The Ancient Genes
286 Things to Worry Abou
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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286 Things to Worry Abou

Academy Cafeteria...

It was the break hours and Max sat in the Cafeteria waiting for Axel to come. The guy had just messaged him and was on his way.

At this moment, Lear entered the cafeteria. He turned around and looked a bit before finally finding Max sitting in the corner seeping water from his cup as he seemed to be look g something on his phone.

He walked up to the table and pulled the chair before taking a seat.


Max raised his brow as he heard him sigh, "What's wrong?"

Lear turned his head towards Max and spoke with a troubled look, "Don't be shocked but Lora is a Roxley, she is the daughter of the Lord of Roxley House."

Max put down the glass of water as he looked at him in surprise, 'He finally found out?'

"Can't believe, right?" Lear spoke as he sighed once again, "I have been treating her like that…. I should have been more careful. She is the only daughter of the Lord of Roxley House. He would kill me if Lora complains. Not to mention, he and my father are almost mortal enemies."

"How do you know she is really the daughter of the Lord of Roxley House?" Max asked in curiosity.

"I saw her mother yesterday during the incident, I felt her to be familiar but I couldn't identify her clearly." Lear said as he looked at Max, "But today, Lora said that her mom had invited me on dinner. She wants to thank me for what I did yesterday."

"How does that make Lora a Noble?" Max asked with a calm look.

"The address she gave me. It's Roxley House's Mansion in the Capital. That too of the Lord of the House." Lear said as he massaged his head.

"Why is she thanking me in the first place? I didn't even do anything." Lear further said in misery.

"What's the big deal? Just act normally. I bet she won't do anything to you. Not to mention, Lora will be there." Max replied with a smile.

At this moment, Axel arrived at the cafeteria. He looked a bit nervous with sweat on his forehead.

After noticing Max and Lear, he walked towards them with a quick step before taking a seat.

"What's wrong?" Max asked with a frown noticing Axel's expression.

"It's bad news. Those crystals were the real deal," Axel spoke in a low tone and the atmosphere immediately tensed.

"How is this bad news? If it's real, it only makes it valuable and useful to us." Lear replied in confusion not knowing what the problem was here.

Axel shook his head as explained, "I went through a few high profile books in my professor's collection. He allows me to have a look from time to time to help me deepen my understanding of formations and I found about the space stones. This thing is not only used for making storage artifacts but also teleportation formations according to records of the past."

"Don't be ridiculous. Those things are from myths." Lear said with a frown.

"Do you really dare to say things like myth at this point of time?" Axel retorted, if Demons and God existed what was a teleportation formation.

Lear really found it hard to reply. It was true. After all that had happened, even if someone said that Unicorns existed, they had to think twice before denying it.

"Can you make a teleportation formation out of those?" Max asked with a calm look.

"Hell no." Axel replied instantly, "First of all, a teleportation formation would require immense energy, I don't think that much crystal would suffice it. Secondly, I don't know if the art of drawing teleportation formation exists or not. And lastly, even if it did exist, can anyone draw it?"

Max frowned as he began to think about it.

"Let's not talk about the second and third possibility. As you said, at this point we can't deny any possibility. Let's assume they exist, what then?" Lear said with a calm face as he looked at Max.

"It's bad then….very bad….we will be just sitting ducks waiting to be butchered then…" Max replied with a serious tone. He really didn't want to imagine the situation. At this moment, Max had to think of the worst in order to know how bad it could be.

In the worst situation, the one behind this would be the demons and they would be successful in making the formation. Now, was there even a need to think anymore? Your enemy could basically come in and go out of your house at his will.

"But like I said, the possibility of it happening is very less. Do you really think that so much space stone exists?" Axel asked, the fact that they could see so much in a lifetime was already a miracle. 

"I strongly do." Max spoke with a creased brow which left Axel and Lear in surprise.

Max had his reason to believe so. He had traveled a lot in the trial. But never did he manage to find a single trace of either the Ancient Families or the Demons, as if they really didn't belong to the same world. The most he heard were rumours which he believed was related to them.

If Ancient Cemetery could exist, was it not possible that these beings were residing in a separate space within the boundary of this plane. Just like the storage Artifacts worked.

Besides, the fact that Max had stolen this space stone from some low level character was what made him worried about the whole situation.

Were these stones being supplied in the Capital using these low level thugs? It was obvious that these people themselves weren't aware of the value of the stones, so there was little risk of it being stolen while the authorities may not pay much attention to them as well. After all, most of these people had some affiliation with the upper society at one level or another.

"You two don't need to worry about it. Let's focus on getting our mercenary group up. It should be created by today." Max said as he looked at them, "As for this incident, I will talk about it with Master."

Axel and Lear nodded. Everyone knew that this thing was going to be way beyond their level. 

Shortly, Kevin arrived as well and the tensed atmosphere immediately disappeared. The group looked like any other bunch enjoying the Academy life.


It was a room with dim light. It had 12 chairs arranged around a round table. The room had a sweet fragrance to it. Everything in the room looked luxurious and even a speck of dust couldn't be seen anywhere.

Right now, only 6 of the 12 chairs were filled while the rest were empty. The six people each had a different mask on their faces as they seemed to be engaged in some discussion.

"What do you think about him?" The man with a white smiley mask said as he threw a photo on the board beside and it stuck to the board.

The person in the picture was none other than Max.

"It is his third day of attending the Academy and there have already been dozens of complaints about him. He is really wreaking havoc." The person who had a mask of a joker said with a smile.

"Leave him be…. I heard he is going to go against Victor of the Edwinson House. There is no need for us to make a move. There will be a public demonstration very soon." The person with a larger frame in the room finally spoke. He had a steel mask on his face.

"Oh...then I don't think we need him here then." The guy with the white smiley mask said as he plucked Max's pictured and it busted into flames.

He then casually flicked his hands and threw the burning photo in the trash can beside which was almost filled with ashes up to the brim.

"We have one more troublemaker…." The man with the white mask said once again as he picked another picture and threw it onto the board.

It was a guy with short brown hairs which were nicely trimmed. He looked pretty down to earth from his dressing sense and looks which didn't seem to have much of an effort put into them.

"Eren Juggernaut, the Water General as everyone knows. He is one of the two Generals of Orca." The guy further said.

"The poor really have poor taste…. General sounds so lame…" the feminine voice belonged to the person with a cat mask. She was the shortest out of everyone in the room and at one glance might even seem like a child. But her demeanor didn't seem childish at all.

"It's time we teach him a lesson, we had already ignored him a couple of times because he was a public figure among commoners," the man with the mask of joker spoke.

"I never was in the favor to let them go…. So, what if he is a public figure in commoners? He is still filth in my eyes. People like them need to be reminded of their place," the man with the steel ask said in disdain. He never had put this people in his eyes to begin with.


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