The Ancient Genes
284 A Hidden Cult?
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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284 A Hidden Cult?

Max sat beside Kevin in the last row as Kevin kept mumbling about his days and the events that had happened in Max's absence. They had a lot to catch up to.

The seats in the class slowly started to fill in as the students started to pour in. It was almost time for the class to begin.

Max suddenly interrupted Kevin as he asked pointing towards the guy standing behind, "Why do they keep standing every time before the class?"

Max was indeed curious about this strange occurrence. He had seen it before as well.

Kevin hesitated before finally speaking, "That's the rule. If you are of the lowest stature, you have to give respect."

"Huh? Who set this stupid rule?" Max asked with creased brows. He knew that a recognized body wasn't going to set up such bullish*t rules.

"Umn… I don't know…" Kevin said with an innocent face. He was definitely clueless about it.

"If the people don't even know who has set the rules, why are they even following it? Not to mention that there isn't even a need to follow such stupid rules." Max said with a slight laugh. The people around heard his mocking laughter and their faces scrunched.

"Sshh!" Kevin immediately tried to shut Max up. He was worried about his behavior. This was practically inviting trouble.

Max lowered his voice realising that even though he might be fine with troubles, Kevin might not be.

"Don't tell me you dragged me to the last bench because of that?" Max asked in suspicion and Kevin's face twitched as he became nervous.

Max shook his head, Kevin's face had totally given it away. There was no need to further talk about it. He slightly turned his head and looked at the seating arrangement.

The back seats were mostly filled and the ones at the front left empty. Max tried his best to determine the people's status based on their appearance. Even though Max knew that he might not be totally right, it didn't matter if he counted the majority.

After a few minutes, Max had determined that Kevin had said the truth. The ones at the front had more luxurious stuff on them as compared to the people on the back. Aside from that, Max could feel the superior look on the faces of students at the front while those at the back had hunched back and a subservient look on their faces.

"What about me? Where do I belong in this chain?" Max asked in curiosity. He was a scholarship student. He shouldn't be at the lowest level for sure.

Kevin's face turned pale as he came to the realisation. He immediately grabbed Max and urged him to stand, "Get up fast, go and stand there. Students from Arcane are the worst ones in the chain."

Max was really not pleased at this. He wanted to really ask this person who made the rule, how can a talented person like him be placed at the bottom.

"Calm down, Kevin." Max stopped Kevin and continued with a smile, "We don't even know who made the rule, there is no one to punish me even if I don't follow it. Not to mention, there isn't even a reason to follow this stupid rule."

"No! You don't know. People who took it as a joke had to face the consequences." Kevin said with a worried face.

Max was surprised at the sudden revelation.

Was this a cult or something?

Before Max could say anything else, the class buzzed a bit and he turned his head to see Tyler entering the class.

"Yo! Mr. Noob…" Max raised one of his hands and greeted him with a smile.

Everyone in the backseat gasped, they were scared of this guy to death.

"Shut your mouth, before I break all your teeths." Tyler replied irritated. He didn't know why this guy who he had just met was trying to act so friendly when everyone else just avoided him.

Max smiled, he knew that was never going to happen. Max was confident that even his brother would find it difficult, not to mention whose teeth would be broken couldn't be predicted.

This was the truth, Max found it difficult to measure the power level of the Celestials. He had fought Eida, one of the 12 Stars of the Younger Demon generation. And to be honest, he barely escaped death and won the fight that too due to several other factors.

But Max knew that if he ever fought with the Celestials, it wouldn't be a fight to the death. He really wouldn't want to kill the talented people who would be an important asset in the upcoming war in the future.

So, in that kind of situation, it was hard to determine whether Max could truly obtain victory or not.


Suddenly, another round of noises resounded in the classroom as Namen entered the classroom.

Max looked as the girl stared at them for a brief second before taking her seat.

The Instructor soon followed into the class a few seconds later and everyone took their seats.

The instructor sighed looking at the sight of the students standing at the back and waved them to take their seats. It had been a daily occurrence. He had repeated it year after year but no students had dared to speak up.

Strangely, no one sat beside Max. Max didn't know if it was a coincidence or incidental.

As the class was about to begin, Max suddenly felt the desk shaking as he felt the vibration through his hands.


But he soon learned that it wasn't a natural but an artificial one as he turned his head sideways.

Kevin's hands on the desk were shaking and sweat slid down his face.

"Don't tell me you are scared of him?" Max spoke with wide eyes as he pointed it at Tyler.

Kevin didn't reply and Max sighed as he patted him, "Calm down. He isn't that bad."

The class began as the instructor started to continue the class.

"Today, we are having a combined class of two sections since their Instructor is absent. I have already talked to your Instructor and he said that he had started the same topic that we have been doing here….so I will continue from where we last left…."


An hour passed pretty quickly as Max yawned, feeling bored. He even put his head down for a moment and entered the spirit world planning to absorb the darkness and refine it into his own energy.

A breakthrough was urgent with the All Academy Competition near.

When Max heard Kevin calling him out, he got out and asked, "Is class over?"

Kevin nodded and said, "I have a different class now."

"Oh.. I see. Let's meet during the break then," Max said as he got up and walked out with Kevin before parting ways with him.

«Bahamut: You are free now?»

Max suddenly received a message from Bahamut.

«Coward Cat: Not really, why?»

«Bahamut: I have the application approved of the Mercenary Group. I will be going to the Association for finalising it.»

«Coward Cat: Good then...»

«Bahamut: What about the name of the group?»

«Coward Cat: I leave it to you. Go with something flashy, we need attention after all.»  Max replied as he entered the new class. Name didn't matter much to him, it was the work that did.

«Bahamut: Got it.»


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