The Ancient Genes
263 Meetings in Hospital
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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263 Meetings in Hospital

Room No. 207, Academy District Hospital

Lear looked at the trio in front of him. An awkward silence ensued in the room.

He obviously identified Lora and Axel, but there was another beautiful lady beside them.

Lisa had entered the room after seeing that Axel had come to meet someone and this person was apparently someone whom Lora knew as well. This made Lisa curious and hence she followed after them.

'She feels familiar…' Lear thought as he looked at her. It was obvious he couldn't relate her to the daughter of Mage King. In his eyes, Axel was obviously Max's friend and another fellow student on scholarship. As for Lora, he still thought of her as just a girl from upper society. 

There was no way that they would be acquaintances with the daughter of Mage King.

Mark on the other hand, looked at Lear in surprise. He recognized Lora and Lisa. After all, he had been in the Capital from the very first year in Academy.

"How in the hell did you end up like this?" Axel asked in shock. He didn't remember beating him to this extent.

"I just ended up like this…" Lear forced a smile on his face.

Lora suddenly took a seat on the stool by Lear's bed and took an apple and the knife from the basket as she began to peel it.

"So that was the emergence work that you suddenly remembered?" Lora suddenly whispered with an intense gaze. She was angry for some reason. Even she couldn't understand it clearly. But she told herself that Lear was looking down on her.

She was not a princess who needed to be protected.

"Cough! Cough!" Lear coughed vigorously feeling the chill and Axel passed him a glass of water.

Lear thought of telling her that the guys were after his life. So, there was no need for her to be involved. But then, he had to answer several more questions like why would one be trying to kill and many more stuff….he found it troublesome to deal with and hence refrained himself from doing so.

"Umn… pretty lady… I haven't seen you before…." Lear spoke cheerfully as he looked at Lisa.

Axel's face twitched at Lear's action. He really wanted to warn him how devious this girl was and not to go on her face, but it wouldn't be good to do in front of everyone.


The sudden noise scared everyone and they looked towards Lora only to see the Apple in her hand had busted apart flying everywhere.

"I am sorry, my hands slipped…" Lora said with a smile.

"I don't think apples slip like that…." Lear said with hesitation.

"I said it slipped…" Lora repeated keeping the sweet smile on her face.

Lear felt a dangerous feeling and for some reason, he decided it was wise not to say anything here.

Lisa on the other hand had a smile on her face. She was obviously feeling good. This was what she had been missing, after being treated like that by Axel, she really wanted to be pampered a bit.

"Thank you, but you can be honest. I am not that pretty. You are the only one who thinks like that." Lisa replied with a sad face as she slightly glanced at Axel.

"Who said so? That person must be blind." Lear said with a frown not realising the darkening expression of Lora beside.

"There you go again, I have already been rejected a dozen times. I only wanted to be friends. I guess, I am not that attractive after all." Lisa said with a soft tone and sighed.

Axel could feel his face twitching. How could he not understand what was being talked about here?

"Who is this fool? If a sweet lady like you asks me out for a meal, I would not leave even if it comes to my life." Lear said with a puffed-up chest.

"I guess I must not be sweet then," the voice sent chills down Lear's spine. He didn't even dare to look at Lora.


He had kicked the axe. He really wanted to go back in time and stop himself from speaking those words.

Suddenly, Lear felt an intense gaze and he looked at Axel who was staring at him with a grim look in his eyes.

'What's wrong with him?' Leat couldn't understand why was Axel staring at him like that.


At this moment, the door suddenly opened and a guy with a good looking face entered. He had green hair with bangs falling down one of his eyes.

"Hmmn?" The guy suddenly looked surprised seeing so many familiar faces in the room.

"What are you two doing here?" He asked as he looked at Lora and Lisa.

"I am here to meet Aria." Lisa replied with a calm look and then glanced at Lora waiting for her reply.

