The Ancient Genes
295 A Piece Of Advice
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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295 A Piece Of Advice

The sun was straight above the head indicating that it was already noon. It was break hours and the students were out on the campus, some warming themselves in the sun while some were strolling around.

There were more people than usual and even some outsiders from different media outlets could be seen on the campus.

The exhibition match was scheduled the day after tomorrow and they were here to create some hype among the masses.

In the Cafeteria….

"I think you should stop your cousin. Isn't it too much to start a fight, just because of the little incident…" Lisa casually said as she took a sip from the cup in front of her.

Elly and Janet immediately turned their heads to look at her. There was a strange look on their faces, it was hard to believe that these words were coming out of her mouth.

"Are you fine?" Janet asked as she put her palm on Lisa's forehead.

"Stop it! I am fine…" Lisa slapped her hand back.

"Even though it's a surprise coming from her mouth, she is right. It was you two people's guards who caused the situation, I don't see any reason for the fight unless Victor is intending to bully him." Elly said as she looked at Janet.

"You know him, he won't tolerate a finger being raised towards anyone from my family. He is just angry because of those exaggerated rumors." Janet replied with a sigh.

"Why don't you ask older brother Nathan to step in? He can definitely stop him." Lisa suggested. Nathan was the young lord of Edwinson's house while Victor even though was a cousin, didn't belong to the mainline. He wouldn't be able to refuse.

"I tried to. But it turns out, this duel had been arranged by the disciplinary club. So, elder brother won't do anything about it. But, I know that Brother Victor has to have some hand in it. He is just like that…" Janet replied as she sighed again.

"What are you going to do then? Let that guy suffer?" Elly asked as she looked at her, "Well, it's got nothing to do with me..."

Janet had a difficult time coming out with a way to solve the situation. After the issue with Max, his words had indeed affected her. She knew that it wasn't his fault but she would say that the guy was very prideful and aggressive which had indeed exaggerate the situation.

Lisa forced a smile on her face as she listened to the conversation, she didn't think that Max was going to suffer that easily. She had seen the beast graveyard in the spirit world after all.

"Let's try to persuade him to give up…" Janet said with a nod. She couldn't do anything about her brother, she had make Max back down from the fight.

"Who's coming with me?" Janet looked at them and Elly was quick to act, "Count me out of it. You know I am not good at it. Take Lisa with you, she has been talking sensibly today."

"What do you mean? I am always sensible." Lisa retorted as she looked at Elly.

At this moment, Max entered the cafeteria. He was alone and had parted ways with Tyler before coming here. That guy was playing hard to get. Max really couldn't believe he was using his time to get a guy instead of a girl. Being a chosen one was not easy at all.

"Where is he?" Max looked around. He had just received a message from Bahamut that he was coming to meet him.

As Max was thinking about it, he suddenly felt a familiar sensation throughout his body and the next instant, a notification popped up in front of him.

««God's Halo» has been Activated, 5% increase in stats detected...»

"Yo, it's been a while…" 

Max looked at the tall guy who was smiling at him. The guy then took a seat in front of Max as he spoke, "It's done…"

This person was Bahamut. Max knew that the kid had learned some illusion technique to be able to do it so perfectly.

"I registered my id and yours as the founding member." Felix aka Bahamut said. 

Max would honestly say that he was in his Bahamut form now. After all, it was the kid whom he couldn't relate to Bahamut.

"I have ordered for the manufacturing of tokens for different levels of people. I will pass it onto you when it's done."  Bahamut said with a calm look. The kid was really well prepared and knew what he was doing.

Max nodded hearing him.

"So did you take any quest?" Max asked calmly.

"Yeah, I took a lot. I have already paid a few groups to do them for us. But there are still many left. Do you want one?" Bahamut asked as he looked at Max, he would appreciate it if he could save some money to put on other things.

"Yeah sure, pass me the one's nearby. I can't go very far away from the Academy after all."

Max planned to do some quests himself as well while passing most of them to Lear. He wanted the guy to gain experience. As for Axel, Max would leave him to his own. The guy was different. It was true that battle experience was an important part for getting stronger, but Axel was walking a different path and it was better to let him figure it out. And if he wanted to take part, Max would be more than willing to support him.

"Sure, I will pass it onto you." Bahamut said with a smile.

"By the way, what's the name of the group?" Max asked casually.

"Demon Hunters…"

The reply made Max's eyes widened. Wasn't this a bit too flashy? Weren't they practically screaming to the demon race that we are here to f*ck you up!

Bahamut observed Max's expression and his face dimmed down as well, "It isn't good? I knew it! I told uncle that mine was better but he snatched the form from me and filled it up…." 

Max looked at Bahamut gritting his teeth very upset about it.

'Is he talking about the Gentle Giant from his house?' Max frowned as he thought about it. The man wasn't known as gentle for no reason. Just what in the hell did this kid come up with to make him behave like that?

Max felt it would be a bad idea to ask. He should be content with what he got. Besides, they formed the group to hide their identities, so it didn't matter which name the group was known with. After all, what really matter was them hiding themselves while the group would be the target of their enemies when the time came.


Max and Bahamut turned their heads on hearing the noise.

"Do you need something?" Max asked as he looked at Janet before slightly shifting his eyes towards Lisa.

The people in the cafeteria immediately turned their heads towards Max's table wondering whether a part two of the event from before was going to take place.

Max saw that people were starting to pay attention and hence, he hinted Bahamut to leave. 

Bahamut being smart as usual gave a slight nod as he got up, "I have some work, I will be leaving then…"

After Bahamut left, Janet took the seat in front of Max while bringing Lisa along with her.

"Look, I know what happened that day shouldn't have happened. And what is going to happen the day after tomorrow shouldn't be happening as well." Janet said with a tensed face.

The people around hearing that got the gist. Some of them had been through the post on the forum.

The students among commoners looked at Janet with a better light. They hadn't expected her to do something like that while some of the students from the upper class side looked upset seeing Janet interfere in the situation.

Max looked at her as he calmly said, "So, you are here to beg for your Cousin's life?"

The moment Max's words left his mouth, more than half of the people who had been paying attention to their conversation spewed the food in their mouth and it led to a chain of coughing events as the whole cafeteria resonated with the sound of the coughs.

Even the Chef came out of the kitchen with a terrified face wondering if he had messed up the food.

"No! I am here for you. I will feel guilty if you get hurt. So back down from the fight." Janet said with a frown. She really had not expected to hear that.

Max smiled as he looked at her before shaking his head.

"What's so funny?" Janet frowned, here she feeling bad for him and this guy was smiling at her.

"Nothing has changed, you looked down on me back then and you are still doing the same." Max said as he got up from his seat pushing the chair out.

"Well, I can't ignore the fact that you have reflected a tiny bit at least. You guards are not the one to pick me today…" Max said with a smile as he tilted his head towards the two guys sitting on the table nearest to the entrance.

The guard glared at Max hearing his words.

"Since you have reflected on your actions. I will do you a favor and give you a piece of advice." Max said with a smile before continuing, "Don't let your brother step on the fighting stage because once he does, he won't be stepping down…."


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