The Ancient Genes
289 Lear“s Dinner Invitation 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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289 Lear“s Dinner Invitation 2


'Why in hell did I have to get caught up in this?' Lear sighed as he stood in front of the huge mansion.

He had just arrived here, he could feel the weird gazes of the servants. It seems they knew who this guest was. A Barnes visiting a Roxley, that was indeed something unique.

People were aware of the fact that the Lord of both the Barnes and Roxley House didn't see eye to eye. There wasn't an occasion when the duo met and left peacefully.

Lear looked at the butler who just came to pick him up. It was an aged man with white hairs and square shaped glasses on his face.

"This way Young Sir," the butler said in a polite manner as he pointed his hand towards the door.

Lear nodded as he took a step forward and walked into the mansion. The butler led him into the hall and made him take a seat on the sofa before taking his leave.

A minute passed before Lear heard a voice, "You are here, Mr. Hero?"

Lear turned his head around to see Amanda, Lora's mom walking towards him.

He stood up and made a respectful bow as he greeted her, "Good evening, Lady Roxely."

"Ah...drop the formalities. You did so much to save me, I will feel bad if you did that." Amanda said as she stopped Lear and smiled like a nice person.

Lear really felt a sense of danger. He had heard how this person was and the fact that she kept smiling at him made him nervous and scared.

He still calmed himself down and raised his head before replying, "I really didn't do much. You praise me for nothing."

"How can that be? Did you not step up for me? Am I lying?" Amanda said as she walked in front of him.

Lear didn't know what to say. He had indeed stepped up, he really shouldn't have done it. In fact he wouldn't have done it if he knew that it would lead him here.

"Come with me, I will give you a tour of the property." Amanda said as she locked her arms with Lear and took him onto a tour.

Lear really didn't have much of a say in it. He could only allow himself to get dragged.

The property was huge. It even had an art museum, a huge ballroom, an aquarium, a bar and many more things which one wouldn't imagine.

Lear wasn't that surprised, he was used to it. He had seen such stuff before and it wasn't his first time.

"How is your father doing?" Amanda suddenly asked as they walked into the artifact room.

"He is doing fine.." Lear replied with a smile. Obviously a fake one. Like in hell, he knew what his father was doing! He hadn't even talked to him in a while.

Suddenly, Amanda's phone rang and she looked at Lear, "Excuse me a minute."

"Yeah, sure." Lear nodded as he turned his head and took a look at the artifacts. It wasn't every day that he got to get a good look at this stuff.

One among them caught his eye, it was a flexible sword, Urumi. Lear had looked for this kind weapon but it was a very rare choice and hard to find. Not to mention due to the property of flexibility, it not only needed skill but also rare ore which could give flexibility to it.

It was easy to find it when talking about lower grade weapons but when it came to higher grade, it was almost impossible. After all, high level ores which carried flexibility as a property were rare. Even the Iron Clay which Max had found was only in 3★ category.

Lear knew that these kinds of weapons were very suitable for him. He could use his element to bring out it's full potential. 

"Would you like to give it a try, Sir?" The man who seemed to be responsible for this place sitting on the one end of the hall which seemed to be a counter or something similar spoke.

"Can I?" Lear asked in curiosity.

"Yes Sir." The man nodded.

Lear thought about it and seeing that Amanda was still busy on the phone, he reached out for Urmi.

Lear picked the weapon and gave it a nice lash and immediately a thunderous noise rang out in the hall.


Lear was surprised. He didn't expect it to be so loud. He immediately turned around to look at Amanda with an apologetic smile.

Amanda just smiled looking at him as she spoke, "Nothing, it's just my guest."

"I know, he is someone I met here. He saved my life like a hero."

Lear's face twitched as he heard that.

"I invited him to dinner." 

"What's wrong with you? It has to be night if you want to have dinner."

Lear felt a bit odd as heard the conversation. The next instant, he heard a loud voice from the other end.

"What do you mean?!!! You are having dinner with an unknown man at night!! Who the hell is he?!!! Give him the phone!!!"

Okay, Lear probably knew who the person was on the other end was. He looked at Amanda wondering why she wasn't feeling him that this man was his daughter's friend.

"Shut up! I am going to have a good time. Don't disturb, I am hanging…" Amanda said as she hung up the phone.

Lear could clearly hear the man screaming as the phone hung up. It didn't look good.

"You like the sword," Amanda asked as she walked towards Lear.

Lear shook his head as he said, "No, I don't use weapons."

He didn't want to say that he liked it. He really felt that she might give him the sword if he did that. And that would make him uncomfortable. He didn't want to owe her any favor. He knew very well that the Roxley stood by the Ovens sides at the current scenario.

The two of them walked out of the Artifact Hall and as soon as they did, Amanda's call rang.

She gave it a look and then hung it up. She then put her phone on silent mode and accompanied Lear.

'He won't fly here right?' Lear was really not sure about it.

On the other side, Max walked out of the alley, he was pretty sure he had felt some fluctuation.

Max scanned his surroundings, it was dark. The Academy district was mostly empty around this hour. The students obviously weren't allowed out after the sunset.

After confirming that there was no one was around, Max unfurled his wings and flew towards the source of the fluctuation.

It took him around a few minutes before he reached the place and to his surprise, it was just a few blocks away from his apartment.

It was one of the places which had second-hand dealings. It was obviously a place for people to exchange resources and information. 

It was mostly used by students of the Academy. The poor one's mostly.

The Academy had strict rules against students when it came to this second hand market.

In the past, it was found that the resources and techniques provided by the Academy had found its way here. After that, the Academy had made clear that such acts wouldn't be tolerated. Anyone found selling the resources that the Academy was spending on them would be expelled.

But there was one thing which was odd, this place shouldn't be functioning right now. The students were only out in morning after all and not at night unless they were doing some shady stuff.


Max turned his head and immediately followed the source of sound and as he got closer, a strange sight appeared in front of him.


Lear and Amanda were done with the tour and were back in the mansion. They were having a chat in the living room. The topics were common, even though Lear might not look like it, he had been trained at an early age in the way for nobles to behave and how to follow the proper manners and etiquette.

"I don't see, Lora. Where is she?" 

Lear finally couldn't hold any longer. These noble things were too taxing for him. Even though he knew it, he wasn't fond of it. He really liked his life as trash. He could do whatever he wanted.

"You want to see her?" Amanda asked with a smile.

Lear didn't know why but he felt that there was something more to her smile. But he still nodded his head, "Well, if I am here, it doesn't make any sense not to?"


Suddenly, Lora's voice rang out in the room. Lear turned his head to see Lora enter the room dressed beautifully in a gown. Her hairs were still clumsily tied above her head. It was evident she was not done with them. But it, made a good sight by revealing her beautiful neckline.


Lora screamed in surprise as she saw Lear and froze. She had no idea that he was here.

"Will you stop staring at my daughter?" Amanda asked after a few minutes as she saw that Lear wasn't planning to take his eyes off.


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