The Ancient Genes
265 Axel Onboard
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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265 Axel Onboard

Room No. 207, Academy District Hospital

"So, are you going to tell me or not? That's going on?" Axel asked as he stared at Max and Lear.

Max could only glare at Lear in anger. He didn't want to involve Axel in it honestly. He wasn't planning to tell Axel about it and even if he did, it wouldn't be any time soon. 

Lear avoided eye contact with Max. How in hell was he supposed to know that the formation Axel laid around wasn't only to help him heal but also to restrict one's senses.

"Why are you looking at him? I am the one asking you." Axel said with a frown and Max finally turned his head to look at him.

"Just don't get involved in it. You have your own goals, don't you?" Max said with a difficult look.

"Is there any difference between our businesses? There is none. When I was in trouble and in need of help, you were there for me." Axel said as the expression on his face turned soft, "How can I not be there for you then? Can I still call you my brother then?"

Max smiled as he looked at him. It seems there was no other way. What was he supposed to say after hearing that?

Besides, even though it might be too soon, it was still better in one aspect. Max was afraid that Axel would move against James after losing his calm one day. It would be disastrous. It was better for him to know the guy's real identity and also the fact that he was not the only one against him. 

Hence, Max began to explain the situation to him. 

Beginning from ancient times to the current era. The Demons, the Ancient Families and the Noble Houses. Max tried to explain most of the things in the simplest way he could.

Axel stood there with his arms crossed as he listened to the entire thing. His face had a complicated expression on it.

No matter what, this was a bit absurd. Even though Axel really wanted anime to become reality, he knew it wouldn't. Life wasn't an anime or fiction novel. But now, it was actually happening. How was he supposed to react? 

"He really doesn't believe it, " Lear said as he observed Axel's expression. Well, it wasn't like he believed it the first time as well and that too when there was much more evidence than the current time.

Max looked at Axel and asked, "It's hard to believe, right?" Even Max hadn't believed Vali, the fake God when he came for the first time. How would he expect someone else to believe him?

"No, I do…" Axel replied. His heart believed Max's words. He had an unwavering trust on him. But his brain said that it was defying the logic.

Max could clearly read the expression on Axel's face. He shook his head and stood up, "Since you are willing to come on board, I will gladly take you up."

Max extended his hand and asked with a smile, "Think twice about it."

Axel took Max's hand without a second thought as he replied, "What's there to think about?"

Max smiled as he heard Axel's words and the next instant, he commanded, 'System, activate «Ruler's Blessing»'

«User's command has been heard….»

«Activating «Ruler's Blessing»….»

«Initialising confirmation….»

Max felt the Ancient Manual revolve in his body and the flow energy fluctuated, it had almost been liquified after entering the fourth Layer of the Ancient Manual.

The thin threads of energy moved through Max's body and a small portion of it separated from him as it moved towards Axel.

Suddenly, Axel's eyes dilated as a screen popped up in front of him.

«The Ruler seeks your allegiance….»


Axel raised his head and looked towards Max in confirmation whether he was imagining things.

Max looked at him and nodded, "It's your choice…"

Axel raised his hand tapped on the Accept button.

The next instant, he felt a surge in energy in his body. The sensation was a bit strange. But he could definitely feel the growth, his mana has reached a minor threshold.

Axel looked at Max with wide eyes. This was really happening…

Axel's mind finally followed his heart. His mind was convinced as well. The logic he knew, didn't exist anymore.

« Axel Rim has sworn allegiance to the user...»


«Follower added….»

«Activating….the support system….»

Max looked at all the information being processed before a screen popped out in front of him.


★Lear Barnes: (5% active increase in stats)

Chat interface: On

Location: On

Category: Nil (Locked) (Skill level Low)

Equipped: Nil (Locked) (Skill level Low)

★Axel Rim: (5% active increase in stats)

Chat interface: On

Location: On

Category: Nil (Locked) (Skill level Low)

Equipped: Nil (Locked) (Skill level Low)


"Wow! This place is nice indeed...not that bad…" Lisa said with a smile as she scanned the place.

