The Ancient Genes
282 Meeting Headmaster Again
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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282 Meeting Headmaster Again


The noise from the bathroom immediately made everyone stand on their toes. It had been more than an hour since Kain had gone inside.

"He is coming out." Janet said as she looked at Aria with a worried look on her face.

Elly had a troubled look on her face as well. If Lisa was caught drunk, they would definitely be dragged into it as well.

Aria on the other hand was extremely worried. Only she knew that the real trouble was going to be even bigger than this.

Kain walked out the bathroom with one of his hands on his stomach and his back stooped a bit low. He looked exhausted as if he had gone through a war.

As Kain took a couple of steps, he noticed the three girls standing near the couch on the other corner of the hallway. It didn't even take him a second before his back became straight and the exhaustion from his face vanished into thin air.

"What are you doing here?" Kain asked, he remembered that they were all down in the hallway.

"You didn't look good. So we came up to check…" Janet replied with an apologetic face.  Even though the food was cooked by Elly, it was her idea to begin with.

"What happened to me? I am totally fine." Kain spoke and then turned his head as she spoke to Elly, "The food was really good. I didn't know you had such great cooking skills."

Aria looked at Elly with wide eyes. While Janet on the other hand couldn't help but break out in a mocking smile.

Elly felt her face heating up a bit. This was one of the most shameful moments of her life. She really wanted to just get away from here.

"Oh! It's late…. I stayed more than I should have. I should be going now." Kain said as he glanced at his watch. There were only a few hours left until the sunrise.

Janet's face lit up and Aria found a bit of hope as well. Kain hadn't mentioned anything about Lisa. They were hoping that he would return without asking anything else.

But, it seemed he wasn't planning to, Kain looked at them and asked, "Where is Lisa?"

The words immediately shattered all their hopes.

"She is sleeping soundly. She was really tired. It's better to not disturb her." Janet said with a smile on her face. Only she knew that she was screaming inside worried about being caught.

"It's fine, I won't wake her up. I will just take a look." Kain replied with a smile as he looked at the door. "Is that the room?"

Aria wanted to stop him, but she couldn't come up with anything. Stopping him without any reason will only get him suspicious about the situation.

Kain walked towards the room as everyone followed behind with worried faces. Janet was the one who was close to freaking out. She cared about her freedom the most and didn't want to get grounded.

"Wait!" Aria suddenly spoke and rushed forward.

"What's wrong?" Kain asked in confusion.

"My room is messy, you can't enter now…give me a few minutes…" Aria replied as she entered the room and locked the door.

She could see that the room was empty. There was not even a shadow of a person in the room.

Aria's face didn't look good. She knew that they had messed up.  It was better if she didn't hide Max and had explained everything to them. In that case, he wouldn't have to stay in the room nor would he end up in that situation with Lisa. Or at least he could have called them for help.


Kain stood outside the room and looked at the watch. It had been 10 minutes already.  He wanted to use mana but he didn't. It wasn't a good idea to peek like that. Not to mention, there was a possibility that the girls standing close to him might sense the fluctuation. After all, they were right next to him. If that happened, it would definitely make him some weirdo in their eyes.

"Is it normal to take this much tim-" 

Before Kain could even complete his sentence, Janet replied with ultra fast reflexes, "Normal! Definitely Normal!"

Janet nudged Elly and she nodded her head as well.

"It's late, you can go if you want. I am telling you she is fine." Janet said once again, trying to persuade him.

"Well, I will wait then. I am here after all, it shouldn't take much long…" Kain said with a difficult smile on his face. He had a feeling that they really wanted to see him out of the house.


10 more minutes….

"I don't think someone needs that much time to clean their room…" Kain said as he looked at Janet. He knew that something was up here.

Janet didn't reply but just gave an awkward smile. 

"I am coming in." Kain said and broke the door lock with a single twist of his hands.

Aria was stunned as she saw Kain entering the room. It was all over. They were done for.

