The Ancient Genes
279 Lisa“s Worries
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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279 Lisa“s Worries

"You cook the food, I will go and check on Lisa." Aria said as she slowly walked out of the kitchen and used the other side to avoid meeting with Kain and Janet in the hall. 

"What will it do? She is drunk, it isn't that easy to get her back to reality." Elly said but Aria was already gone. She then looked at the spoon in her hand and the boiling water which Aria had kept on the stove. She shook her head before continuing what was undone.

On the other hand, Aria obviously knew that waking Lisa up was not a feasible task, not to mention that Lisa had to be in the house in the first place even if she wanted to give it a try.

She was here only to find some silence and call Max again. If the truth came out, he would be the one to die for sure.

"Why is it saying unavailable?" Aria muttered in confusion. She didn't know that Max had reduced Lisa's phone to pieces.

"What should I do?" Aria began to get worried. She couldn't think of anything in this situation.

In the spirit world….

As soon as Max walked out of the spirit world, he was immediately tackled by everyone.

The cheer of a girl, three leopards and a weird insect rang throughout the sprint world.

"Calm down, I am safe." Max's voice immediately made everyone calm.

"Did you cry Sera?" Max said as he put Lisa on the ground and then stooped low to look at Sera. Her eyes were red and glistening.

"No, I am not crying!" Sera said as she shook her head.

Max turned his head to look at the rest of the gang and they nodded, she had clearly cried a while back.

"Oh! Sera has gotten stronger." Max rubbed her head before giving her a hug.

When Max released her and got up, he saw that they were still staring at him. As if he would again disappear.

"What's with all your faces? I am back. Go and do what you want to do. I will take care of this…" Max said as he pointed at the mass of darkness behind.

The group looked at Max and he waved his hands. In the end, they moved a bit away but Max could still feel their eyes on him. 

It seemed that the scene from outside must have been terrifying enough to scare them.

Max looked at Lisa who seemed to be unconscious and sighed before turning back towards the cocoon which was being destroyed by the spirit energy.

Max immediately raised his hand and the spirit energy stopped. Since the cocoon has lost its host, there was no more supply of energy to it. It was in no condition to fight with the spirit energy.

'It's better to let it be…' Max thought as he looked at it. Max could feel that the ability he had shown with darkness inside the cocoon was considerably low in the spirit world and it might be even lower in the outside world.

Hence, Max planned to use it as a medium to train his darkness element and the ability to perceive it. Not to mention, Max felt that he could make a breakthrough in his Fairy Arts as long as he could absorb and convert it all into his spirit energy. After all, this energy didn't belong to the spirit world and there wasn't any limitation when it came to absorbing it. 

It was a great opportunity for Max as it hadn't been long since his last breakthrough and the opportunity for the next one had come pretty soon.

But it was going to take time, Max couldn't imagine absorbing it all within a day.

Max directed the spirit energy and formed a barrier around the darkness, creating a containment zone for it.

"It's done now…" Max mumbled as the barrier formed and he did a double check ensuring that there was no problem with it.

"Ah! What happened.." 

Max turned around to see Lisa waking up clutching her head as she groaned in pain.

"You are finally up…"Max asked with a calm look as he walked towards Lisa.

" Y-You…" Lisa immediately tried to get up seeing Max walking towards him. She remembered that they were about to fight but the next instant, Lisa found her body sour and it refused to move.

"Thud.." Lisa fell back onto the ground and groaned in pain.

"What are you doing? Calm down, I am not doing anything." Max said as he caught her by her arm and then used his telekinesis ability as a support to easily lift her up.

Lisa's eyes widened as she looked at Max. Was she this light? Or was Max that strong?

Max put Lisa down on the rock and let her see the giant black cocoon in the distance.

"Didn't I say that the power is dangerous?" Max said with a sigh and turned his face towards Lisa.

Lisa looked at the giant black cocoon and she couldn't recall it being there before passing out. She also remembered the strange nasty feeling a while back as if she was being eaten away.

"Did I do that?" Lisa asked with a frown on her face.

