The Ancient Genes
299 The Day Of the Fight Arrives
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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299 The Day Of the Fight Arrives

The next day arrived, it was a holiday and hence, the streets look pretty empty. It was a bit foggy as the clouds had covered the sky.

Max had gone out as usual for morning training and Lisa had been up in the morning as well. These few days, her actions had left her father and brother rubbing their eyes not knowing if she had been possessed or something.

On the other side….

A guy with short black hair and fair skin stood in a large open ground, there was a little girl beside him observing his actions.

"Pay attention, Lilly…" the guy said as he took a deep breath and mana began to fluctuate around him. It slowly began to revolve around him in a pattern.


The scream immediately interrupted the person's concentration and he frowned. 


The next scream which was much closer than the last one finally made him stop.

"What do you want Janet? Can't you see I am teaching Lilly right now?" The guy said with creased brows.

"How about a break Lilly?" Janet said with a smile as she looked at the little girl.

Before Lilly could say anything, the guy interrupted, "Don't spoil her. I don't want her to end up like you…. Wasting your talent and fooling around all day."

"That is mean. I still train." Janet said with puffed-up cheeks.

"Yeah, then go and do…" The guy said as he waved his hands.

"Did you forget what we talked about yesterday, my dear brother?" Janet said in a coquettish tone.

"I am not stopping, Victor. It's a battle within the rules. There is no reason to interfere." The guy said as he looked at Janet with a serious face.

He was her elder brother and the Young Lord of Edwinson house, Nathan Edwinson.

"But you know that if that guy is beaten up by Brother victor, it will be blamed on us. The commoners will fear us and the nobles who like acting mighty will further act that way." Janet said with a worried look.

Nathan looked at her not expecting to hear some words of intellect from her.

"I get your point but you need to see it from a different angle as well. What right do I have to stop him? Except for using my position and authority to stop him. I don't want to do that…." Nathan said with a sigh.

Janet didn't reply as well. She understood why her brother was against it.

During the Annual competition held by their house last year, her brother and Victor had ended up in tie in the final round after defeating every other member of the Younger generation.

But, the position of the Young Lord was given to Nathan. People gossiped that it was due to the fact that he wasn't from the mainline. There was no way that Victor could have been selected.

The house concentrated its resources on Nathan and Victor was left behind.

There were times that Nathan had felt Victor's dissatisfaction but he couldn't do anything. He knew that his words would only do worse than good. Even he couldn't understand the concept. There should have been enough capability for the house to raise Victor as well but they didn't.

Now, how could he order around Victor after that….wouldn't that make him feel even worse.

"What is with these serious faces early in the morning?"

The voice immediately attracted everyone's attention and turned around to see a beautiful lady standing ahead.

"Aunt…" Janet said as she looked at Lithiya.

"Are you learning well, Lilly?" Lithiya asked as she looked at her.

Lily nodded her head.

"So, what's going on?" Lithiya raised her head and looked at the duo.

Janet looked towards Nathan not knowing what to do.

"It's nothing, Aunt. It's just some random person who made fun of her in the school. Well, it wasn't that guy's fault entirely, this idiot had been at fault as well." Nathan said as he smacked Janet's head before continuing. He then simply explained the matter without bringing Victor's name yup.

"Well, fights are normal in the Academy. But it will be dangerous, if the person has some ill motive instead of learning." Lithiya said after a bit of thought. "You can still help. Just be there to stop the fight at the right time…"

Janet looked at Nathan with expectation. This was definitely possible.

"What kind of fight stops mid way sister in law? A fight only stops with one party dead…"

A person suddenly appeared in the training grounds. He looked in his 40s, most probably a bit older in reality.

"Second brother…." Lithiya said as she looked at him, the smile on her face had vanished without a trace.

The man smiled as he observed her from top to bottom. 


On the other side, Lear was wandering around the Capital. He had received a quest on Max's order. 

Since it was his first time, Max had given him an easier one. It was just to deal with a group of thugs causing chaos in the area. It was commissioned by the residents of the locality since the help from the union didn't do much.  The b*stards were corrupt after all. Even more so when it came to dealing with those commoner living areas.

This was the truth, even though most of the part of the capital had high rise buildings and luxurious feel to it, the labourers and workers mostly belonged to the poorer section, living in the poorer areas of capital.

"Where do I find them?" Lear muttered as roamed around the area.

He suddenly saw a person coming out of an old worn down restaurant and stopped him. The guy looked like a decent man, it was no harm to ask him, "Do you know where to find the sc*ms of Blue Artic Gang?"

"Sc*m?" The man smiled as he looked at Lear before further speaking, "Guys, Someone is looking for us…."

As he said that, group walked out from the tavern behind.


"It seems we have a misunderstanding here. Friends….why not have a proper talk…." Lear said with a smile as he was being pushed back by the 'decent' man in front of him.

"What's wrong now?" The man said as he pushed Lear again.

"What is that?" Lear said with a frown.

The people turned their heads to looks in the direction, "There Is nothing there….what are you babbling abo-''

The man didn't even complete his sentence when he saw Lear making a run for his life.

"After him!! Catch that b*stard!!"

The man screamed and the group immediately rushed after Lear.


Academy Dorms…

James sat on the chair as he sipped the tea from his cup, "I don't like uncertainties, crush him tomorrow. If not, make him go all out. Do you understand?"

Victor, who had been standing in front nodded. It was James who ordered him to observe Max and if possible, engage in combat. It was all a coincidence that several things fell in different places and gave this battle a different look to people.

"What do you want?" Mark finally asked with a sigh as he looked at Edward with a cast on his hand staring at him all along.

"I want revenge!!" Edward shouted in anger as he gritted his teeths.

"From what I hear, it only seemed to be an accident…" Mark said as he shook his head. He had heard the entire story from him.

"That guy stole from my shop….. That was not an accident…" Edward retorted.

"We don't have any proof….not to mention where do we find him? Do you know which section he was in? He might not even attend the combine classes with you anymore..." Mark replied.

"Don't worry, I heard he is going to be in a fight tomorrow….I will catch him after he is all beaten up…."


Soon, the light turned into darkness and night arrived….

Walker House….

"Who do you think is going to win tomorrow?" Kain asked as he calmly waited for the food to be served on the dining table.

"Obviously, Max….I even bet on him with Janet…she has a bit too much confidence in her brother…." Lisa replied with a smirk.

"Umn...who is Max?" Kain asked in confusion.

"Huh? Weren't you asking about the fight tomorrow?" Lisa asked in confusion.

"I was talking about Nathan and Erina…" Kain said with a calm look.

"What's there to watch about?" Lisa replied as she looked through the corner of her eyes at her father beside, "It's just an exhibition match to attract the people. I bet there will be only fancy moves and the main thing will be saved for the competitions…"

"Cough! Cough!..." The mage king coughed before gulping down the glass of water.

It was true after all….

"There is another fight taking place?" Kain asked with interest.

Lisa nodded, "It's before the exhibition match. Everyone will be coming as well."

'Will Elly come as well?' Kain thought inwardly before making the decision.

"Well, I am free as well. I might go and watch as well…." He said with a smile.


The night finally passed and the sun rose again...


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