The Ancient Genes
280 Team Meeting
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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280 Team Meeting

"What are you doing?" Lisa asked with a frown as she looked at Max.

Max smiled as he commanded, 'System, activate «Ruler's Blessing»'

«User's command has been heard….»

«Activating «Ruler's Blessing»….»

«Initialising confirmation….»

The next instant, a screen popped up in front of Lisa and her eyes widened. This went beyond the logic. 

Was this some kind of rare artifact?

«The Ruler seeks your allegiance….»


Lisa looked at Max and he spoke, "If you want to know everything, you would have to accept it. You don't need to worry. I am not forcing you to do anything, besides as I said, I can track you with it and keep your power in control. You don't want to go on a rampage without anyone being able to control it right?"

Those words made Lisa give it a serious thought. Max's words were right, he was the only one who could identify her power and therefore, he was the only one who Lisa could depend upon in case something went wrong. Besides, she didn't want to think about losing control of herself in front of her family or friends.

After giving it a bit of thought, Lisa accepted it. Max had saved her life twice, she at least believed that he wouldn't do anything wrong to her.

As soon as she tapped the «Accept» button, Lisa felt a surge in the energy in her body. The sensation was a bit different than what she used to feel. It didn't seem like mana, it felt a bit different.

«Lisa Walker has sworn allegiance to the user...»


«Follower added….»

«Activating….the support system….»

Max looked at all the information being processed before a screen popped out in front of him.


★Lisa Walker: (5% active increase in stats)

Special Physique: Crystal Heart

Race: Arthirix

Chat interface: On

Location: On

Category: Nil (Locked) (Skill level Low)

Equipped: Nil (Locked) (Skill level Low)

Max looked at the rows of information and found that the information about her contained more rows then the one from Lear and Axel.

Her race and special physique were listed as well. It meant that Lear and Axel being the one of the current era without anything special had no such thing.

But, Max wasn't disappointed. Even the First Human God, Arkansas had started from the very bottom. If he could have reached that stage by his hard work and sheer efforts, there was no reason that Mages couldn't do so. Not to mention, every era had one or two such figures. Max wondered if some of that level had appeared in this era.

"So, are you going to tell me or not?" Lisa asked seeing that Max was not paying attention to her. "And what was that just now?"

Max looked at her and sighed. He was thinking that it was better if he recorded it. Just how many times was he going to repeat it. But, he knew that it was a bad idea in many ways.

Finally, Max began another round of storytelling….



Aria suddenly heard Janet's scream downstairs. A frown emerged on her face and she immediately rushed down.

"What's wron-" Aria hadn't even completed her sentence when she saw Kain on the floor with his mouth foaming. 

Aria's eyes widened and she immediately came towards him, "What happened?"

Janet looked at Lisa with a horrified expression and pointed at Elly, "She gave him poison just because he was trying to court her."

Aria looked at Elly with side eyes. Everyone knew about it. But Kain was a good guy and he never took it too far or made someone uncomfortable.

Even if Elly didn't like him, this was too much.

"No, I didn't do anything…." Elly shook her head with a confused look.

"I-I am.. fine…" Suddenly, Kain who seemed to have passed out spoke surprising everyone.

"Where do you look fine from?" Janet said with a surprised look.

"I think tired from my practice. I worked out... too much….today.." Kain said as he got up with sweat on his face. He was clearly holding it in.

"Where is the washroom?" He turned his head and asked Aria.

Aria looked at him and pointed towards the bathroom upstairs.

Kain nodded and then turned to look at Elly, "It was delicious." He then turned around and picked up the bowl, "I don't want to leave even an inch…" 

They saw him move towards the washroom with staggering steps.

"Did you intentionally do it to stop him?" Aria asked.

Elly opened her mouth but didn't know what to say. She never had cooked before.

"You still have some of it left in the kitchen right?" Janet suddenly asked.

Elly hesitated before nodding.

"Let's go and check it." Janet replied and they walked into the kitchen.

Janet was the first one to try. She took a toothpick and dipped it slightly into the stew before poking it into her tongue.

"Ugh!... Oh my God! ...This is horrible!.." Janet cried out the moment the toothpick made contact with her tongue.

"What did you do?! It's as if you have tortured a mouse in it! This is a cursed dish! Did you use toilet water in it?" Janet said as turned on the tap and rinsed her tongue with the water.

Elly's face turned dark hearing Janet's remarks.

"What did you use to make it?" Aria asked and Elly pointed at the bunch of jars and bottles on the table.

Aria gave them a careful look and her face twitched. The things were out of proportion, just what horrifying dish needed such a combination. But it was still fine to an extent of failure until her eyes fell on a certain bottle.

"Why is it here?" Aria asked as she picked up a bottle. Her expression didn't look good.

"It's olive oil, right?" Elly asked as she looked at Aria.

Aria made her decision that she would never be allowing Elly into the kitchen ever again, "It's a Dishwashing liquid…"

Elly's eyes widened and she felt ashamed. She should have learned some cooking from grandpa. 

"I can't believe Lisa's brother managed to eat half of it before finally succumbing to Elly's might. Not to mention that he even got up within the next few seconds…." Janet said as the bad taste had finally turned down a bit. But it still hadn't completely left her mouth.


"You really want me to believe that?" Lisa asked with wide eyes. If someone else had told him these things in the normal situation, she would have definitely thought of him as a weirdo.

"Yes," Max said calmly. He was now used to it.

"Let's get outside, since you are a member of our group. It's time you meet some other guys." Max further spoke with a smile. He knew that Axel might have a certain kind of reaction to it, but he was a sensible guy. He would definitely understand Max's decision once told the truth.

"Outside?" Lisa asked in confusion.

"Yes, this is not the real world…." Max said as he turned to look at Sera and she immediately came towards them.

Lisa saw the cute little girl coming towards her and a smile automatically formed on her face. She had been wanting to ask Max about her, but the next instant her mind went blank and her body shivered at the sight of Juju who was right behind Sera.

Max saw it and signaled the rest of the gang to stay away and maintain the distance.

"Bye-Bye!" Sera said with a cheerful smile and the next instant Lisa suddenly felt a weird sensation as her surroundings turned dark.

"I am going, and from now on that area will be a restricted one as well." Max said as he pointed at the black cocoon in the distance. "Twice, you are responsible. Inform me if someone dares to defy my orders. I will make sure that he or she will not see the light of the real world again."

Everyone gulped at Max's words and Twice immediately made his back straight and stood with a solid posture as if he was yelling, "Roger!"

The next instant, Max came back to the real world and the first thing he saw was Lisa lying on top of Axel. Both were in shock from what had just happened.

Axel was feeling sleepy and had decided to take a nap in front of Max who seemed to be meditating.

The bed had space and he laid down in front of Max. It had only been 10 minutes when he felt a pain in his chest as if someone had struck him with a broad weapon.

His first thought was that they had been attacked but when he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see Lisa staring at him with shock as well.

"Get off!" Axel came back to his senses and pushed Lisa off of his body.


The bed was obviously for a single person, there was no place for Lisa to move and she fell down on the floor and a scream escaped her mouth waking the sleepy Lear up.

Axel immediately got down from the bed with a frown on his face. He couldn't believe that she had managed to bypass his formation without alerting him.

Lisa glared at Axel. He really had pushed her without any hint of mercy.

Lear looked at them in confusion, he couldn't make any sense of the situation.

"Now-Now….can we have a moment of calm here?" Max said as he looked at them with a smile.


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