The Ancient Genes
292 Max Being Cool
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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292 Max Being Cool

Roxley Mansion, Capital.

The dinner was really late, it had already been around 11 as Lora and they had spend their time chatting with each other.

Lear couldn't get the words from the diary out of his head for some reason. He wanted to know what was going on. But he knew that it wasn't appropriate ask directly. Hence, he approached it in the indirect way.

"Yeah, that girl who visited me in the hospital with you? Isn't she the daughter of Mage king? Are you guys friends?" Lear asked, he clearly remembered that their relation didn't seem good. But the picture from the past said otherwise.

"No...we are not…" Lora replied as the smile on her face vanished.

Lear didn't say anything further seeing her face, he knew that it wasn't the right thing to do. He too was the same after all, he didn't like people interfering in his personal matters.


Suddenly the door opened and Amanda walked in with a smile on her face. She held a tablet in her hand and Lear couldn't help but force a smile on his face as he saw the face of a person on the screen of the device which Amanda was carrying.

The man behind the screen was looking around with a murderous look in his eyes.

"Dad!" Lora spoke with a troubled look as she felt ashamed of his dad's behavior.

"Who is that punk?!! Bring him in front!!! I want to have a good look at his face!!" The man screamed in anger.

"Mom!" Lora cried out as she looked at her mother hoping that she would do something about him.

Amanda sighed as she looked at her daughter, "He will be here by tomorrow morning if I turn it off. Do you want that?"

Lora opened her mouth and felt herself lacking in words. In the end, she could only look at Lear with an apologetic face.

"It's fine…" Lear said as he got up and turned his head towards Lora's dad.

'What in hell is wrong with the wierdo…' Lear cursed inwardly. He really shouldn't have come here in the first place. The fact he was going face to face with his father's arch-enemy made him a bit nervous.

Lear finally walked up to Amanda and she lifted the tab and brought it in front of Lear.

"So you are his son, come with me?" The Lord of Roxley House said without giving Lear any chance to speak.

"Umn..?" Lear gave Amanda a confused look not understanding what he meant.

"Take it and go to the living room, he wants to talk to you alone." Amanda replied with a smile. "I will arrange the dinner and will wait for you."

Lear nodded with a forced smile, 'What an idiot…'

"Just hang it up, if he is being irritating…." Lora said as she looked at Lear.

"I can hear that Sweety…" the Lord's voice sounded through the tab and Lear flinched.


Lear walked downstairs and entered the living room while Amanda and Lora went towards the dining hall.

"Greetings Lord Roxley, It's my ple-"

Before Lear could even complete his basic courtesy, the Lord of Rozley House interrupted him.

"Cut the crap!"

"I don't know what you are up to but since you are that b*stard's son….you must be up to no good...I am warning you stay away from my daughter and wife…." The Lord of Roxley house had made his intentions quite clear.

Lear really didn't know what had happened between him and his father but this disrespect….even after the fact that he was invited over as a guest…. Not to mention he was calling his father a b*stard right in front of his face.

"Huff…" Lear closed his eyes and released a breath trying to calm down. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Lora's dad.

"What if I don't?" 

F*ck! He was pissed! He didn't care if this guy was a Lord or not. Everyone had a limit.

"What did you say?" The Lord of Roxley House was taken back. When had someone dared to talk back to him except for his wife? 

"You are tired of living kid…" the voice which came through the device was extremely malicious.

"Woah! I am scared!" Lear said with a mocking tone. "Come if you want, I will put on a good show for the world to watch….do you want me to promote the event? 'Lord of the Roxley House challenges the 3rd Son of Barnes house in jealousy as his wife refuses to pick his call in his presence.' How is it good, right?"

The Lord's face slowly darkened as he heard Lear's words.

