The Ancient Genes
267 A Bit of Closeness
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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267 A Bit of Closeness

In a dark room, an old man sat on the chair. The aura around him was calm but there seemed to be something much more ominous about him. 

Beside him, there was another Young man in the room. He seemed handsome and kind at the first glance, but the eerily aura which was currently radiating around him was more than enough to tell that he was a demon.

"Is the plan going well?" The old man suddenly asked. His voice was serene without any hint of emotion.

"Yes, 3rd Elder…" the young man replied.

"Good, make sure to fully utilize this opportunity, Werner." The old man further spoke.

Warner, the name was very well known. If Max was here, he would have definitely identified the guy.

He was one of the top predators of the younger generation. This man was Werner Ovens. The Young Lord of the Ovens House and James's older brother.

"I heard your brother has been getting pretty close to the 12th Elder…" the 3rd elder suddenly spoke as he started at Werner.

A strange light flickered in Werner's eyes and he spoke with a calm tone, "He is still a child…."

"It's good then, I don't want any unnecessary trouble. Complete the task perfectly. When the time comes, I want you to be the one beside our Lord." The 3rd elder said.

"I will, it will be an honor." Warner replied as got onto one of his knees. It was a sign of respect towards their Lord.

The 3rd Elder nodded before asking, "When are you returning to the capital?" 

"I will be moving soon…" Werner replied.

With that, their conversation ended. Werner made a bow and the 3rd elder allowed him to leave.

 As soon as Werner walked out of the room, a shadow suddenly flashed by and a man appeared behind him.

"Did you find something?" Warner asked, he didn't even turn around to look at the man.

"The 2nd Young Lord's movements have been as usual, there is not much change in his daily activity." The man reported in a calm voice.

Werner frowned, he was sure that the Younger brother of his wasn't that simple. He was ambitious, there was now way he would be idling around.

"Has there been any activities in the Capital recently? Give me the list of people that I asked for." Werner spoke calmly and the man immediately passed on a file to Werner. It contained the list of people who Werner deemed useful for himself in his plans. He wanted to see whether any of the people were involved in some kind of incident.

Warner calmly went through the list. There were a few who were involved in some kind of incident. Some didn't seem to be suspicious to him and the one which did, he took note of them.

"Hmmn?" Suddenly, Werner's eyes fell on a name.

Aria Achilles….

Werner looked at the details of the incident and couldn't help but let out a smile on his face. But, it was menacing.

"It seems, I have been too lenient on him…" Werner muttered under his calm breath as a chill flashed past his eyes.



The door was unlocked and Aria became vigilant as she slowly turned the doorknob. She didn't know if the person was dangerous or not.

"Hmmn?" Aria suddenly realized that the door had been jammed. It wasn't opening.

Aria increased her strength but it still didn't budge. It wasn't that she was weak, she was just afraid that the door would break if she used more strength.

But since it wasn't opening, there was no other choice.

Aria tightened her grip on the doorknob and pushed it open. The door indeed was pushed apart, but halfway through, Aria realized that someone had pulled the door open from the other side.

Aria suddenly felt her upper body moving faster because of the fact that not only did she push the door but someone had pulled it from the other side as well. 

Aria stumbled as she tried to regain her balance and as she was about to fall, she hit something and a pair of arms caught her.

Aria felt a pleasant smell wafting her nose. It was familiar to her. But she couldn't remember where she had smelled it.

"Are you fine? Watch your steps…" 

The voice brought Aria back to her senses and she raised her head to see Max looking at her.

Aria immediately backed off when she realised that she was in Max's arms.

She maintained her calm composure and looked at Max before asking, "Why are you here? And why didn't you reply if you were in there the whole time?"

"Ah! Actually, I came back to get something. But before I could get out, you came with your friends. I didn't have any other choice but to lock the door and hide in there…" Max replied with difficulty.

"I had headphones on, so I might not have heard your voice. I only came to know when I saw the doorknob turning." Max further spoke in explanation.

Aria's brows eased and she understood what had happened.