Elly shook her head while Janet had a worried looked in her face. 

"Brother?" Suddenly, a voice was heard and Aria turned around to see Lisa on the bed. She looked sleepy and her hairs messed up.

"What are you doing here?" Lisa asked when her eyes suddenly opened, "Wait! Did you break her door?"

"N-No….it's..just…" Kain didn't know what to say.

Janet looked at the scene in surprise but she soon recovered and made a follow-up. "I told you it is normal to take that much time…."

Kain felt himself lacking in words to reply. He felt that it was absurd.

He had to stand there and hear their complaints for a while before he was finally allowed to go.

Lisa and Janet accompanied him downstairs.

"I am exhausted…you leave him to the door." Janet said as she walked towards the couch in the hall.

Elly wanted to retort but remembering about the food, she stopped herself. 

"Well, goodnight then." Kain said as he got out the door.

As the door was closing, Elly said with a calm tone, "Sorry for the food." She knew that it was her fault. In the past, she had made many mistakes and still regretted for not having apologised to those people and hurting them.


"H-How did you come in?" Aria asked in surprise. She was sure that there was no one in the room.

"I came through the window when you were not noticing." Lisa replied pointing towards the open window.

Max had carried her in while moving in stealth form. It was obvious that she hadn't realised. With Max covering Lisa's body with a layer of spirit energy, there was no way for any Mage to sense her.

"Are you fine? He didn't do anything, right?" Aria asked as she came up to her and checked her out before hugging her.

"No, he didn't do anything." Lisa replied with a dark face. 

The reason she had a terrible was Max. Before leaving, he had messed Lisa's hair up to make it look as if she had been asleep.

Well, Max had to learn a few lessons, especially that girls didn't like it if someone messed with their hair. At least not in the current scenario.


Max stood in the balcony of an apartment a few meters away as he gazed at the fellow leaving from his apartment. 

"A gentleman...huh?…." Max mumbled with a mocking tone, he had observed the guy a bit and that was what he remembered about him.

"What kind of gentleman is this…" Max could clearly feel the horrendous aura hidden beneath him. The guy was basically a killing machine. Max could feel that he would slice anyone open without a single hint of hesitation.

Kain had been skipping around in a good mood because of Elly's words but suddenly, he stopped. 

His head slightly turned followed by his body as he looked in the distance. He noticed a figure standing there in the distance in the dim light gazing at him. He couldn't identify his features but he could feel his gaze.

"Hmmn? He saw me." Max muttered in surprise. 

Kain looked at Max with a calm gaze and Max stood there returning it back.

"Don't tell me, you are going to pick a fight with someone standing on his balcony." Max mumbled with a smile as he looked at the guy.

Kain saw the figure still standing there, "Quite a time to be out for a breath…."

He then turned around and walked towards his car when one of the bodyguards appeared beside him.

Kain got into the car and looked at him, "Call out a few more and keep an eye on that…" He paused mid-sentence as he found the guy missing."Keep an eye on that house… and find about the person living in it. Tell me if you find anything suspicious."

The guard nodded and Kain stepped on the gas pedal before disappearing.


Max who was moving back towards the hospital smiled, "It seems that the Walker's will be a tough nut to crack." Lisa was there for them. But Max doubted that they would take her seriously. She was a child for them who they wanted fo spoil.

But Max was relieved for one thing that James wouldn't be having it easily as well. With the Mage King and now this son of his, Max was relieved that even if he didn't do anything, the chances of them going down to that pricks plotting was very low.


The next morning arrived….

Headmaster's Cabin

Max and Lear stood in front of the Headmaster who seemed to be massaging his head.

Lear had been discharged and had a couple of bandages on. Even though the doctors said it was better to stay a few more days, he didn't want to. Treatment was his second priority, first was his security which was obviously better in the campus.

"What did I do now?" Max suddenly spoke with a frown, "Wasn't it all related to him?"

Lear looked at Max with wide eyes. This guy…..


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