The Ancient Genes
272 An Unseen Disaster
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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272 An Unseen Disaster

"It seems you still don't know what it is, it is something that could possibly kill you…" Max said with a nonchalant smile.

"Kill?" Lisa brows furrowed at Max's remarks and she retorted, "Why should I believe you?"

"When did I ask you to?" Max smiled as he looked at her, "You don't need to believe me. I don't care whether you live or die."

Lisa's face twitched and she felt herself lacking in words. The first person who knew about this strange phenomenon had given her a death sentence.

Even if she wanted to ignore his words, it was evidently hard to do.

Max wasn't technically lying to her. If she ended up going the wrong path in the future, she would definitely be killed.

"I still haven't believed you….but let's say that you are speaking the truth for a moment." Lisa said with hesitation, "Is there any way to cure it?"

Max didn't answer her but instead threw a phone towards her.

Lisa caught the phone and saw that a call was being directed towards Aria.

"I will tell you about it, but first let her know that you are sound and safe." Max said calmly and urged her to talk.

Lisa looked at Max and then proceeded to talk when the call connected. Her voice was low and she walked a couple of steps farther, she was making sure that Max couldn't hear her. But that wasn't possible...

"Hello, what's going on? How did I reach here? Did you guys abandon me?" Lisa asked, clearly upset.

"Shut up! Who asked you to drink it when you can't handle the alcohol?!!" Aria's angry voice came through the other end. She reprimanded her and Lisa could only quietly listen to her.

Aria also explained to her what had happened. It was Max's version of the story.

"Where are you?" Aria suddenly asked.

Lisa slightly turned her head and glanced at Max who didn't seem to be paying attention to her.

"I don't know, but it is a beautiful place. There are trees, streams and even a couple of beasts here." Lisa replied, she had never been to a place like this in the Capital.

"Is there a place like that in the Capital?" Aria muttered, "Anyway, I will try to find it."

"Be quick..." Lisa urged.

"You are fine right? He didn't touch you or anything right?" Aria suddenly asked further.

"I don't think so. I don't feel uncomfortable. But strangely, he had some female clothes and they all perfectly fit me…" Lisa said feeling crept up.

"Don't turn me into a creep!"  The voice sounded right next to Lisa's ear and a shriek escaped her mouth as the phone flew from her hands.


Max caught the phone and spoke, "I am not any creep. I just have good judging eyes. And, didn't I tell you not to look for us? Don't make me repeat… I am hanging now."

Max then proceeded to crush the phone with his bare hands.

"My phone!!!" Lisa screamed as she rushed up to the falling pieces but it was too late.

"Y-You!!! Why did you do that?" Lisa looked at Max in anger. This was a limited edition phone and she liked it very much.

"I don't want you to call your will be irritating…." Max replied casually.

Lisa gritted her teeth in anger. She controlled herself as Max still had to say about the treatment.

But, Max just stood there, swinging his dagger. He clearly seemed to have forgotten about it.

"You didn't say about the treatment." Lisa finally couldn't hold back any longer and spoke.

"Oh! I forgot about that." Max said with a smile as he turned his head and continued, "It doesn't have a cure."

Lisa's face turned dark. She felt as if she was being toyed around.

"But, it could be controlled. You can easily live a good lifespan." Max suddenly said, giving Lisa a ray of hope.

"How can I do that?" Lisa asked as her face turned bright.

"Well, it is a long hazardous process…" Max spoke casually as he observed Lisa's expression from the corner of his eyes.

Lisa didn't know whether it was the truth or not. But there was no harm in trying it.

"I am willing to do it…" Lisa spoke as she looked at Max.

"I never asked you," Max didn't even pay her any attention. This wasn't enough. He had to make her desperate.

"Don't be too early, just name your price…" Lisa suddenly spoke with a confident look on her face.

"Give me the Mage Association, can you?" Max smiled as he looked at her.

"Y-You! You want to marry me?" Lisa said with wide eyes as she brought her arms in front of her.

Max's eyes widened and he felt himself choking on air. 

"Cough! Cough!"

"How in hell do you get to that?!!"

"Do you think the Association entirely belongs to your father and he will give it a gift to his son in law?!!!"

