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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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255 Be

Max stood in the hallway, he didn't know where to go. The place was huge.

"Whom was I supposed to find?" Max mumbled, as he tried to remember. Now that he thought about it, he was just told to go and join.

"What are you lazing around for?" A voice entered Max's ear and he turned around to see Norek walking towards him.

"You are early?" Max asked with a calm voice.

"The members of the Disciplinary Committee need to be early." Norek replied with a smile and continued, "You are on the right time as well, I think the Head is present as well, let's go."

Max nodded and followed behind Norek, the duo walked for a while before they reached their destination.

Meeting Room

"Isn't this the meeting room?" Max asked, wasn't this type of room supposed to be used for meetings only.

"Didn't I say it? We are having a morning meeting." Norek replied as he pushed open the door.

"No, you didn't." Max muttered as he followed behind.

On the other side, Lear was lazing out as usual. He walked slowly towards his class while watching the scenery on the way.

"Are you sure about getting to the classes on time at this pace?" A sweet voice entered Lear's ears and he turned around to see a familiar figure walking towards him.

It was Lora.

"You study here?" Lear asked with a face full of surprise. He still didn't seem to have realised Lora's true identity.

"Why can't I be here?" Lora asked as she began to walk. She had just come out of her dorm when Lear was passing by. Her friends had left early as she had been late, but who would have thought that she would meet this guy here.

"Well, you sure can be…" Lear replied as he followed behind.

"Which class are you in?" Lora asked as she looked at him in curiosity.

"2 F" Lear replied.

"I am in 2 F as well…" Lora said with surprise.

"Ask me if you have any problem…" Lear said with a proud look on his face. He was going to flaunt as much as possible. That was his way and the instinct of a trash.

Lora looked at him and said with a smile, "You are new here...I should be the one helping here." She had done some research after the incident. She knew that Lear was new here.

"I shall give you a free advice, run for the class if you don't want to be in trouble." Lora said with a smile.

"What if I don't get in trouble?" Lear asked with a smirk.

"You wanna make a bet?" Lora turned her head and asked.

"Sure, treat me to something nice. I don't like the cafeteria food. I will do the same if I lose." Lear was pretty confident. He would get a free meal without spending a penny.

"How does this benefit me? Do you even know how many people want to bring me to lunch? Aren't you getting to do that in both conditions?" Lora asked with a smile.

"Give me the money then. You don't need to come." Lear said with a straight face. He only cared about money right now, he couldn't trust Max anymore.

Lora really had her eyes wide, this wasn't happening.

"I spent all my money on treatment, the injuries from the hijack still haven't healed…." Lear decided to play his trump card thinking that she was going to back off. This had to work, girls should be emotional creatures.

Well for the first time, Lear got something right.

But alas, he had implemented it in the wrong way.

"Fine! If you win the bet, I will give you the money. Hmph! Let's see what would happen when you arrive late." Lora glared at him.

Lear saw threads of lightning were beginning to sizzle around Lora and the next instant, she was already a distance away.

"What is she so angry about?" Lear looked at her silhouette in the distance and shook his head.

Few minutes later….

Lear finally reached his class. He casually walked towards the door and opened it.

The first thing which he saw was the two huge eyes glaring at him. 

It was the teacher.

He was late.

Lear turned his head around and looked towards the students seat. The classroom was almost full. He then looked towards the hallway which was empty as well. He was the only one late.

'These guys are so diligent? Is this real?' Lear couldn't help but think inwardly.

"Where are you looking at?!!" The teacher's angry voice sounded in the room.

Lear looked at the clock and he was just 5 minutes late. It shouldn't be a big deal. This bet was in his pocket.

"I am sorry, it's my second day. I lost my way." Lear said with a slight bow. There was no way that the teacher wouldn't let him go after this.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes Lear saw Lora sitting on the very first bench smiling at him. She was looking at him with a pitiful look in her eyes.

"Get out! It isn't my responsibility to be showing you the way." The teacher replied as he turned his head around.

Lear was really dumbfounded this time around, there had to be some problem with this teacher's head or he must be iron hearted. Lear really wanted to use his element and try it out, but he controlled himself. How could this year her do it?!

Now he understood why Lora was so confident, this teacher was a jerk! A brute who wouldn't understand a student.

Lear saw the teacher wasn't even looking towards him.

"Rin." The teacher called out a name and a student stood up. 

Lear knew there wasn't any use standing there like a statue. He could only walk out of the classroom.

As Lear closed the door, the teacher's voice entered his ear's, "You can't take your future so casually, you all are the foundation of the society. As for them, what have they got? Nothing...the commoners didn't have any future today nor will they have any ahead….don't mix with them…I am saying this for your betterment."

Lear didn't hear the entire conversation but he could pick out most of it. There was a frown forming on his face. This was blatant discrimination and he couldn't believe it. How was this being allowed?

Lear really felt like barging back into the room. He really wanted to see these students' expressions. It would be then clear to him what these people were thinking.

'This teacher is b*stard indeed….' Lear looked at the door and mana began to fluctuate around him. He was pissed.

But before he could do anything, a heavy noise interrupted him.


It came from inside the classroom.

"You are supposed to be teaching mana deviation and not life lessons." The voice was like thunder and a silence immediately enveloped the room.

"Eren, do you realise…" the teacher's angry voice sounded through the door, but Lear had enough of his irritating voice.

He snapped his fingers and the metal legs of the chair snapped as well. The teacher who has been sitting on the chair didn't end up in a good condition. 

He fell down the stage crafted for teaching and smashed two of his teeth on the concrete floor. This clearly showed how his instincts had turned dull after all this year's. Either he had never taken part in an original battle or had very less experience.

'Eren....' Lear remembered the name.

He didn't wait anymore, today's class was probably canceled. It was good for him. He had won the bet, he didn't get in any trouble. Because to him, this didn't look like trouble but a benefit.

Within a few minutes, the students began to walk out of the class after the teacher was carried out.

As soon as Lora got out, Lear blocked her way. The students around them began to look at the duo with a curious look. They obviously knew who Lora was but Lear was probably not known very well.

"I won the bet, you need to fulfill my demand." Lear said with a smile.

The people who heard that couldn't help but had their eyes wide open. 

What was going on here?!!!

Lora couldn't help but glare at the idiot who was twisting his words. Even though she won the bet, she didn't care about it anymore. As she was about to takeout the money, her hands stopped. Taking out money and giving it to him at this moment would make the situation even worse.

What would people think? Rumours of her using such services wouldn't even take a minute to fly.

"Follow me, " Lora muttered with lines on her face. She wanted to get out before her friends came.

"Are you running away?" Lear felt she was, it was better if she admitted in public who knew if she would refuse in private.

"I will treat you personally just leave this place…." Lora glared at him. Her eyes were almost spewing out fire.

Lear's instinct told him to back down and he did.


The duo finally walked out of the Academy gates and Lora took a breath of relief.

Max would have kicked Lear's ass if he knew what the idiot did. But unfortunately, he wouldn't be knowing it anytime soon.

"Shall we go then?" Lear asked and Lora began to walk with heavy steps in anger. She wasn't even looking at him.

As they were nearing the restaurant, Lear suddenly paused. His gaze turned calm and he spoke with a calm voice, "I suddenly remembered some work. It seems we won't be having any lunch today…."


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