The Ancient Genes
271 Lisa Wakes Up
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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271 Lisa Wakes Up

Sera, Juju and the three shadow Leopards stood in front of Max. All of them had scratches and dirt on their body while Twice was the one holding the dagger.

Twice was getting cold gazes from the rest of the gang but he just decided to ignore it. After all, the Ice Cream was his.

Max sighed as he looked at them. This wasn't what he planned when he threw his dagger. 

Max took the dagger back from Twice's mouth and spoke, "Go and clean yourself. I will get you all an ice cream."

With Max's words, everyone's eyes lit up except for Twice, he was feeling betrayed, until Max looked at him and further spoke, "I will buy you one more."

Everyone else looked at Twice with jealousy.

As the group turned around to go towards the stream to clean themselves, Max suddenly spoke, "Take her with you… don't let her drown and make sure that she wakes up. You can pin her down if she throws a tantrum after waking up."

The group nodded before they surrounded Lisa and lifted her up, carrying her towards the stream.

Max on the other hand, exited the spirit world and found himself back on the toilet seat.

He had only left Lisa there because there was no natural mana in the spirit world. The spirit world was filled with spirit energy and there was no mana in it. Even if there was, it was very less likely that she could control it as it technically belonged to Max and it was a known fact that one couldn't control the mana in another person's body.

"Let's go and look for some things…" Max mumbled as he got out of the washroom. He then visited a couple of stores.

The first one was the women's clothing store. The staff looked at him with an odd look at first until Max said that he was buying clothes for his sister.

It was going well until he got to the part of lingerie. Who in hell buys that for their sister?

Max sighed, to be honest, he thought that it wasn't going to be easy to make Lisa understand. He was even planning to hold lock her down in the spirit world until she understood. Hence, he bought some extra clothes.

Even if it ended up not being of any use to her, it was still not a problem. He would give it to Sera when she matured a bit more.

Max looked at the lingerie section and could see the lady from the staff standing there. He quietly walked towards her and could feel the people looking at him.

"Excuse me, is there any male washroom which I could use." Max asked her and people finally turned their head away.

"Yes Sir, it's that way." The lady from the staff pointed and Max nodded as he walked away.

No one noticed that a few lingeries had disappeared from their places when Max had passed by them.

Yup, Max had just stolen them. He wasn't going to be treated as a weirdo or a pervert in front of people while buying underwear for girls.

He had just dumped them into his spirit world. After all, he really didn't need to touch the stuff since he had the Telekinesis ability. As long as his spirit energy could reach it, it was possible to move them into his spirit world.

Max got out of the store, he had paid them extra money for a good service. The cashier was surprised at first by the amount that Max had paid. But since Max insisted that he found the shop quite likable, the cashier accepted it.

Only Max knew what the extra money was for. He then visited a couple of more stores and got some other necessary things which he was running out of as he had shifted some of the stuff from his spirit world to his rented Apartment.


Room No. 207, Academy District Hospital.

Lear was dozing off on the bed and Axel was still sitting on the bed beside staring at his phone with earphones plugged in. 


The door was suddenly flung open jolting Lear up from his sleep and distracting Axel who was on his phone.

"You are back?" Axel spoke as he looked at Max.

"Yes, I am." Max spoke with a grim tone and turned his head to look at Lear who was snoring, seemingly in a deep sleep.

"I will kill him once he wakes up…" Max muttered. It was a very close encounter, Aria had almost seen the guy in the closet. Only if this guy had informed him earlier, he could have avoided it. But on the other hand, he might not have come to know about Lisa too. 

Still, Max felt that he needed to teach him a lesson.

Max closed the door and walked up to the other empty bed before lying with his back on the wall and closing his eyes.

Axel plugged his earphones back in when he noticed the sweat on Lear's forehead, "Does he have a fever?"

On the other side, Max entered the Spirit world and a shriek entered his ears.


It was very obvious whose voice it was.

