The Ancient Genes
301 Max vs Victor 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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301 Max vs Victor 2

"Let the fight begin!"

The crowd cheered as soon as the announcement went on. Everyone had their eyes on the duo standing in the ring.

Victor took a step forward as he spoke with a calm look, "Bring your weapon out…."

"Enough of the formalities…." Max said as he raised his hand beckoned him to make a move.

"What is he doing? Doesn't he have any weapon with him?" Aria muttered with a frown as she looked at the scene below from the lobby.

"What is that guy doing? He should have taken advantage of the situation, I don't think Brother Victor would be giving him any more chances…" Janet shook her head.

Nathan who had been standing by Erina's side shook his head as he looked at the scene below.

Erina forced a smile on her face as well. She still appreciated Max's chivalry and virtue for not attacking an unarmed person.

"It's over…" Nathan mumbled as he saw white light conjuring around Victor's feet.

"Flash Step!"

As soon as the words left Victor's mouth, a white light flashed and most people lost Victor from their sight.

"He is fast!" Erina muttered as her eyes followed Victor's silhouette.

When they thought that Max was done for, not even being able to react in time. He moved. He slighted tilted his head and the next instant a kick with the momentum of a bullet blasted past Max's  face.


Max's hair fluttered in the breeze from the kick as the entire hall descended in silence.

The faces of those who weren't expecting anything from Max, froze. 

Was it luck? 

Nathan's brows contorted, he knew about Victor's strength very well. 

The Victor from a year ago was strong. Stronger than most of the high ranking students in the Academy and this was after a year.

Everyone's doubt was cleared the next instant as Max smiled.

"This is the Light mage of Edwinson House? Don't make me laugh?" Max muttered with a laugh as he made a spin and his left leg lifted at a 90-degree angle hitting Victor square in the chest.


Victor immediately brought his hands forward and blocked Max's attack but it still sent him sliding a meter away.

Victor looked at his arms feeling the sting from the kick before starting at Max. 

"Come, show me the true light power…." Max said as beckoned him once again. He might not himself be aware of it but Max still somewhere couldn't get the fact of his family out of his mind.

If not, he wouldn't be taunting the guy like that. Power was what he lacked for being abandoned, now he really wanted to see just how much power did this guy really have.

"I indeed underestimated you…." Victor said as he smiled.


Flames erupted by Max's side as he took a step forward.

Victor didn't back down, he kicked the floor and shot forward as a white light merged from his body.

Max waited for the guy as he activated his spirit energy and spread his senses apart.

Within a second, Victor was in front of Max. His speed was far greater than what he had depicted earlier.  

As soon as he got closer to Max, Victor threw a first ahead. Max reacted without a second of delay and threw his fist ahead as well.


Flames erupted at the one side of the and the other was covered by a blinding ray of light.



Within a short span, Max and Victor had exchanged several blows without anyone getting ahead of each other.

Flames and the white light went on a rampage destroying the stage. The instructor in charge of the training area immediately ordered for the formation to be activated.

The crowd had descended into a silence. The expressions on their faces were pale. They had come here expecting to watch a fight and enjoy. But, on the contrary, their eyes couldn't keep up with any of their movements. They could only see the destruction on the stage which was sending chills through their spine.

"Didn't they say it was a practice match?" One of the guys standing in the stands asked with a scared face.

"Yeah, they did…." Another replied…

But the sight before them didn't seem to be that of a practice match. It looked more like a battle to death.

Janet's face had turned pale as she looked at the horrifying battle which shook her heart. 

A shelter girl definitely didn't know the scariness of a true battle. Especially when no one was willing to pull a punch.

Elly and Lisa didn't seem to be much fazed. They had a fair share of experience, especially the one in Arcane.

Aria patted Janet's back as she looked at the battle with a complicated face.

"He is strong…." Erina muttered with a look of surprise on her face.

Nathan nodded with a frown. This battle was going out of control. He could feel something bad happening.

