The Ancient Genes
262 The Chaos Ends
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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262 The Chaos Ends

'Mom?' Lear looked at the lady with wide eyes. It was hard for him to believe that this lady was Lora's mother. She didn't look like a mother at all.

But on a second thought, it wouldn't be impossible. His Mom looked as young as her. People had even misunderstood her as his elder sister.

Only God knew how much money was being spent to maintain this youthful look of theirs.

"Aren't you a hero?" The lady said with a gentle smile as she touched Lear's cheeks.

Lear flinched but still forced a smile on his face. 

At this moment, a couple of figures appeared in front of the restaurant.

"We are from the Union, please cooperate…."  the man in the lead said, but when he saw Lora's mom, Amanda Roxley, he bowed in respect.

The situation was finally under control, the adrenaline which had been coursing through Lear's body started to disappear and the pain began to take over.

Lear suddenly felt the power in his legs leaving and he stumbled.

As he was about to fall, a fair arm caught him and a sweet and pleasant smell wafted Lear's nose.

"Are you fine?" Lora asked with a worried look. She couldn't clearly understand the situation. But her anger from earlier had disappeared for the time being.

"Mom! Why didn't you help when you were here?!" Lora suddenly turned her head and asked in anger. If she was so close by, there was no way that she hadn't realized what was going around. Not to mention, she was clearly having fun playing the innocent hostage when Lora had arrived.

Amanda had a surprised look on her face. This was the first time that her daughter was shouting at her because of a guy.

"Umn… shouldn't we take him to the hospital?" Mark suddenly spoke with an awkward smile. He didn't want to intervene in the mother-daughter thing but Lear was still bleeding. If left like that, it would be disastrous.

"The medics will be arriving shortly…" the man from the Union who was standing behind spoke.

He was the only one left behind, the other had disappeared to check the situation.

"There is still one of them left, Sir.." Mark spoke in a polite manner. The long ranged earth mage was still left. The guy seemed to have disappeared after his comrade lost.

"We are onto it...don't worry, he won't get away with it…" the man replied in a calm manner.

Within a few more minutes, the medics had arrived. Lear and Mark were sent to the hospital. Lear obviously had suffered more injuries than Mark.


"Damn it!" Axel kicked the blanket with a scream. He had been hearing some sounds for a while, "Who the hell is playing with fire crackers so early in the morning?"

He got up, holding his giant Mio-chan sleeping pillow and took his phone to look at the time as he walked toward the only window in their dorm room.

"What the hell is going on?" Axle's eyes went wide as he saw smoke rising and sirens passing by.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated and there was a message on it. It was from Max.


"The wound on his arm is a bit deep. But, there isn't any need to worry. He has a good constitution, it should heal in no time…I would still prefer him to stay here for 2 to 3 days before continuing another week's rest at home." the doctor said after examining Lear's report.

He then looked towards Mark's report and spoke, "The sword had luckily missed any vital organs. Being a Mage, it shouldn't take much of time for him to heal. He can discharge, and take proper rest at home."

The mage from the union nodded. Lora brows finally relaxed a bit hearing the doctor's report.

"Let's go now, you have heard the report right? They are alright. Besides, I have already taken care of the bill." Amanda said to her daughter. 

"You can leave first, I will come later…." Lora replied.

Amanda smiled as she spoke, "Come soon, I will be waiting for you. I have come only for a week this time."

Lora nodded.

After Amanda got out of the hospital in her car, she spoke to her servant who was driving, "Get me the information of the kid..."

"Yes, My lady..." the servant replied.

'Lear Barnes....Barnes....' Amanda thought as a face from her youthful days appeared before her eyes. But she shook her head.


In the hospital....

A minute after her mother left, Lora suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Oh isn't it the Young Miss of Roxley House…." The voice seemed to have contained a hint of mockery.

Lora raised her head to see Lisa standing in front of her. She was dressed in blue jeans and black top carrying a handbag along with her.

"Do you think it's a tourist place?" Lora smiled as she scanned Lisa from top to bottom.

Sparks were clearly flying between them.

