The Ancient Genes
268 A New Trouble
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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268 A New Trouble

"Ah!...I am...finally..out.."

Max's eyes widened as the face of the person finally appeared in front of him.

It was Lisa.

"Ah! It's you!!" Lisa said aloud with a surprised look on her face.

Max immediately moved forward and held her mouth.


Max put his finger on his lips and asked her to keep quiet, "Don't shout, I will explain everything, ok."

This wasn't what he planned for. He just couldn't understand, what in hell was she doing here in the middle of the night?!!

Lisa nodded looking at Max. Max felt a bit surprised at her understanding and sighed in relief.

Max moved his hand away from her mouth and the next instant, Lisa whispered in a low tone, "I understand….. I won't make any noise…. I will be a good girl…"

As soon as her mouth opened, Max felt the smell of alcohol. She has wiped out Max's fridge after the initial first drink.

'Hell, she is drunk?' Max frowned.

The look on her face and the tone in which she spoke was clearly giving it away.

'What in hell are they doing in there?' Max couldn't help but think. Were they even of the age to drink?

Well, Max wasn't the one to talk. He was not any older than them unless he considered his time in the trial.

Max suddenly realised that this wasn't that bad, she might not have recognized him.

"Do you know who I am?" Max asked as he pointed at himself.

Lisa nodded her head, "You are…. his friend…. Sax!"

"It's Max!!" Max screamed, but as soon as he realized the situation, he immediately shut his mouth up and turned around to look. 

Thankful, no one seemed to have heard him.

"Ah! Yeah..." Lisa smiled as her body kept swinging left and right.

Max looked at her and sighed. She was really a troublesome one. Whenever he met her, she would cause a problem or two.

"What are you doing here?" Max asked with a troubled look.

"I am…. going to the… washroom.." Lisa replied with a smile as she blinked her eyes.

"How the heck did you end up here? The washroom isn't here?" Max asked with a frown. 

There was no way that she could have walked out through the main door. The girls in the hallway would have stopped her.

Max suddenly looked above and realised the window to Aria's room was open. He suddenly remembered Lisa being stuck upside down in the bush earlier.

"Don't tell me…" Max looked at Lisa who still had a couple of leaves on her head. It had to be. There was no other way.

'Is her head made of iron?' Max flicked on her forehead and it was normal flesh.

"Ahh!" Lisa rubbed her forehead in pain as she looked at Max.

Max didn't pay attention to her. It was a light flick. Besides, he had more than enough reason from the past to beat the sh*t out of her. 

'It must be some kind of defensive artifact. There is no other way for her to have survived the fall without a single scratch.

Suddenly Max felt that the artifact was a waste on her. Wouldn't it perform much well on someone who was always in danger, living on edge?

For example…..him, yes Max himself.

Max nodded at his thoughts. That was the right thing to do. He wasn't stealing it. He was doing the world a favor. Anything which he did for himself was a favor to the world. 

"It's all for the betterment of this world…" Max muttered as he confirmed his decision.

Max turned his head towards Lisa planning to steal...I mean planning to do a favour to the world. But the next instant, he froze.

Lisa held her forehead with her eyes watering. She was crying.

"I didn't hit that hard, what are you crying for?" Max asked with a frown. Did she hit her head? Was there no artifact? Max was now doubtful.

"No one likes me...sniff! ...sniff!.." Lisa spoke as tears continued to slip out of her eyelids.

'What the heck?! Why is she acting like that?!' Max's frown deepened. But he still kneeled down trying to stop her. He was afraid that she would start crying aloud.

''Who said that?" Max asked as he forced a smile on his face. Even though he was smiling outside, he couldn't help but mutter inside, 'You need to change your attitude if you want people to like you… it will already be a miracle if they didn't hate you.. '

"Everyone.. says..that… Even you hit...sniff! I was being good…" Lisa replied as she looked at Max.

"I didn't mean that…" Max replied with a smile as his brows continued to twitch. This was really hard, he would be willing to deal with ten Seras rather than one drunk Lisa.

"Really?" Lisa asked as she finally stopped.

Max nodded his head. He really wanted to end this fast.

"But even if you did, there are still others...sniff… " Lisa's tears broke out again, "Janet doesn't...sniff! me, she keeps making… fun of me…. She says I am not cute… I am cute right?" 

