The Ancient Genes
274 Memories
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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274 Memories

Max stood in a hall. He was surprised by this sudden change. He could hear the buzzing noise as people continued to talk around.

As he was standing there, a couple walked towards him. When Max was about to step aside, he noticed that they didn't seem to have noticed him at all.

The couple walked right through Max's body as if he had entered an ethereal state.

He turned his head around and observed the place. It looked like a luxurious palace. The hall was beautifully decorated with colorful ribbons and balloons. It looked more like a children's party than the one for adults.

Suddenly, everyone turned their head towards the stairs and Max followed their gaze to see a couple walking down with a little girl around 4 or 5 with puffed-up cheeks.

Max didn't recognize the lady and the girl but the man seemed familiar to him. 

Even though he looked a bit young, Max could tell that he was the Current Mage King.

With his identity confirmed, Max didn't need much time to guess who the two beside him were.

"Thank you everyone for joining me today on my daughter's 5th birthday."  

When those words left the Mage King's mouth, Max knew that he had guessed it right.

'Is this a part of her memories?' Max thought, he didn't know whether it was appropriated or not. But if it could help him in saving her, he might as well invade a bit of her privacy.

Max calmly stood there observing the scene as the Mage King spoke a few lines followed by his wife. 

A huge birthday cake was then brought into the hall. Most of the children's eyes lit up on the sight of the cake.

'Damn…they are filthy rich…' Max thought as he shook his head. Most of his birthdays were spent with Uncle Rolv, the man who almost killed him and his childhood buddy, Mark. It was a very simple celebration and here….

Max looked at Lisa's mother. This was his first time seeing her. He couldn't find anything about her. Rumors claimed her to be dead.

"We can let the kids have some fun, while we adults can have some fun among ourselves…" the Mage King said with a laugh as most of the events were over.

The next moment, a butler and a couple of maids led the way. The parents allowed their children to accompany them.

Max felt the place becoming unstable as Lisa began to move away. It seems that he had to stay close to her. Well, it was obvious. If it was her memory, he could only see what she had seen.

Max stood beside the little Lisa. She was cheerful and polite, unlike her usual self. Maybe she was just acting, who knew.

"Lora!" Lisa suddenly screamed with delight and rushed towards the girl.

Max turned his head to look at what appeared to be the little version of Lora.

"Lisa! Happy birthday!!" Lora screamed as she hugged her. She then proceeded to take out a little box from the purse hanging around by her waist.

"Is it for me?" Lisa asked with a big smile.

"Yes, open it." Lora nodded and urged her to open the package.

It didn't even take a minute before the package was torn apart and what appeared inside was a pendant.

"Wow! It's beautiful." Lisa spoke in amazement. 

"What are you two looking at?" Suddenly another girl walked towards them. She had blue hair and a cute little face.

"Namen look she gave me a beautiful pendant." Lisa said with a smile as she showed the pendant to Namen.

Max was surprised, she was Namen Frost. It was hard to believe that she would grow up into a stunning beauty.

"Wow, it's beautiful." Namen said, amazed as well. Lora puffed her chest out feeling proud at her choice.

"Uh! Where is Aria? I want to show her as well." Lisa asked as she turned her head.

"She and Janet are with that rude girl again. I don't know how you all tolerate her at all." Lora replied with a sour expression.

"She isn't that bad. You guys wait here, I will bring them." Lisa spoke as she moved.

"You stay here, I will be back in a minute…" Lora said to Namen with difficulty as her thighs touched each other. She was having difficulty in standing.

"What's wrong?" Before Namen had completed her sentence, Lora was gone.

Max felt the scene to be a bit interesting. He walked up the stairs and looked down the hall. He could now observe each and every one.

Max immediately found a couple of interesting faces. Since it was Lisa's birthday, it was apparent that the children brought would be all around her age. As they would be her friends.

The kid sitting alone in the corner was the Young Poison Lord of Blackwood House.

"That guy will sucks at making friends." Max chuckled. He wasn't aware that he was pretty much the same during his childhood days.

"Don't tell me he is already plotting from now…" Max mumbled as he saw James with a couple of kids around.