"I am sorry, but you have to continue staying in here till morning and please try not to make any noise." Aria requested.

Max didn't plan to intervene in her business as well and he simply nodded his head.



Suddenly, the sound of footsteps entered Max's ears and his eyes widened.

"Someone is coming!" He spoke as he looked at Aria.

It didn't take long before Aria heard the footsteps as well.

"What do we do?!" Aria immediately tensed up. There was not much time, they had to make a decision quick.


Elly walked toward the bedroom looking for Aria, it had been a while since she left.

"Hmmn?" Aria suddenly saw that one of the doors was slightly open. She didn't know which one was Aria's room and just decided to walk in the slightly open one.

"Aria!" Elly called out as she entered the room, but what entered her eyes were only the empty bed.


"Why do you need to hide?" Max whispered as he looked at Aria right in front of his face. Both of them were hiding beneath the bed. Max could clearly feel her breath on his face and it was indeed uncomfortable.


Aria didn't know what to say. She didn't realise it, the thought of getting caught was what made her hide as well. 

As Aria spoke, her slightly pink lips moved and Max immediately raised his head up. This was a bit too much. 

Max looked at the long white legs entering the room.

Elly walked into the room, looking around a bit.

Max followed her footsteps. He was worried, if she found any of his things, it would become troublesome.

Suddenly, Max realised that Aria's dress was slightly out in the open. They were lucky that Elly didn't seem to have noticed it until now.

Max immediately moved his arms over Aria and pulled her close to him.

Aria's eyes widened as she looked at Max. Their eyes met and Max whispered close to her ears, "It's..your dress…"

Aria could only nod before turning her face down and avoiding any eye contact with Max.

Elly walked up to the window in the room and just looked out at  the sight before exiting the room.

"Phew.." Max sighed in relief.

He wanted to get out fast, but he realised that Aria was not moving, her head was still bent down and Max couldn't look at her face at all.

"She is gone, let's get out…" Max said.

"Ah!..." Aria realised and immediately rolled out of the bed hitting the closet, the impact opened the door of the closet and Max's eyes widened.

The man tied with ropes and a piece of tap on his mouth was sitting right there. As long as Aria lifted her head, she would be able to see him.


Aria rubbed her head and as she was about to turn her head, a pair of hands gently held her by cheeks and turned her head around the other way. 

Her eyes met with Max and he asked in a gentle voice, "Are you fine? Does it hurt?"

Aria slightly shook off Max's hands and got onto her feet, " fine…."

"I-I..see.." Max felt a bit odd as well.  But he had to do it. He looked at the closet which was successfully closed by his telekinesis ability.

'That was close…' Max thought as he looked at Aria walking out of the room and then turned to look at his hands.


As soon as Aria closed the door to Max's room, she immediately laid her back onto it.

Her face a bit flushed and her heart beating loud. This was the first time something like this had happened with her.


Max took the guy out of the closet, it was too risky to keep him here. He planned to hide the man in the small storage room at the corner of the plot. 

It was too close. If he hadn't stopped the spirit snake on time, it would have definitely attacked Aria.

Max had intervened on the right time and made the spirit snake to block the door until he arrived. Thankfully, Aria didn't use her full strength and Max was able to make it in time.

"Stay here, when I ask, throw him down, ok?" Max asked the spirit snake if it understood or not.

The spirit snake nodded.

Max jumped out of the window. He planned to check whether any of the guards were nearby, if they were, it wouldn't be a good idea to bring the guy out.

Max extended his wings at the right moment and gently landed in the ground without making a noise.

"Ummmn!! U…Umnn!!!..."

The strange noise suddenly made Max frown and he turned his head to see a person in the bush beside. The person was upside down with the head stuck in the bush.

Max pulled the person out, there was no reason not too. The person had his mana in disarray. Clearly not in control of it. He couldn't cause any harm to him.

Besides, the girls were inside and there was no way that this person was a guard.  Max was curious about this person's identity.

"Ah!...i am...finally..out.."

Max looked dumbfounded when the face of the person finally emerged.

It was Lisa.


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