The Ancient Genes
275 A Horrible Childhood
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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275 A Horrible Childhood

"Are you ok, Lisa?" Aria asked looking at the bruise on her knee and elbow. It didn't look that serious to Max but it was enough to male a child scream.

"Sniff! Sniff! It hurts." Lisa continued to cry, her eyes were red.

"Why did Lora do it?" Janet asked in confusion. Her words made Lisa even more upset and her cries began louder attracting the butler.

The butler walked towards them with hurried step.

"I will help you, Young Miss." The man spoke with a humble look and picked Lisa up.

"I want to go to Mommy.." Lisa cried aloud. Mothers were always the first layer of protection and love for a child. It wasn't a surprise that she was crying like that for her mom.

Max smiled as he looked at the scene and immediately followed behind.

As he walked behind them, Max could feel that the more they walked, the fewer noises he could hear. This guy was definitely taking Lisa to some other place.

Suddenly, another guy appeared by their side. The man had long black hair reaching up to his waist and had a calm look on his face. He was dressed in a suit and looked extremely elegant. He looked aged, most probably in his 50s if judged on the look.

"Good, wait for further commands." The man suddenly asked.

"Yes, 6th elder…" the butler who was holding Lisa said as he made a bow and placed Lisa on the floor back onto her feet.

"Hmmn? What are you doing? I want to go to mommy." Lisa spoke with teary eyes as she realized that they were in a different place.

"Come, I will take you there…" the old man said as he raised his hand towards Lisa.

The little Lisa suddenly felt odd. But she had remembered seeing the man quite a few times and her grandfather even seemed to be friends with him. Hence, she caught onto his hand.

Max suddenly realized the fluctuation in the surroundings and he immediately moved closer to Lisa and the old man. The next instant, the surroundings immediately changed and Max found himself up in the sky.

"Ahhh!!!" Lisa screamed in fear and grabbed tightly onto the old man's hand.

"Where do you think you are going?" Suddenly a voice entered Max's ear and he turned around to see another old man standing in a gray-colored suit.

Max recognized him at the very first glance. It was the Lord of Edwinson House, his grandpa or should he say, ex-grandpa.

It seemed that it wasn't something simple.

"You are quick as alway, aren't you?" The man said with a calm look.

The Lord of Edwinson House looks at him with a frown on his face, "What are you trying to achieve, Valatrix?"

"It's exactly what you are thinking?" Valatrix replied.

"Leave the child…. She doesn't have anything to do with you," The Lord of Edwinson house said as he looked at Lisa by Valatrix's side.

"Unfortunately, I can't…. She is very important to me." Valatrix replied.

"Sigh!" The Lord of Edwinson House released a sigh as he continued, "Don't do anything stupid. You can't change the past. Do you really think it will bring happiness, even if it works? Can that person tolerate the cost that has to be paid for the happiness?"

"You know me and I know you as well," Valatrix spoke without a change in expression. "This wasting of time won't change anything."

"And you really don't listen once you make your mind." The Lord of Edwinson House said as his voice turned cold.

"Isn't this quite a surprise, Valatrix? I never knew that you wore a mask on that face of yours." Suddenly, another voice entered Max's ear and the next instant, a person appeared in mid air.

The man with an evil looking face was easily recognized by Max as he could feel the poisonous aura around him. After all, Max had his fair share if poison

He was the Lord of Blackwood House.

"I don't have time to wait for each and every one of you, I will be taking my leave." Valatrix suddenly said with a calm face.

"And you think it's easy?" The Lord of Blackwood House asked with a smile.

"Yes, I do…." Valatrix spoke as the aura around him began to surge.

Max frowned when he felt the surroundings slowly turning dark. It took a minute for Max to realize that Lisa had passed out. The thing which she didn't experience was not the parts of her memories.