"Indeed…. It isn't that bad…" Janet nodded her head in approval.

The place was not so bad in their eyes. But in Max's eyes, it was a paradise and an expensive one.

Lisa and Janet fell on the couch, taking their seats.

"Where is the kitchen, I need some water." Elly asked Aria.

Aria pointed her hand towards the kitchen and Elly nodded.

Janet at this moment switched on the television. 

"The All Academy Competitions are nearing. Today, let us hit the streets of various cities to find the favorites this time…." The news Anchor spoke and the next instant, the scene changed from the studios to the streets.

"They have been on about it for a while, I can't believe they have turned it into such a big event…" Lisa said as she looked at the television.

"Well, it doesn't matter. My brother will win for sure." Janet said with a calm expression.

"Woah! You are pretty confident. Why don't we make a bet, what if my brother wins?" Lisa said with a smile.

"Are you sure about it?" Aria forced a smile on her face.

"About what?" Lisa asked in confusion.

"About what?" Janet giggled, "You always lose the bets. Your brother will lose even before the competition begins."  

"Y-You.. Come here?" Lisa reached with her hands out but Janet nimbly escaped.

"You better not bet… You still have to pay me for all the losses you made chasing after that guy…" Janet said with a smile.

"What do you mean chasing?!" Lisa shouted.

"What else should I say? You always keep talking about him, make plans to catch him. It seems our little Lisa has fallen in love…" Janet teased her.

"Y-You!!!" Lisa found her face turning red in anger. It was only a bit before steam would come out of her ear as well.

But before, they could go any further, Elly's surprised voice was heard as she walked in.

"Why do you have this in your refrigerator?" 

Elly had a can of beer in her hand.  Janet and Lisa were surprised as well and they turned around to look at Aria.

They clearly knew that she didn't drink. Well, they weren't allowed to drink. They couldn't imagine her breaking the rule.

Even Aria was surprised at the can in Elly's hands. She could only imagine Max behind it. Who else was living in this place?

Well, it was actually Lear who brought those cans. He had planned to get Max drunk and take a few naked pics of him for revenge. But when he saw Max and Aria in the bathtub, he had dropped them in shock before running out. Those cans were later picked up by Max and stored in the refrigerator.

"It seems... I brought one by mistake." Aria said as she forced a smile on her face.

"But there are four more in the refrigerator?" Elly replied in confusion and Aria flinched.

"Who cares?! Give it to me." 

When Aria was in trouble not knowing what to say, Lisa intervened. She was already in anger and snatched the can from Elly's hand before gulping it down in front of everyone's wide eyes.


On the other side….

"So, you are saying that Achilles House might have been the one after you just because you saved the Lord's daughter?" Axel asked with a strange look.

"Yes, " Lear replied with a nod.

"That doesn't make any sense!" Axel said aloud.

"But I saw their House Crest…" Lear replied.

"What if it's fake?" Axel asked with scrunched brows.

"It is difficult to tell whether it was fake or not… but it didn't look fake to me." Lear replied with a serious look.

"What about the rest of them? Did you see it on anyone else?" Axel asked.

"No, I didn't get the opportunity. Out of four, three of them are likely to be dead and even if they survived, they should be under Union's supervision. So we can't get anything from them. As for the fourth one,  I heard he escaped. If we can catch him, there might be some chances of finding something….." Lear replied after a bit of thought.

"Oh! I caught him…." Max suddenly replied.

Lear and Axel looked at him. 


"What?" Max asked as he looked at them.

"Nothing," Lear shook his head. He didn't know what to say to him.

"Anyway, did you find Achilles House Crest on him?" Lear asked with a calm look.

"No, I didn't. He hasn't even uttered a word yet." Max replied with a sigh. "But, I will make sure he does."

"It's good then, but where have you kept him?" Lear suddenly asked with a frown. And if Max was her then, who was looking after him.

"I have kept him in my apartment…" Max replied with a calm look. But his words made Lear's eyes widen.


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