The Ancient Genes
288 Lear“s Dinner Invitation 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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288 Lear“s Dinner Invitation 2

The next three days passed with nothing much happening.

The classes continued as normal and Max didn't find anything out of ordinary. He hadn't heard anything from Bahamut, but he should be contacting Max soon, after all, 3 days were enough to get all things done.

In these 3 days, Max had performed various methods to get the truth out of the guy he had been holding captive in the storage room. But hell, he was one tough guy. Max was afraid that he would die before letting out the truth.

As for the issue with the apartment, Max didn't have any success in claiming what was rightfully his. He didn't have much interaction with Aria in the Apartment. She always came late and in the morning Max would be out early for training and by the time he was back, she would be gone.

But one thing was going well, Max had seen Lisa limping in between. She hadn't been slacking it seems.

Max had also gone to visit the Grandmaster at the address his Master had given but it seems that the old man was not present. The place had a lock hanging on the door.


Right now, Max was in the Academy and to be exact, he was in the class not paying attention to the Instructor who was teaching what he already knew. He had just come out of the spirit world as the class was about to end.


Max turned his head towards Tyler hearing him hum. 

The guy was busy on the phone which he had carefully hidden beneath the desk. Max couldn't help but smile as he shook his head. This idiot didn't know a thing about Blacksmithing and was now not even paying attention to the teacher.

Tyler suddenly turned to look at Max with a frown, "Are you an idiot?"

"What did you see?" Max asked, it was apparent that he had seen something which led him to talk like that.

Tyler turned the screen of the phone towards Max. It was on the Academy's Forum.

The post which he was on read, "Will Victor avenge his sister?!"

Max read the post and came to know what was going on. Someone seemed to have leaked out the news of their fight and it somehow ended up being the fight for him taking revenge for Janet. 

'What the heck? Did I even do anything worth taking revenge over?' Max couldn't help but think inwardly. He had just defended himself.

Max slid down the post and the next one below read, "Will the revolutionary bring a miracle again?!!"

'Don't tell me that b*stard purposefully leaked the information to get some publicity…." Max knew that was possible.

"Avoid him, he is strong." Tyler said as he pulled his phone back and didn't speak any further.

Max just smiled. He had heard that Victor was said to be not any less talented than the Young Lord of Edwinson House. But due to the fact that he wasn't from the mainline, the House didn't nurture him to their best. After all, a House could only have one leader. That was the reason that he wasn't the part of Celestials. Whether this was true or not was another thing.

But Max didn't care, it was very simple for him. As long as he wasn't facing a Celestial, Max would crush anyone from the Younger Generation.

"There is an exhibition match on the date of your fight. The Scarlet Queen and the Light Celestial will be sparring. You can just back out from the fight, no one will pay attention to you guys anyway. The forums will soon be flooded with exhibition posts and the one related to your match will be lost eventually." Tyler suddenly said as he looked at his phone.

"Aren't you a good guy?" Max asked with a smile. He knew that the guy was a bit annoying type but good at core.

He was like Wilson but more calm and understanding. Max could have imagined that if it was Wislon, the guy would have probably thrown dozens of fists dealing with a guy behaving the way that Max did.

"I just repaid your favors, I don't owe you anything now.." Tyler said with a calm voice. He was talking about the times when Max had helped him in class.

"I never asked for you to repay it. Besides, it is only considered repaid if I accept your advice.." Max said with a smile as he got up from the seat seeing the Instructor leave.

After the class hours were over, Max walked out of the Academy and went around the walls of the campus. When Max reached the alley created by the walls on the right side of the Academy grounds, he stopped.

He then turned around to look around. When he saw people in the main street were staring at him, Max took out his phone and pretended to be on a call.

As soon as the people walked past the entrance of the alley, Max spoke, "Hurry!...Fast…"

The next instant, a person jumped from the other side of the wall and landed in front of Max.

It was Lear.

"You sure this is a good idea? If the headmaster finds out that I left the Academy I am dead meat," Lear asked with a worried look on his face.

"Be a man. You fought Demons, is he scarier than demons?" Max asked as he slapped his arms.

Lear rubbed his arms and hesitated to answer the question.

Max sighed as he spoke, "At least say yes, don't dump him with those creatures even if he is scarier." 

He then took out a mask and a cloak before handing them over to Lear. They had to be cautious. Max didn't want to imagine the consequences for getting caught.

"Where are we going by the way?" Lear asked in confusion. Max had said that it was something important. Lear had thought that it must be related to the Mercenary Group since he had talked about it a few days ago.

"Just follow me…" Max said as he took the lead.

"By the way, how did you disable the surveillance cameras?" Lear asked, he was really surprised when he found that the cameras were down.

" is a secret.." Max replied as he wiped the sweat off of his forehead. 

It was better if he didn't say it to him. Who knew this guy wouldn't backstab him if they were caught. If that happened, Max would be in trouble.

Max had actually broken every camera around that area with telekinesis to put them down. It was not like he was a hacker or something.

After a change in transport, Max and Lear finally reached their destination.

'Zatra Fashion'

"Why are we here?" Lear asked as he looked at Max.

"To get you some clothes." Max replied as he walked towards the shop.

The Zatra Group was one of the richest known organisations in the whole continent unlike the Noble Houses which were unknown. They were even one of the few sponsors of the Association aside from the Noble Houses themselves.

"Why do I need clothes?" Lear asked with a frown. He thought that they were here for something important.

"Don't you have dinner tonight? Lora's Mom's invitation?" Max asked with raised brows.

"I am not going, I will just say that the headmaster has grounded me." Lear replied, he wasn't going there in the lion's den.

" you think that it would be difficult for her to get headmaster's permission. If it is about safety, you will be safest by her side." Max replied as he caught him by his collar, "And besides, don't you dare to refuse…"

Lear could feel the chill in Max's eyes and gulped.

"I don't have money, the things here are damn expensive." Lear complained as he struggled in Max's grasp. But he couldn't use much strength, afraid of tearing his cloth apart.

"I will buy it for you." Max said as he dragged Lear inside the shop.

And then the struggle began to find a perfect attire for Lear.

Max looked at the salesman and spoke, "Show me something nice in formal attire for him."

The sales man nodded as he looked at Lear who was calmly sipping the drink served to him.

The salesman then proceeded to ask as he looked at Max, "Sir, would you like to add any more detail? Like color, design etc."

"Hmmn…." Max thought for a while before finally speaking, "I want something which would immediately make a Mother to give her daughter to me."

"Pfft!" Lear immediately sprayed out the drink in his mouth, but luckily it didn't ruin any clothes. Otherwise, Max would have to empty his wallet today.

"Ah!.. I will keep that in mind…" the salesman gave Max an understanding smile as he disappeared in search of the best attire.

"What kind of nonsense are you spewing out?" Lear asked with a dark face.

"Chill….that was just an example. I just meant it should be that good. No offense.." Max casually waved it off.

Lear couldn't argue any further after Max had said that.

Later that day, Lear had tried dozens of clothes. They had arrived with the sun up in the sky and departed after with the moon up in the sky.


"Go now…" Max urged Lear, he was already late.

Lear nodded before climbing over the wall and entering the campus.

Max waited for almost an hour to check whether Lear was going to the dinner or not.

It indeed took some time to get Headmaster's permission but the matter was solved as a car arrived in front of the Academy to pick Lear up.

Max finally felt at ease as he watched Lear leave.

When Max was about to turn around and leave, he stopped dead in his tracks.

If it was someone else, they might have missed it. But someone with senses like Max, wouldn't.


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