"Don't you dare to get my family in it..I will exterminate the entire Barnes line…" 

Lear smiled as he looked at the man in anger. "I never intended to get the family in between, but you did. As for exterminating the Barnes line, you know the address. Give a visit whenever you are ready…..I am sure my father will be more than pleased to have you there…"

"You have got a sharp tongue brat…. I will definitely pay that b*stard a visit...but before that l will pay you a visit if anything happens to my daughter…Don't you dare to lay a finger on her…."

"A hand is fine I guess…" Lear said with a smile.

"Y-You! I will kill yo-"


Lear hung up.

"What the hell am I doing..." Lear mumbled as he massaged his head. This was really turning out to be a bad day. Besides, what was wrong with this man. He really became the Lord. Lear couldn't believe it.

As Lear was getting worried over what just happened, the tab rang again.

Lear rejected the call and blocked the number to prevent any more headaches tonight.

He walked out of the room and with each step, he sighed. He really shouldn't have done it. But he knew that he would have still done the same if given another chance.

"You done talking?" Lora asked as she looked at Lear walk in and put the tab on the desk.

"Yeah, he is a good person." Lear said with a smile trying his best to hide his grim face.

"Let's get started then…" Lora said and her mother nodded.


On the other side….

"Y-You….who are you?" The Lion face spoke with a bloody nose as he started at Max who had completely caught him off-guard.

"I am a peasant, a commoner, call me what you want to. Today, I will let you experience the same feeling which you have sent other people through." Max said as he took a step and as the sole of his shoes left the ground, it brought along the rocks beneath which gradually took the form of spikes.


A fierce gale kicked in and the next instant, Max shot forward like a bolt of lightning and mid way, his feets ignited with flames as an incomplete figure of a phoenix formed behind his back.

"Flames of Nirvana."

Max immediately activated his true spell and the Lion face immediately pulled his bracelet out with his eyes trembling. The next instant, a shield radiating a slight blue hue formed in front of him.


Max's feet landed on the shield and within a few seconds, cracks began to spread on it.

"I-Impossible….it was a 5★ defensive artifact. " the lion face said as his voice trembled. He knew that only a person with the power close to that of an Expert tier mage could break this mid tier 5★ artifact. Even though he couldn't get a good look at Max due to the position of street lights, he was sure that Max was young.

In the Younger generation, there were only a few people who could pull some crazy stunt like this. 

The Celestials….

The eyes behind the mask widened and the guy felt that he had hit the dead end. He had met a monster figure.


Max stomped on his face and left a deep footprint on his face along with his shoe number. Half of the mask was shattered by Max's stomp replacing it by a mask which should last for at least a month.

 When Max was about to grab the guy planning to get something useful out of him, he rolled around and immediately pulled out a short sword with a red bead in the middle of its blade.

Max didn't seem fazed by it until he realized that a guy was lying behind him defenselessly.

The Lion face brought the sword down and struck it to the ground. The sword didn't budge but the bead immediately shattered on the impact. The next instant, an enormous wave of flames erupted from the location lighting up the night sky and consuming everything in the vicinity.

The flames raged for a few minutes before calming down...


"Tsk…" Max who was in the sky clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction. He had manage to escape with Eren but had burned his wings in the process and it was still smoking.

He just realised that fighting these rich b*stard would be a pain in the ass. He had to be careful, who knew what thing they might pull next.They were carrying such destructive things on them. 

Max tried to look around for the lion face and his companions but they were gone. There were no signs of them.

"That was close...I don't know who you are but thanks brother…" Eren said as he raised his head and looked at Max.

"We should get out of here….there are Mages from the Union patrolling nearby due to the incident that day…." Max said as he turned towards the direction of his apartment.

"Wait! I left my axe behind...I can't leave that….please.." Eren said as he looked at Max and folded his hands before pleading.

Max sighed as he raised his hand and the next instant, he felt that the axe's weight. But, it wasn't that heavy for Max if he wanted to lift one thing at a time, he concentrated and the next instant, the axe flew up in the air before landing in Eren's hand.

"Holy sh*t! That's cool!" 


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