As Max was turning his head, his eyes fell on a child with a grumpy face and slightly curled hairs. He seemed to be staring towards a particular girl. The gaze was obviously innocent. 

It was Tyler. 

Max was sure for some reason. 

Max continued to observe. He could identify some people while he couldn't differentiate some.

"Hmmn?" Max suddenly saw a red head on the food counter. There was only one person who could come to his mind at this moment.

"Move aside, I want that dish." Suddenly, another boy walked up to him. The boy attracted Max's attention and he suddenly smiled. There were a lot more familiar faces here then he could have imagined off.

"I was here first." The red hair boy replied as he turned around and began munching on his food.

Max could understand if Wilson was in the wrong mood. His mother's health and his father's remarriage would have affected him a lot during his childhood.

"You could go and eat on the table. Why are you eating on the counter?" the little guy said with a frown.

"Because I want to." The red hair kid said casually.

"Lear Barnes is not so easy to mess with rose head," the kid said as he pulled the stool which Wilson was sitting on.

"Thud!" Wilson fell into his butt and the little Lear walked forward with his plate.

Wilson clenched his fist in anger. But when he saw that a few kids were staring, he stopped himself. His sister had told him to behave well.

Lear looked at him with a proud look. But the next instant, he was confused when he saw that Wison was untying his shoelace.

Wilson got up onto his feet and took his tray from the counter. He smiled as his body fell forward.


The sound attracted everyone's attention and they saw Lear covered in food while Wilson was on the ground. He seemed to have stepped onto his shoelace.

"Um...I am sorry…." Wilson said as he tied his shoelace before proceeding to take a new plate.

The man on the counter felt sweat on his forehead observing the kids, but he didn't dare to speak out.

Max was dying out of laughter. He really couldn't believe his eyes. These arrogant, evil and smart kids were 5 years old? He was still wetting his bed at that age.

Lear couldn't do anything at all. He was at the losing end. He began walking towards the washroom when he suddenly felt a tuck on his clothes.

He turned around to see a little girl standing behind.

"Ummm...are you going to the washroom? Can you show me the way please?" Lora asked with difficulty, she seemed to be reaching her limits.

Lear nodded as he took her hand before walking out. It was obvious as a kid, they didn't find anything odd holding hands. It was also obvious that the situation would be different if they were asked to do it now.

"Damn! This is fate! I knew it!" Max muttered with a laugh when he noticed that Lisa seemed to have finally found Aria.

"Stop buzzing around and get lost." The little girl with blonde hair said in a harsh tone. She looked pissed off.

Little Janet still kept chattering without a stop. It seemed she was enjoying pissing off the girl.

"Have you wished Lisa, Elly?" The cute little Aria asked with a smile.

"I will…" Elly replied without interest.

"Found you!" Lisa's voice suddenly entered their ears and they turned around to see Lisa hurrying towards them.

"Look everyone, Lora gave it to me. Isn't it beautiful?" Lisa asked with eyes filled with expectation.

"Yes, it's beautiful." Aria nodded and Janet too.

Lisa suddenly looked towards Elly. Aria nudged her seeing that she wasn't paying attention.

"It's fine…" Elly replied without interest.

Lisa's cheerful face immediately dimmed down.

Max who had been watching the whole scene felt a bit confused, "It feels that everyone is playing a different role."

The drama continued when Max suddenly saw a couple of new people enter. They were different from the butlers who brought the kids in.

At this moment, Max saw Lora return. She looked extremely afraid for some reason.

"Lora, Elly says that it's not beautiful." Lisa noticed Lora hurrying towards them and grabbed her hand.

"It's the crybaby again…" Elly said with a smile as she looked at Lora.

"Leave!" Lora said to Lisa.

"What's wrong?" Lisa asked in confusion, but the next instant, she felt a force and Lora had pulled her hand out of her grip.

Lisa had not expected that. She lost her balance and fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

"Aaahhh!" Lisa groaned in pain as her eyes started to water. But when she raised her head, she saw Lora exiting the hall without even giving her a last look.


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