"Hell, even if he did, I would outright reject itself. A girl like you? Hahaha!!! What a joke… I will decline you even if you are the last girl left on the continent."

"Tsk.. Do I look like a crazy person?" Max clicked his tongue and turned her head to look at Sera before asking.

Sera shook her head.

Max smiled in satisfaction while on the other side, Lisa's face has turned red from several emotions. This was the highest level of insult she had ever faced.

"You are taking it too far…" Lisa suddenly spoke through her gritted teeth.

"Don't you want my help?" Max suddenly asked.

Lisa really wanted to speak out but Max's word immediately made her docile.

"Good girl, if you really want me to help you. You will have to follow my every order from now on, just like that…" Max spoke with a smile.

"Enough! You are taking it too far!" Lisa finally couldn't take it any longer. She wasn't going to take it any longer. She didn't even know how much truth was there in Max's words. There was no way that she was going to become his servant.

"I won't pursue it since you have saved my life. Just show me the way out of here." Lisa demanded.

"Sigh!" Max raised his head and looked at her. "Didn't I say that you can't leave this place?"

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked, feeling a bit scared as Max's voice seemed a little cold to her.

"There are only two options for you. Follow me and leave this place or either stay here for the rest of your life." Max replied.

"There is a third option too." Max further spoke as he looked at Lisa, "You can kill me and escape from this place."

Max was a little hesitant about sharing the real story with Lisa because he didn't trust her.

Lear was someone who had risked his life for him while there wasn't any need to say anything about Axel.

Lisa looked at Max with a frown.

"I will find my way out…. I don't need your options.." Lisa said and turned around walking into the distance.

Max let her try in vain and concentrated on his training.

After 3 hours…

"You are back." Max spoke as he saw Lisa walking towards him with a grim look on her face.

"Why are you doing this? You know it wouldn't end well if my father found out about it." Lisa spoke with a grim tone.

"I don't think so, he probably won't dare to lay a finger on me as long as I have his daughter. Well, I can't talk about anyone else by his side though…" Max said with a smile as he looked at her. Honestly, she had exceeded his expectations. He had surely thought that she would have tried to kill him.

"You really don't plan on letting me go?" Lisa asked as she clenched her fist.

"I can't let you go, you aren't even aware of your own condition. You aren't only in danger yourself but a threat to others as well." Max spoke deciding to take it a step ahead.

"What do you mean? Speak clearly…." Lisa asked feeling confused

"That thing you are holding won't only destroy you but others as well." Max spoke as he pointed at her heart.

"Don't be absurd… you have nothing to back your words." Lisa said as she warned Max, "I am telling you a last time….let me go."

"If that's what you want, come at me. If I win, consider my offer or else spend the rest of your life here." Max said with a calm look. He knew that mana wasn't going to work here. She was destined to lose. Not to mention she was no match for Max anyway.

Lisa really didn't want to do this. But it looked like there was no other choice now. She planned to beat Max a bit and force him to get her out of here. She was confident since she remembered beating Max once in the past.

Max stared at her, waiting for her to realise about the lack of mana. But the next instant, he frowned.

 Lisa's surroundings began to turn black and black smoke began to rise from the body.  The grass and plants in the surrounding were consumed by the darkness never to be seen again.

When Max was busy figuring out the situation, a scream entered his ears.


Max immediately looked towards Lisa who was writhing in pain. Veins had popped out on her skin and the glow on her chest had brightened.

Max suddenly had a frightening thought as he looked at her, 'Don't tell me the lack of mana triggered the negative energy accumulated in her Crystal Heart.'

Max's expression turned ugly. This wasn't supposed to be the part of the plan.

He sighed as he looked at  Sera and the rest of the gang, "Moved towards the other end, and don't you dare to come back until I ask."

The group immediately disappeared with Sera being the last to leave. She seemed a bit hesitant while looking at Lisa.

Max looked at Lisa and gripped his dagger. He took a step forward as the spirit energy in the world began to resonate producing a humming sound.

It seems that he had failed. Now he had to take the responsibility for it. Whether he could save her was not known, but if the situation called for, he would make the decision and accept the blood on his hands.


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