The Ancient Genes
293 Aria Returns Late
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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293 Aria Returns Late

Sirens rang throughout the Academy district and vehicles rushed through the streets. Several shadows could be seen flickering in the night light.

People had come out on their balconies looking at smoke rising in the distance.

"What's wrong with the capital these days? The violence is growing day by day…" One of the men said inciting the nearby people as well.

The man standing on the balcony of the opposite house spoke, "It's only been a few days since the last incident...and here it is yet another one…"

The middle aged aunty standing on the adjacent apartment spoke with a frown, "I said the people of Arcane were cursed and yet the Academy still brought them in…"

A few of the students in the nearby complex frowned on hearing her while a few had no reactions.


"I think we should be safe now, " Max said as looked at Eren. They were standing in front of his apartment.

"Thanks for the help brother, I am Eren Juggernaut." Eren said with a grateful expression on his face and moved his hand forward.

Max shook his hand and replied, " I am Max Arkansas and your welcome…" Max seemed to have heard the name, but he couldn't remember it.

Well, it wasn't strange, if commoners were that famous, the world would have been a different place. The 12 Celestials were the one known and famous in the younger generation.

And Max had researched the Nobles not the commoners. If he wanted to search about the commoners, even 5 lives would not be enough not to mention 5 years.

"Are you from the Orca Academy?" Eren asked, he could see that Max wasn't much older and looked almost the same age as him. But he didn't remember someone as powerful as him.

"Well, technically not…but I am studying there..." Max replied as he scratched his head, he was from Arcane after all.

"Oh.." Eren looked at Max in realisation, he thought of him as a transfer student. But he still was a bit shocked, he remembered Max screaming that he was a commoner before beating the lion face. It was hard to see such a strong individual from a common background.

"Since you are in the Academy, I think I will have an opportunity to repay the favor. Just ask me for help whenever you need some extra hands…" Eren said with a smile.

"Yeah, sure…" Max replied with a smile as well.

The duo then parted ways. Max went back to his apartment. There were no signs of Aria, he then proceeded upstairs and still didn't manage to sense anyone's presence in her room.

"Where is she so late?" Max couldn't help but mumbled with scrunched brows.

On the other side, Lear looked at Amanda and made a slight now, "Thank you for the dinner, Lady Roxley. It was indeed a pleasure to have been in your acquaintance tonight."

"You are always welcomed…." Amanda said and then looked towards Lora, "Leave him to the car.."

Lora nodded and accompanied Lear to the gate where the car was parked.

"I don't know what dad said but don't take it seriously. He just really cares about us and he is not a bad person." Lora said with a sigh.

"I strongly hope so…." Lear replied as he wiped the sweat off of his forehead remembering the event from before.

They finally reached the car and Lear turned around to look at her.

"Umn….goodnight…" he replied awkwardly. If this was really a formal gathering, he would have to reply formally. But the things really had gone out of control not to mention, he had never been formal with Lora.

"Yeah...see you tomorrow…" Lora replied as well.

Lear then got into the car and the driver stepped on the gas pedal before driving the car out of the mansion.

As soon as the car left the mansion, Lear pulled out the diary which he had been hiding underneath his blazer and slowly opened it.



The doorbell rang and Max who was drying himself with the towel frowned, "Is she back? But she knows the password…." He pulled the bathrobe and got out the bathroom wearing it.

It took a few seconds for Max to get downstairs and open the door.

"Hmmn? Why are you here?" Max asked as he looked at Eren standing there.

"They set up a checkpoint around the area….I can't leave…" Eren replied with a troubled look.

"Just say that you are a student from the Academy. Besides, there is no proof of you being related to it…" Max said with a frown.

"Umn… I know but, I will be in trouble then. It's already past the roaming hours. I will get punished if they find out I am not in the Academy at this time. Not to mention that the Academy had told me that they would deal with my problem when I reported my things were stolen from the dorm. When I received those peole's message, I didn't inform the Academy and went ahead without informing them…"

"I know it's my fault, but the Academy had never been able to catch these guys. I thought I could do…"

Max looked at him, he could get what the fellow was trying to achieve, but this was dangerous. His recklessness could have gotten him killed in the worse situation.

"I can get that but I can't let you stay, I don't leave here alone." Max replied with a difficult expression.

"Oh...well nevermind...I will arrange something…thanks anyway.." Eren said and left.