"What is going on?" Max wondered, he couldn't use his sense properly in this world of memory. It wasn't possible to sense something which Lisa couldn't sense. If he could, Max really wanted to know something. Because he had a strange feeling looking at the man called Valatrix.

A few minutes passed before the surroundings started to turn bright again. It seemed that Lisa had woken up.

Max looked around and found it to be an old rundown area. There were people on the streets with old and worn down clothes.

"Mommy…" Lisa mumbled when she realised that the surrounding was unfamiliar. Fear covered her face as she looked at the unfamiliar and scary faces around.  It didn't take a minute before her eyes began to water.

Max suddenly realised that the person carrying her had changed.

"Oh! You are awake little girl?" The person asked with a smile as they entered a shop.

It was a meat shop. From the looks of it, it seemed that they sold beast meat. Well, Max had eaten his share of meat and that too from the Orena itself. He was no less than an expert when it came to beast meat.

"Damn, this place looks so unhygienic and the smell..."  Max frowned as he looked around. 

The floor was covered with blood and stains all. The guts and intestines of the beasts were piling up on the table releasing a horrifying stench.

Max saw that a few cages had some small mana beasts in them. They were small low level beasts, these beasts were often used as pets by rich people.

Max could only imagine the place to be an illegal shop. There was no way that such a place could get a license to sell the beast meat and there was no way that they were buying these expensive ones. It was most likely stolen and sold here.

When Max was looking around, he suddenly heard a crashing noise. Max turned his head and his eyes widened when he saw Lisa lying by the cage.

Her forehead had busted apart and was bleeding. Max could hear her cries as she called out for her Mom and Dad.

"Oh! My God, my little angel. My hand slipped...dear…" the man spoke with a worried expression as he walked towards her.



Lisa's horrifying scream entered Max's ears as the guy stepped on Lisa's ankle.

"This b*stard…." Max's face turned grim and a chill flashed past his eyes as he the man's lip slight curling upward. He was smiling.

Even before he knew, Max's body had moved. He threw his palm towards the man's face but it just went straight through his body.

Max realised the situation but he still couldn't get that nasty expression off of his face. That was a child, just a 5 year old.

Max promised to himself that if this man was still alive, he would definitely tear him apart.

The surrounding became to turn dim again and Max realised that Lisa seemed to be losing consciousness.

After an unknown period of time, Max could see things again.

The first thing which he saw was Lisa trapped in a cage right beside a little spark kitten, a 1★ Ferocious Beast. There were a couple of bandages on her body and Max could see bruises all around.

Max turned around to see the guy cutting meat on his work desk with a large rectangle shaped short sword.

As soon as Lisa woke up, her cries started to ring again.

The man turned around and looked at Lisa, "Are you hungry darling?"

Lisa's little body shivered on the man's voice.

The man smiled as he walked towards the table and picked up the intenstines and rotten meat that was piled up on the table.  He then walked towards Lisa's cage and poured it down on her.

How would a little girl react in the situation? Her continuous screams were all that Max could hear.

"What is he trying to achieve? Where is that b*stard who kidnapped Lisa? And what the f*ck is the Mage king doing?" Max felt extremely pissed. The fact that he had to stand there and watch everything was infuriating.

As for what was happening on the other side, Max would have to find some other way if he wanted to know everything.

Days continued like that…. Max heard Lisa crying and screaming day and night. The food was forcefully chugged down her throat and her wounds inappropriately treated. It was fine as long as she was alive.

Max never had thought that he would see something like that in his life. The little girl was breaking apart right in front of her eyes.

In this hard times, Max was grateful the little spark kitten. It had become Lisa's only friend. The kitten would lick Lisa and even Lisa would pet her from time to time.

That was the only thing which made Max feel a bit….it was hard to express. It was as if he felt the heaviness in his heart decrease a bit.

But one day, this man showed that he could still be worse than he currently was. For once, Max really felt that he was going to lose control. If he really was in the real world, he might have ended up killing someone in a rage.


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