeah, sure…" Max replied with a smile.

"You don't have any classes?" Max asked as he looked at Axel whose head still kept falling.

"No...I don't…" Axel replied.

At this moment, Shon walked to them with two cups of coffee and passed one to Max, "Here."

"Thanks.." Max replied.

"Yeah, did you guys hear about the Noble Slayer? He apparently caused trouble in the Cafeteria…. I heard he slapped Lisa's butt." Shon said with interest.


"Cough! Cough!"

Max sprayed the coffee in his mouth and it landed on Axels's face waking him up from his half awakened state.

"Who said that?" Max asked with wide eyes.

"It's just one of the few stories...there are several more…." Shon said as he brought out his phone and browsed through the forum. Several more stories had appeared.

Some in support of Max and some in against.

"Don't ignore me!" Axel screamed. He had been glaring at Max and yet these two guys had clearly ignored him who was drenched in coffee.

"I thought you fell asleep…" Max said with an innocent face.

" that innocent face when people will come looking for you, especially the Knight of House." Axel said with anger. He was worried, he couldn't do anything as well. It was beyond his power.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen...instead...I am eagerly waiting for people to come…" Max said with a smile.

"You have changed…" Axel said as he observed Max's expression and sighed. There wasn't anything he could do. If push came to shove they would take the offer of one of the Noble Houses on the condition to save Max.

Whether it was possible or not, he didn't know. But he was willing to do it.


Max and Shon got out of the dorms leaving Axel behind since he didn't have any classes. 

"You should go ahead. I have some business to attend to…. I will follow behind soon.." Max said with a smile, he had to go to the Disciplinary Committee to get his band. Besides, he had noticed Shon's hesitation. There was no doubt that he was a bit afraid to walk with Max after what Max had done.

"I will be going ahead then…." Shon spoke as he moved ahead while Max continued to walk lazing around enjoying the scenery on the way.

Disciplinary Committee.

Max reached the floor which was supposed to be allotted to the Disciplinary Committee.

As he walked in, the people around continued to give him gazed. It was obvious that he was pretty famous from the incident in the cafeteria.


On the other side, Lear was walking toward his class as well without realising what was coming for him.


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