"You don't need to be like that, if you are jealous because of my fashion sense, just say it to me.. I will send you a few clothes from my collections…" Lisa said as she looked at Lora, who was in her Academy dress. 

Even though the Academy had a dress, it wasn't compulsory for Mage, Blacksmith and Formation departments. Only the students from the normal courses had to wear it regularly.

"I don't want to waste my time, just do what you have come to do…" Lora said as she turned her head.

"Fine, I will do it. I came to meet Aria anyway, not you." Lisa said as she looked at Lora.

"Aria is here…" Lora turned her head and looked at Lisa with a hint of surprise and shock in her eyes.

"You wanna meet?" Lisa asked.

Lora clenched her fist.

Lisa shook her head on not hearing any reply, "Do have always been good at it, haven't you?"

Lora gritted her teeth. She wanted to speak, but some memories from her childhood flashed before her eyes and it held her back.

Lisa snorted but as she turned her head and was about to go ahead, her eyes landed on a guy walking straight towards them. He seemed to be busy looking on his phone.


Axle looked at the message on his phone as he walked towards the room no. 207

[Go to the hospital and check up on Lear. I have some work to do….that guy probably doesn't know anyone else here…Don't is partially your fault for beating the sh*t out of him...]

'Ah! He seemed fine that day. Even though he was in bandages, it didn't look like he needed to be admitted into the hospital."

'Ahh! I am going to miss my classes." Axel felt like going crazy. He hadn't missed any of his classes and had been studying diligently that is until today.

"This is the one…" Axle looked at the door with the no. 207 on it.

"Excuse me…." 

Axel felt the voice to be familiar and he turned his head to see Lisa standing beside him.

'Sh*t! Talk about bad luck…'

"Yes, do I know you?" Axel replied with a confused look.

"I think so…" Lisa replied with a frown on her face.

"Ah! It seems we have a misunderstanding here…"  Axel said with a smile as he bowed his head a bit and proceeded to open the door.

But suddenly, a hand came and grabbed his wrist. Axel looked at Lisa starting at him refusing to let him go.

"I don't think we have any misunderstanding here." Lisa said as she started at Axel, "It's about to be a year… how long are you gonna continue to run…"

Axel sighed, he had to give it to her. She really had been after him ever since the Academy started. He was really doubtful whether it was only to thank him, but it seemed to be true now.

"I said you don't need to do it….besides, I remember saying that I don't want to be friends. So, there is no reason for it, as well as any need." Axel replied with a calm voice.

Lisa's expression turned complicated, but before she could say anything else, a voice interupted them.

"Take your lover's quarrel elsewhere….this is a hospital…" Lora said with a strange look on her face. She still found it hard to believe that Lisa was dating. Not to mention, was there any guy who could tolerate her?

"Who is a lover here?!!" Both Lisa and Axel shouted simultaneously.


"Isn't it getting pretty loud out there?" Mark said as he got up onto his feet.

"You are about to leave?" Lear asked.

"Yeah, my friend should be coming soon. Even the doctor said that it wasn't any serious…" Mark replied.

"Give me your number. I will thank you properly once I get out." Lear said and got Mark's number.

"I heard the last guy escaped. You better ask someone to stay with you. You never know, they were psychos after all. Willing to trade lives?" Mark said with a frown.

Lear nodded, "I have someone…."

'Where did Max go? He was clearly at the sight.' He suddenly thought.

«Where are you? Come fast, what if I get killed while injured?» Lear messages and waited for a reply.


«I am busy, try not to die.»

'Damn it!' Lear cursed and a second later another message popped up.

«I sent Axle by the way…»

Lear suddenly remembered his first meeting with Axle and swallowed his saliva.


Max smiled as he closed the screen. His gaze suddenly turned calm and a chill began to flash through them.

Max turned his head towards the guy tied on the chair. The man had a few of his teeth broken and had his eyes turned black.

"I won't let you die unless you tell me who sent you to kill 3rd Young Lord of Barnes House…" Max said as killing intent began to leak out if him.


"Very well, let me see how long you can maintain that silence…." Max spoke as a flame lit on his hands.


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