Max wasn't fighting with all he got. He was limited to using only one of his elements which was fire, the second strongest one in his arsenal. This was because he had registered as a blacksmith with a fire element. And using more than one would draw too much attention to him all in a bad way.

The Noble Houses would definitely be more than interested in Max if he actually showed such potential. 

Max didn't want their attention, the one whose attention he wanted was the students. At least for now that was what he planned…

"Flames of Nirvana!"

Max activated his true spell and flames erupted from his body burning brighter than ever. They slowly conjured to form the shape of a bird behind him.

"You better let go of any arrogance you still have left in you...because it won't matter when you die…" Max said with a calm look as he gazed at Victor.

Victor looked at Max as he finally drew a sword out of thin air.

"White Blaze!"

He spoke as the mana around him fluctuated and his body was suddenly consumed in a thin layer of milky aura.

The instructor in charge looked at the scene with sweat dripping down his forehead. If a student died in the practice area, he was done for.

"Who organised this fight?" The instructor asked as he looked at the host.

The guy himself was worried and turned around to look towards the lobby. But there was no signal and he could only hold onto it.

Max suddenly moved. He used the footwork he had learned during the sudden enlightenment which he had gained after consuming the mana fruit. Even though it was not as smooth and swift with his fire element, it still increased his agility and speed.

Victor didn't wait for Max's arrival. His body swayed as he vanished with a flash of light.

The next instant, he appeared above Max. He swung his sword and Max released all the flame that he had been holding onto.




The two immediately backed off after the exchange and it was the first time in the battle that blood was drawn out.


"Not bad….at least, I am not left in disappointment now…" Max said with depreciating laughter as blood flew out of the cut on his forehead.

Victor's face twitched as he looked at Max, his left hand and the parts of his upper torso were burned.

"Stop this fight!!"

A thunderous noise rang out in the hall. 

Everybody turned their head to look at the person who had raised his voice. It was Nathan.

"This has already crossed the limit of a practice match. Can't you see…" Nathan spoke with a frown as he looked at the host.

The host felt his feet shaking facing the angry gaze of the top class power in the younger generation.

"What are you mumbling about? Don't you know the rules?" Suddenly a voice interrupted and the one who spoke was Werner Ovens standing in the opposite lobby.

"As long as no one is down or gives up voluntarily, the fight goes on…" He further added.

Nathan looked at the guy with a calm gaze and the people around him felt trouble breathing.

He then looked at Victor in the ring. This had gone out of control. Even if he had to use his authority, he was pulling Victor out of it.

Victor frowned feeling the gaze. He knew what it meant. But this was what he didn't want. Why in hell did he have to listen to him? Why?

He slightly tilted his head and looked at James standing in the lobby. He was the person who could help him get out of it. The person who had promised to help him get what should have been rightfully his. 

James nodded his head as he looked at Victor. This battle really had surprised him. He really was curious about Max now. He wanted to see just how far it could go.

Suddenly, James felt a gaze on him and he raised his head to see Max looking at him.

"There are too many flies buzzing around…." Max said with indifferened before looking at Victor, "So which Master are you going to listen to?" 

Victor looked at Max with killing intent flashing in his eyes. This guy had really hit his sore spot.

"Why do you need to depend on them? Are you really that weak? So what if they abandoned you? Can't you do the same to them? If they don't care, you don't need to too." Max said with a calm look. 

"Shut up! You don't know anything!" Victor replied as mana busted out from his body and a white light began to cover his sword. The blade of the sword extended giving out a holy feel to it.

"I know everything, better than you…..but I am not as pathetic as you…."

"Y-You!!" Victor's eyes turned red in anger.

"The only thing that you can receive from me following this path is pity and death…." Max replied with a calm look as he waved his hand.


Suddenly, a spear appeared in Max's hand and he slammed it into the fighting stage breaking apart the paving below.

"Playtime's over….if you want to get out, now's the time…."


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