The Ancient Genes
281 Space Stones?
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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281 Space Stones?

A silence prevailed in the hospital room. Everyone looked at Max waiting for him to clarify the situation. 

Max pointed his hands towards Lisa and spoke, "She is our new comrade, Lisa Walker from the Walker House." He then looked towards Lisa and pointed towards Axel and Lear. "These two know everything as well and they are the part of the group as well. The one lying on the bed is the 3rd Young Lord of Barnes House, Lear Barnes and he is... "Max took a pause before continuing, " Axel Rim." There was no way that she didn't know Axel.

But she was surprised by Lear's identity and so was Lear. He had obviously recognized Lisa now. He couldn't believe that Max had got the Mage King's daughter on their side.

Axel looked at Max with a calm gaze, but Max could feel the chill underneath.

«Axel: She gets to know it, while you hide it from me?»

A screen popped up in front of Max and he saw Axel's message on it.

Max felt himself sweating. There was a reason behind it.

«I had no other option. I will inform you about it later.» Max replied and Axel finally breathed out letting it go for now.

Max looked at Lisa and spoke, "Since you are new and don't have much idea about the current situation, you will be following some rules, not to mention that you are the weakest."

"First, You will listen to everyone…"

Lisa's eyes widened at Max's words.

"Second, you will help to the best of your extent when needed…."

"Third, you aren't allowed to slack anymore."

"When am I slacking?" Lisa retorted with a frown on her face.

"Just look at you, you can't even take a single punch from me. Is this how you are going to fight? You can't even protect yourself at this rate and as for controlling your powers forget about it then…." Max spoke in a stern voice and Lisa couldn't reply. After all, she knew that Max was right. But this still didn't feel well, she slightly tilted her head and saw Axel looking at her as well.  This was embarrassing.

"Fourth, stay away from James Oven as much as possible," Max said with a grim look in his eyes.

Axel frowned and Lear raised his brows as well. Something seemed to be up here. They knew what was going on but wasn't this a bit too much, avoiding him straight head-on.

Lisa too frowned, this was too sudden. She was still digesting the truth. 

Max looked at them and felt that explaining it to them was the best option. It was good if they knew about it too.


When Max was done explaining, Lear had a surprised expression on his face while Axel's facial expressions too showed his amazement.

They never thought that there were other races in the world too.

"I am not sure, but if that guy knows about your powers, that's bad news for us… " Max said as he looked at Lisa."So avoid him… even though you may have a different expression about him, that guy is a Demon. Not just from race but nature as well."

Lisa nodded her head. To be honest, she didn't have much of an opinion about him. She just behaved politely because he was the son of the Guild Union's leader. Not to mention he seemed a bit like a gentleman.

"Can I get a glass of water?" Suddenly Lear asked and Max looked towards Lisa.

"Ah...sure…" Lisa realised that she was being expected to do it. Well, the first rule said that she had to follow their orders but did that mean that she would be their servant? Lisa stopped overthinking it. Lear was injured, it wasn't that troublesome to do that much.

Lisa moved towards the table and picked the jug up only to find it empty.

"It's empty, I will fill it." Lisa said as she looked at Lear and he smiled thanking her.

As soon as she left the room, Lear looked at Max with a calm expression on his face, "You sure about it, not telling her about the danger inside?"

Max sighed as he looked at Lear. He then explained how Lisa's power worked in reality.

Once Lear heard that, his face turned a bit dark. 

"That's the reason that I didn't tell her about it. If that person is close to her, it will be a bad thing…."

Just like Lear's second brother had betrayed, one of Lisa's cousin had betrayed as well. Max had decided to keep that fact hidden for now.

Axel who heard it couldn't help but speak with a frown, "Isn't she a ticking time bomb?"

Lear couldn't help but agree to that statement.

"Should I kill her then?" Max asked with a smile as he looked at them.

Lear knew that was one of the safest choices in his mind but he couldn't bring it out of his mouth.

Axel's frown deepened and he didn't say anything. He was the last one who would be willing to kill innocent people. It might be true that he didn't particularly like her, but that was far from enough to just outright kill her.

"I guess you have your answers. Now, should I just let this ticking time bomb off of my eyes or monitor it and try to make it into something much better?" Max asked as he looked at them, "This is the best choice. Besides, you think the Mage King will let you go if you lay a finger on her daughter?"

"She is here…" Axel spoke and everyone stopped.

The next instant, Lisa entered the room with a glass of water and the jug filled with water.

"Thank you…." Lear smiled as he took the glass of water.

"Well, now that we are done with the introductions, let's get going." Max said as he looked at Lisa.

He then pulled out a couple of hooded cloak from the spirit world, but as he did, a pouch came flying through it as well

Max frowned as he looked at the storage pouch. This was too much of a coincidence, this was the 5th time that this has happened. Whenever he pulled something out of the spirits world, the pouch would come flying as well.

"What is it? This mana is so dense…" Axel asked in amazement.

Lear looked at the pouch and seemed to have recognized it. But he couldn't remember it properly.

"It's a long story, I will tell you later. First look and see if you could identify what it is." Max said as he passed the pouch to Axel. Now that it was out, he might as well let Axel have a look. After all, he planned to show it to him in the first place before going to his Master.

If anyone other than Blacksmith had knowledge in ores and mana treasures, it was Formation Masters. Max didn't have much knowledge about formations but he knew that formations were of different types and some formations required mana treasures as a source of energy to be operated.

After all, it wasn't possible for everyone to have high affinity with formations like Axel. 

Axel took a look at the pouch and the next instant, his eyes widened at the sight of the crystal which was releasing a strange mana energy.

"Do you recognise it?" Max asked in surprise observing his expression.

"I might have been sure if I saw one tiny little crystal but these many, I am not sure anymore…." Axel some with a strange expression on his face. He was finding it hard to believe even though it was crystal clear, right in front of his eyes.

"Just spit it out, already…" Lear couldn't hold it in any longer.

Axel raised his head and looked at Max before speaking, "I think these are space stones…"

Max's eyes widened and so did Lear's. Lisa seemed a bit confused. She couldn't help but ask, "I thought those were very rare…"

Max couldn't agree anymore. There was a saying that you may find God but not a Space stone. To Max, these words couldn't be anymore true.

But now, there was a big question. Why was this thing present there?

"Won't we be rich if we sell it?" Lear suddenly spoke as he looked at the pouch.

"Give it to me, it's better to keep it with me." Max said with a serious tone and Axel passed the pouch with a nod.

"Are you sure these are space stones?" Max further asked.

"As I said, these are so rare that seeing even more than one at once will make you believe that it's something else. I will have to look up about it with my professor's help to confirm it."  Axel replied with a serious face.

"Fine, we will continue this after confirmation. Let's not jump to any conclusions now…" Max said with a nod.

They talked a few more minutes before Max took the lead and left with Lisa.

After they were gone, Lear suddenly turned his head and asked in realisation, "How did she appear in the room?"

Axel looked at him and suddenly realised that he had forgotten to ask about it. 

That was an important question and it had his pride on the line. If someone at Lisa's level passed his formation without alerting him, then it would be a shame for him.

Axel closed his eyes and messaged Max. He had to know about it if he wanted to sleep tonight.


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