Max felt a bit bad, it had been a while since he met a courageous and good hearted guy among the commoners. But he could not risk it. If Aria came with him in the house, it would be a pain in the ass.

Max went back to his room and changed his clothes before entering the spirit world and continuing his training. He had even started to teach the gang how to fight. He was still learning on how to train the beasts though. He had seen different beasts and fought many. He was somewhat knowledgeable when it came to the way in which the beast's fight.

Two hours passed....

Max finally returned from the spirit world after completing his training.  He released his senses and still didn't find Aria but managed to find two people in the nearby vicinity.

One was the guy being held in the hostage and the other one was Eren.

"What is this guy doing?" Max muttered under his breath before walking out of the apartment.

Out on the road, he turned around and looked at the dustbin. He walked up to it and then opened it up.

"Holy sh*t! You scared me…" Eren said in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Max asked with a frown.

"Spending the night…" Eren forced a smile on his face.

Max sighed, this guy….

"Come with me…" Max couldn't take it any longer.  He couldn't ask him to leave, the dustbin wasn't his. Not to mention that would be too much. On the other hand, he was afraid that if he left the guy alone, he might see Aria coming in. That would be another disaster. 

In the end, Max called him in. It was better to have him in front of his eyes than leaving him alone.

Eren was really surprised to see the luxurious place. He doubted whether Max really came from a common background. But, since he asked him in, it didn't matter. He would treat people the same way they treated him.

Max brought the Eren to his own room. 

"You can sleep here." 

"How can I? I saw there are only two rooms. Don't you have a roommate…." Eren raised his hands in a cross. He would feel bad if he slept here.

Max was surprised a bit. This guy was really observant.

"Don't worry...he isn't coming today… I will sleep in the other room." Max said and Eren agreed after a bit of hesitation.

Max left the guy in the room and went downstairs with a blanket and pillow. He had to alert Aria when she came.


Time passed and when the clock hit 2, Max finally got up.

This girl was really worrying him. If something happened to her, Max would be the first one to die. After all he was the one living with her.

As Max walked up to the main door while pulling a long coat from the spirit world, he heard a noise and the door suddenly opened.

Aria entered and her eyes met with Max.

"Where have you been?" Max asked with a frown.

"I was busy…." Aria forced a smile on her face.

"What kind of work do you have till this time?" Max asked as his frown deepend.

"Don't stay out this late from now on…" Max said as he threw his coat back unto the spirit world.

"Why?" Aria asked, feeling a bit taken back. When did he start caring about her? 

Max looked at her and spoke, "I already am worried with your presence in the house. If something happens to you, it will spell another disaster for me…so please spare me..."

"Move out then…." Aria replied feeling a bit irritated as she looked at Max with folded hands.

"You are the one taking my place…" Max finally snapped. He had imagined a free life, but now he had to be alert even in his own place all because of her. Even when she, a noble should have enough money to easily buy one apartment. It was as if she was enjoying seeing him troubled.

"You already have caused enough trouble….and now you want to increase them..." Max said as he looked at her.

"I see….well you don't need to be worried then. I was out with my boyfriend. He is capable of protecting me. So please be assured, nothing is happening to me…" Aria said with wide eyes and with each word pronounced crystalclear. She was clearly pissed, Max had triggered her.

As she brushed past Max, a familiar smell wafted Max's nostrils.

Max immediately turned around and caught Aria's hand before pulling her towards the back of the door.


Aria looked at Max with a frown, "What are you doing?" 

Max brought his face close and Aria struggled to get out of his grip. But failed miserably.

In the end, she closed her eyes in nervousness.



She finally opened her eyes as she heard him sniffing.

"What are you doing?" She asked with a frown again.

"Where have you been to smelling like this? Are you hurt somewhere?" Max asked with a frown as he released his senses. He was very familiar with the smell of blood.

"N-No, I am not…" Aria replied with wide eyes.

Max looked at her and then touched the side of her stomach.


A groan immediately escaped her mouth and she limped. But Max was quick enough to catch her.

"That's quite a capable boyfriend you have there…." Max said as he tried to pull her up.

But Aria couldn't gather enough strength, it seemed she had been holding her breath which Max had forced out.

Max picked her up in his arms when he felt the warm liquid. She was bleeding.

Aria gritted her teeth as Max carried her back to her room.


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