Max looked at her nodded as he spoke, "In this world, there are many things which we don't know about. Your power is just one of those things and so is mine."

As soon as Max said that orbs of flame, water, earth, wind, ice and darkness conjured around him. This was few of the purest forms he was able to master until now.

Lisa looked at Max with surprise. She had never seen anything like that. The most she had ever seen was two, and that was with Norek. Not to mention there was a strong reason behind his strange dual wielding capability.

"Are there others like us?" Lisa asked as she looked at Max.

There were obviously others, some good and some bad. But Max hesitated for a second before finally coming to a decision and speaking, "Knowing about it won't bring you anything good. There is a high chance that you will end up in trouble. The life that you have lived until now will not be the same anymore. Believe me, if you want to stay safe, stick by your father's side. Ask him to get you a Master Level Mage as a guard at the very least and don't leave the capital." He then took a pause and his eyes turned serene, "But if you still insist, be ready to see hell…" 

Lisa felt a chill looking at Max's eyes. She began to hesitate whether to ask or not.

Max had planned to involve Lisa into it, but now, he was not sure. He would be making her his follower to keep track of her and that was for sure. But when it came to her involvement with the things, Max was confused.

Her mother had given away her life to save her and her father had given away his pride to give her another chance. Max felt that he would be doing wrong to them, especially her mother by bringing Lisa into this mess.

But on the other hand, would it really solve anything? Max knew that if she really took the initiative and mastered the power within her, she wouldn't be needing anyone to protect her. She would herself become a terrifying entity for her enemies.

"Does that mean you are going through hell? Hmph! I-If you can do it, there is no reason that I couldn't." Lisa said after building up her courage.

Max shook his head as he spoke, "Can you walk?"

"Yes, " Lisa moved her feet as she replied in confusion.

"Follow me then, " Max said as he took the lead and Lisa followed behind.

Within a few seconds, they had reached the easternmost end of the spirit world and Lisa could see a giant wall of earth in front.

Max laid his hand on the wall and the next instant, a platform protruded out of it. He got onto it and gestured for Lisa to get up as well.

The platform began to move up as Max used the earth element and within a few seconds, they were above the huge wall.

Lisa's eyes widened as she looked at the sight. There were more than a hundred skeletons of beasts lying all around. It ranged from the size of a rat to that of a two storey building, obviously, the largest was the Water Cobra.

"You are even afraid of a tiny little insect and those cubs, can you really do it?" Max asked, if he was not wrong, this fear might have been an unconscious reaction related to what happened with the Spark Kitten. That was obviously Max's guess.

Lisa looked at it and gulped before turning her head towards Max, she had one doubt in her head and she wanted it to be clarified, "Why can't my father or anyone else see it? And how were you able to see it?

"The power you possess is called the Crystal Heart. It's a power that surpasses the current power in the world, the mana. People with mana most possibly can't sense it." Max spoke with a calm look.

"Just imagine it as a Low Level Mage trying to sense a Supreme's Ability." Max further added.

"Does that mean that the people with Higher grade energy are stronger than people with lower grade energy?" Lisa asked.

"Well, if we are talking about the same level, then yes. But if we talk about two different levels, then it is a different thing. Even though you might be more talented than the people older than you, they can still easily crush you, can't they?" Max replied, not knowing what she was trying to get at. Was she happy about her newfound powers?

"Then, does that mean, there are people stronger than mages?" Lisa suddenly asked with worry on her face.

Max was surprised, he had taken her for being too dumb. This girl was trying to figure out the situation here.

"Worried about your friends and family?" Max asked with a smile.

Lisa frowned at Max's smile.

"What's with the look? I never said it is wrong to worry. And at least show a smile, I saved your life twice now." Max replied as brought his hand above and held Lisa's head.

"What are you doing?" Lisa asked with a grim look.

"Since you want to know everything, I will tell you. But before that, you will have to do something for me. And don't worry, I will be able to help you with it and track you down in case you went on a rampage again."

As soon as Max completed his sentence, a screen popped up in front of Lisa.


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