Max walked towards the stream and saw Lisa hiding behind Sera while the rest of the gang members stood on the other side looking confused.

Suddenly, Juju's dozens of legs moved as it crawled towards Lisa in curiosity.

"No!! Stay away!!!!" Lisa screamed with fear all over her face. Max could even see her eyes glistening.  It seemed the fear had cleared her mind very well.

"What the hell? What kind of Mage fears the mana beast?" Max was dumbfounded by the scene occurring in front of him.

"Don't worry, they are my friends…" Sera patted Lisa's head and spoke with a smile.

Lisa looked at the cute little girl, she couldn't identify where she was and what was going around.

"You sure wanna become a Mage when you are so afraid of beasts?" A  voice entered Lisa's ears and she turned around to see a familiar figure walking towards her.

It was obviously Max. He had a smile on his face and was a bit intrigued by the situation.


Lisa was shocked by Max's appearance. She wasn't expecting him to see her here. 

"Ice-Cream!!" Sera screamed seeing the bags in Max's hands. With her voice, everybody immediately ran towards Max.

Max passed one of the bags onto Sera as he spoke with a stern face, "Distribute it properly… anyone who tries to be smart will have it coming. Now go..."

The group left and Max turned his head towards Lisa who was still dripping from head to toe.

He raised his hand and the towel came flying towards him. Max threw the towel towards her and spoke as he kept the shopping bag on the ground, "Dry yourself and this one has a few clothes..." 

Max looked at Lisa who was staring at him. There was a grim look in her eyes.

"Calm down, I am not going to kill you… meet me by that giant boulder when you are done." Max spoke with a calm look before disappearing with a flash.

Max got onto his usual training grounds. He performed his daily training.  His moves shook the ground and the spirit energy in the surrounding soar.

The gang sat on a faraway rock with the cup of ice cream in front of them as they enjoyed Max's training session.

"Tsk…" Max clicked his tongue. The progress had been pretty slow these days. Especially the Ancient Manual. Max could feel that the opportunity to fight with all he had gotten was pretty low these days. 

"Well, it's in a week… I will thoroughly enjoy smashing that guy…" Max smiled as he thought about his fight with Victor.

"You all come here… I will make you break some sweat today… You have to learn how to fight.." Max said as he looked at the bunch sitting at the rock in a distance.

Everyone's face immediately turned darks on Max's words. But before they could react, Max was already above them.

"Never let your guard down…" Max spoke with a smile.


A cloud of dust rose and two figures flew out of it. 

They were Juju and Twice.

 When the dust settled down, Once and Thrice were down while Sera was struggling as Max held her in the mid air by her clothes.

"Hmmn?" Max looked at the two with interest. 

Max suddenly moved. With Sera still in his hand and the battle began.

After 5 minutes….

"Good...we are done for today…" Max said as he put Sera down.

"Ah! It's over…" Sera suddenly asked as he turned around to see everyone down.

"Who won?" She asked looking at Max.

"Well, obviously you did for standing till the end." Max patted her head.

"Yay!" Sera smiled in joy.

Max then turned his head around to see Lisa standing beneath the tree in the distance.

He walked towards her and Sera followed behind noticing Lisa.

"The sad and scared lady..." Sera spoke as she looked at Lisa.

Lisa looked at the sweet little girl and smiled before looking at Max in confusion.

She couldn't understand anything. It was as if her brain had stopped performing.

"Do you know anything about that?" Max asked as he pointed at her chest.

Lisa frowned.

"Don't give me that look, what I am talking about is the glow that you see from time to time." Max said with a calm look.

"How do you know that?" Lisa asked in shock. Even her family had never seen it. It was more like that they couldn't see it.

Yes, people weren't able to see it. Well it wasn't abnormal. Crystal heart was another form of energy which was superior to mana. It was obvious that people couldn't see or sense it.

"It seems you still don't know what it is, it is something that could possibly kill you…" Max said with a smile.


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