Lisa suddenly looked at Max. Max's face darkened, and he nodded with difficulty.

'Damn narcissist!' He screamed inwardly.

"Axel thinks that as well?" Lisa suddenly asked.

Max hadn't expected that. It came as a surprise to him.

"Why… does he keep...avoiding me? I… just...wanted to be friends..." Lisa further spoke with tears continuing to fall from her eyes.

Max has never believed her words. But, would a drunk person lie? 

Besides, wasn't this a bit too much for just being friends. Max never remembered crying like this just to become friends with someone.

But, it didn't matter. Even if there was something more than that, Max didn't find any chances of it blooming.

There couldn't be anything in between her and Axel. Even Max himself wouldn't be in support of it. Even though it was tempting to get the Mage King's lovely daughter on his side. Max still didn't wish to sacrifice Axel.  This girl was not ideal for his brother.

Even for Lear, Max knew that Lora was a sensible one. Even though he didn't have a good interaction with her in the trial, Max knew it was because of the fact that the trial was designed that way.

Max looked at her and just replied with a deep breath, "He is just shy…. So don't worry...keep trying…" 

He just wanted to solve the situation here. What did it matter, it wouldn't change anything? 

"You… are the… You talk to me…." Lisa replied as she smiled slightly.  Tears continued to slide out of her eyes, but the bright smile on her face seemed to have overtaken it.

"Hmmn? Even you could smile like that…" Max mumbled under his breath.


"What's wrong now?" Max asked with a sigh.

"I met her today…" Lisa suddenly spoke.

'Now what?!' Max was starting to feel tired now.

"Whom did you meet?" Max sat down and asked.

"Lora… I met the hospital…" Lisa replied.

Max looked at her. What good will their coming face to face do. He had heard that they didn't have a good relationship. But it wasn't surprising. One was on Union's side and the other was on the Associations.

"She doesn't… she hasn't talked to me years… I want to be friends with her again...only if it...had never happened…." Lisa spoke as her voice started to become low. She was in no more state to talk. Completely drunk and tired. Her eyes slowly closed and it seemed that she had fell asleep.

Max finally breathed in relief. But, her words had left some questions in his mind.

"What did she mean?" Max looked at her. It seemed that there was something that he didn't know about.

Max shook his head and got up. He couldn't see the artifact on her and he felt that touching her would be wrong. He had to unwillingly give up on the artifact.

He then signaled the spirit snake to throw the man down and he quietly transported the man to the storage room. 

Max then used Vital Arts to make sure that the guy wouldn't be waking anytime soon.

"All done…" Max muttered as he got out of the storage room. Lisa was still lying by the bushes.

"Now, what to do with her?"

Max looked at her, not knowing what to do. He thought for a bit before deciding to let her be. It shouldn't take much time before they noticed that she wasn't there. 

He didn't want to take any risk. If she woke up again when he tried to take her back, then it would be another trouble for him.

As for there meeting, even if she remembered, Max just had to deny it. Who would believe her when she couldn't even find the toilet in that state.

Max turned around to leave. He was planning to go back to the hospital. This place was not right.

As for the man, he had hidden him well and had locked the storage room. He had even left the spirit snake as a guard. There shouldn't be any more problems.

At least that was what Max thought, until the next moment, he felt the spirit energy fluctuate and his eyes widened. This sensation was familiar to him. Something had left his spirit world.

Max turned his head and looked behind. A little girl was walking towards Lisa with curious steps.

"Sera…" Max called out to her. He had a bad feeling about this.

Sera turned around to look at Max, "We can't leave her here….she is so sad…"

"Sera, you don't know her. She is an evil lady. She will eat you up. Quickly come here…" Max beckoned her.

"No...she is a good person…" Sera retorted and turned around as she gently touched Lisa's cheek.

Max didn't know what was going. But suddenly, he felt an aura approaching. It was one of the guards and he seemed to be one of the stronger ones.

"Sera, we need to leave…." Max said as he walked up to her and the next moment, a strange sight occurred in front of him. He saw a clear glow beneath Lisa top under her chest area.

"Sera, we need to go…" Max caught her hand and pulled her into the spirit world.

But the next moment, Max's eyes widened. It was the worst nightmare that he could have ever imagined. Sera grabbed Lisa's hands before disappearing into the spirit world.



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