"I am here for an Acquaintance." Lora replied and feeling Lisa's gaze, she turned her head and spoke, "This isn't Aria's room. You are at the wrong place."

"Aria is here as well?" The guy looked surprised, clearly having no idea about it.

Lear was surprised on hearing them, 'They know Aria?' Now he was doubtful of their Identity. They were mentioning her so casually like a friend. Not to mention that their behavior toward Lora raised a few questions in his mind.

"Why are you here, Edward?" Lisa suddenly asked. If he wasn't here for Aria, what was he here for?

"I am here for him, " Edward said with a smile as he pointed at Mark.

"Anyways, you should have told me if Aria was here. Let's go visit her together." Edward suddenly said and then looked at Mark, "Can you wait a few more minutes?"

"Yeah, Sure." Mark replied.

"Let's go then, " Edward replied and Lisa nodded.

On the other hand, Lora didn't move. She didn't even look at Edward.

"You are not coming Lora?" Edward suddenly asked.

"Let her be, some people never change…" Lisa replied and Edward's gaze turned complicated. That was something that had happened years ago. Even though now they were standing on the opposite side as the Association and Union's supporters, he didn't want it to affect their friendship.

"You are indeed right, some people never change…." Suddenly, Axel spoke, he could feel the disdain in her voice when Lisa spoke and it triggered him. This was the reason he didn't like her.

Lisa looked at Axel for a while and then looked at Lora. She felt irritated for some reason. As she was about to speak, her phone vibrated and she gave Axel one last look before turning around.

"Let's go Elly and Janet are here as well.." Lisa said as she looked at the message on her phone.

Edward gave Lora a last look and sighed before leaving.

Lear quietly looked at the situation.

'What is with this gloomy aura?'

Lora had her head down, Axel didn't look good. Both Edward and Lisa left in a bad mood too.

Lear sighed and then looked at Lora who had her head down. He really didn't know what was going between them. But he didn't like this gloomy aura.

Lear moved her face closer to her, trying to see what she was doing.

"Are you done peeling? I am feeling hungry. I was totally dependent on you for the meal today." 

Lora raised her head hearing Lear's voice and as she did, she found Lear right in front of her.


The time seemed to have frozen there for a moment….

"Uh..I" Lora stuttered as she turned her head below took the apple in her hand

"Y-Yeah...sure.." Lear replied as he pulled himself back to his original position.

'Why am I even here?' Axel thought as he looked at them.

Room No. 321

"Are you fine, Aria?" Lisa asked as she hugged her, "I was really worried."

"I am fine, you all don't need to worry. The doctor has even allowed me to discharge." Aria said with a smile as she looked at everyone.

"How can we not worry? You didn't even inform us." Janet spoke with a tinge of anger in her voice.

"Will you guys give it a rest. She has just recovered." Edwards intervened and shook his head as he mumbled, "You guys are so loud, no wonder she didn't inform you guys. Not to mention you guys are useless as well."

"What did you say?" Lisa asked with a frown.

"Nothing…" Edwards shook his head.

At this moment, Elly entered the room. She had a bag in her hands.

"I have taken care of your discharge. Change your clothes." She spoke and handed over the bag to Aria.

"Thank you, Elly…" Aria said with a smile.

"Here comes the useful one…" Edward mumbled. But didn't continue feeling the gaze on his back.

"What are you looking at? Go out, can't you see that she wants to change." Lisa said and pushed Edward out of the room.

"Let's go and hang out all night celebrating Aria's discharge…" Janets suggested with a cheerful smile

"Sounds good to me.." Lisa replied.

Elly shook her head with a smile.

Aria smiled as she looked at them.

"But where should we go?" Lisa asked.

"Elly's house as usual…" Janet replied.

"No you can't, Grandpa is back." Elly replied with a smile.

"Lets go to Aria's new apartment." Janet suddenly said remembering that Aria had moved recently.

Aria who had been smiling suddenly found her smile disappearing.


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