The Ancient Genes
256 I will survive it...
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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256 I will survive it...

"It seems I won't be able to accompany you any longer." 

Lora's face twitched at Lear's words. This guy was definitely toying around with her on purpose.

"I remembered some urgent work…" Lear said with a difficult smile.

Lora's expression didn't change a bit. She was clearly pissed off. Lear had first asked her for it and now that she had come out to personally treat him, he was refusing. What did that mean?

"I am sorry, how about tomorrow? You can treat me tomorrow…" Lear said with a smile.

"Huh? Tomorrow? Who said that? I am already treating you and now you have refused. Our deal is over." Lora said with a slight hint of anger in her voice.

"You can't do that!" Lear said with wide eyes. 

"Yes, I can." Lora replied as she turned around and began to walk with heavy steps clearly fuming in anger, "I have come this far, I might as well eat before going."

Lear saw her going but didn't follow after her, but instead, he turned his head around and looked behind.

There was a hooded figure standing behind in the distance. The man's face wasn't visible as his hood covered every portion of his face above his mouth.

Lear's eyes had a calm look in them and he suddenly took a step forward towards the man. He could clearly sense that the guy had been tailing him from the moment he left the Academy.

Seeing that Lear was walking towards him, the man turned around and walked into one of the alleyways.

Lear didn't slow his step and began to follow him. He wasn't planning to be reckless here. He knew his limits very well and hence decided to stay in the vision of the public. He would immediately stop if he found the path deserted or empty.

The man quickened his step and Lear did the same as they began to move through the crowded streets.


Max entered the room and as soon as he did, his gaze immediately met with a pair of curious and beautiful eyes. The girl with beautiful crimson hair, Max didn't even need to ask. There wasn't anyone but her who could be releasing such strong Fire elemental mana.

It was Erina Scarlet, Wilson's sister.

"Who is this?" She asked Norek. Her question attracted every other person's attention as well and the next moment, Max felt several gazes closely watching him.

Max turned his head around and scanned the room. There were several people in the room, some whom he recognised and some he didn't.

But there was one person whom he recognised very clearly. 

Victor Edwinson

Enemies would meet each other no matter what…..

Max remembered the guy, the person who was most likely James pet now. The same way that Lear's second brother had turned to be.

"He is the new member that the headmaster recommended." Norek said as and then suddenly whispered, "He was Wilson's dormmate back in Academy."

Erina looked at Max with an expression of approval. His image in her mind had probably gone up by a level or two.

Max clearly heard it. There was no way for him to miss that at this distance. Why did it feel like he was being used as a shield here?

Max didn't know that the relationship between the brother and sister duo was complicated. Erina would love to hear about him whenever she had a chance. Until now Norek had been her source but today, Norek had finally freed himself from the curse by passing it to Max.

Max saw that the main seat was empty. It seemed the head of the committee was missing. 

As Max was about to take an empty seat, one of the guys kicked the chair and it fell.

Max looked at the chair on the ground and then at the guy. He was dressed nicely and had dark grey hair. Max couldn't recognise him and deemed him to be a person from the upper society, at least his arrogance and attitude showed him to be one while the fact that Max didn't have any idea about his name made him nameless.

As soon as the chair dropped with a thud, everyone's attention was grabbed and they immediately looked towards the duo.

No one spoke a word and just looked at the situation with interest.

"What do you think you are doing?" Max asked with a calm look.

"You haven't been into the Academy for long, have you? Don't you know your place as a commoner? Do you think you are worthy of sitting beside me?" The person said with a slight smile, the arrogance in his voice was overbearing.

Max scanned the room and the fact that no one said anything made him a bit disappointed. He thought that at least the people from the Disciplinary committee had to have some good people. Of course he wasn't expecting anything from Victor. The guy couldn't even care about his own why would he care about others?

"I see…. I am sorry, I didn't know about it. You should have said it earlier. I wouldn't have sat beside you." Max spoke and the people around began to smile. Norek couldn't help but shook his head.

But the next instant, Max did something which made everyone's eyes pop out of their socket.


Out of nowhere, Max's feet landed on the fellows armrest of the chair. The impact immediately smashed the armrest and sent both the guy and the chairs flying out of the window, shattering the glass pane.

To be exact, Max had deliberately aimed for it.

"I guess it's fine now….he isn't beside me anymore…" Max spoke as he looked around the dumbfounded faces of the people before picking up the fallen chair and taking a seat.

'Ah! I have done it again! Let's hope I don't get suspended.' Max thought and sighed inwardly as he thought about the headmaster's face. But he still didn't regret it. People like him deserved it.

"Pfft!" Erina couldn't hold herself back anymore.

The people around couldn't help but shake their heads as well. 

Max frowned at their behavior, but before he could think anything else he felt something and immediately turned his head to look towards the broken window.

And to Max's surprise, a person had appeared there.

The guy with grey hairs stood there smiling  as he looked at Max and muttered, "Interesting…."


On the other side, Lear was still following the guy. It was as he expected, the more they travelled, the thinner the crowd became.  The man was definitely leading Lear somewhere.

Finally, Lear stopped. There were still a few people on the streets. But this was it, he knew that he would only end up in trouble, he was indeed curious about the guy. But it wouldn't be worth trading his life for.

Seeing that Lear had stopped, the guy stopped as well and turned around to look towards Lear.

Lear smiled and raised his hand beckoned him to come at him. He was taunting the guy.

Suddenly, Lear saw a dagger sliding into the man's hand from his sleeves and Lear's brows tightened.

The man raised his hand and slashed one of the passing civilians.


A huge cute immediately tore through the man's skin drawing blood out and the man fell down with a scream.

Lear's expression turned ugly. There wasn't a need to ask anything else. The chaos had begun. Lear had never thought that the guy would dare to do something in public. It would only take 5 minutes for Mages from the Union or Association  to arrive. This was practically a death wish.

The man started to walk towards Lear as he avoided the rush of people and swiftly pass through them.

Lear turned around, he wasn't going to get involved at this moment, but as soon as Lear raised his head, he saw a guy in similar appearance walking towards him with a sword.

Lear looked towards his left and right and it was the same. He was surrounded. 

'Four people…. Are they a suicide squad?' Lear thought. It was quite clear to him. They were dead the moment it began. They were prepared to die.

'Should I break through?' Lear's brain began to run as he started to think about the possible scenarios to escape from this situation.

'No….they are prepared to die….I won't be able to break through them quickly if they don't fear death. They might even try to drag me down with their life. Even if I somehow manage go get away, getting seriously injured is possible in the process and it will definitely seal my fate…'

They were getting close and there was no other way to escape. He would meet one of them no matter where he went.

Lear sighed as the mana around him began to surge, there was no other way.

He clenched his fist and clanging noise began to be heard from all around. He raised his head and looked towards the incoming man.

5 minutes….

'I will survive it….'


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