The Ancient Genes
302 Max vs Victor 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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302 Max vs Victor 2

"This is bad…." Nathan looked at the scene with a grim look in his eyes.

The white blade which had formed around Victor's sword was the source of his worry. It was one of the most difficult techniques to be mastered in their house. The number of people who had mastered them at such a young age could be counted on one hand.

"You can't stop the fight at this moment, you realise that do you…" Erina suddenly said as she looked at Nathan.

"Yeah, I realize that…" Nathan said with a nod. 

The fight had already reached a point where it was not in their ability to stop it. The mana which would be churning inside the barrier surrounding the stage would definitely be terrifying.

If they made a rash move and attempted to break it, things might take a turn for worse for the people around. Even though they might be fine, it might not be so for the people around them unless they were confident enough to protect them.

"I can't believe brother mastered it…." Janet mumbled as she looked at the white sword in Victor's hand. "This is bad…..why are they not stopping the fight yet?''

Lisa looked at Janet and frowned as well. She wasn't worrying that Max would lose. She had clearly seen him using several different elements and the guy had only been using fire during the fight. He was still not going all out. It must mean that he was confident.

But what actually made her frown was the fact that it had gone beyond her expectation. It seemed that they were fighting with the intention to kill.

'Don't tell me he is actually going to do it?'


"Come, if you wanna die." Max said as he lifted his spear and pointed it towards Victor.

"7th Form, Excalibur!" 

Victor didn't heed Max's warning and shot forward as his blade shone with the white light.

Max swung his spear and made a swipe as flames busted apart engulfing the spear.


A sword was at a disadvantage against a spear when it came to reach. Max reached Victor before he could even get Max into his strike zone.

Without any choice, Victor shifted his blade and blocked the incoming attack. 


Victor used the force behind the attack and retreated to avoid the searing hot flames as quickly as he could. But he didn't expect that Max wouldn't even allow him a chance to do so.

Max immediately shot forward and pursued Victor. He was not planning to let him go. "I told you playtime was over…." 

"Tsk…." Victor clicked his tongue as he suddenly stomped the ground and with a flash of white light, he jumped a few feet in the air.

"Don't underestimate me!" Victor screamed as he used the momentum from the fall and swung the blade down with all he had.


Max raised his spear and blocked the attack. The moment the collision occurred the floor beneath instantly crumbled and his feet sank into the stage.

The people tried to look through the smoke and dust but nothing was visible to them. 

"What's going on?" Janet asked as she looked at the scene with worry.

"It's no use, the barrier from the formation had trapped all the dust and smoke inside. It won't get out as easily as it normally should. Not to mention their movements inside would only stir the dirt in the air up." Elly replied with a sigh.

Inside the smoke and dust…..

Max had blocked Victor's attack and pushed him back.



Blood continued to drip down Victor's chest which had a dagger inserted half the way into it.

Max looked at the guy spewing blood out of his mouth and used telekinesis ability pull the dagger out.

"I can't believe it would be this simple in the end…" Max said as he looked at him. After he had blocked his attack, Max had taken advantage of the dust and pulled out his black dagger from the spirit world using his telekinesis ability. 

Since spirit energy was untraceable and the vision was unclear, nobody could have seen it.

Yet the guy still seemingly had made a reaction which indeed surprised Max. He had a good instinct.

Max pushed Victor back and before using his spear as a stand to lift himself and landing a kick on Victor's face.

Victor's nose broke and blood immediately rushed out of it. He backed off a couple of steps before getting down on his knees. He then raised his head and looked at Max, "So, you were hiding your strength all along…."

"Hiding? Did you even ask me about my strength? Did I ever fake my strength in front of you? Or did I ever acted weak?" Max asked with a smile.

"I might have lost to you, but this situation is perfect. No one will know what's going on here now. After all, the formations in the Academy are first rate…." Victor said with a crazy smile as a black color aura began to leak out of his body.

"Oh, now that's news to me…" Max said with a calm look. He could feel the demonic energy around him. He was really doubtful whether the formation could really prevent his aura from leaking out.

'Well, the Headmaster of Orca should probably arrive in 30 seconds, if the aura really leaks out…' Max thought inwardly. This new method of converting humans into demons after all was being researched by the Ancient families. Max was sure that the old man would be interested in the guy.

"Now then, shall we start? I am really eager to test it out…." Victor said as he slowly got back up onto his feet. His body being consumed in white light and black aura making him look like a being from a different world.

' doesn't seem like he is in full control…' Max looked at the guy and could see some slight changes in his behavior.


Max's eyes widened as he immediately leaned back and the moment he did, a white blade cover in black pulsating thread cut through air, slicing a few strands of his hairs along.

Max immediately made a somersault and pulled away from Victor.

'He has gotten faster…' 

"Don't run….this is the power that I should have had….let me have a full taste of it…."

Max looked at the guy and pointed his spear at him. He didn't plan to slice him apart in th Academy, but now, he didn't have the liberty it seems.

Max decided to take the initiative and moved, rushing in as his flames burned. The glow from the flames gave people outside the idea that the battle was still going on.

The demonic aura rushed out blocking Max's attack while Victor swung his sword right at Max.

'This is troublesome….it's only been 10 seconds though…." Max thought inwardly.

Max swayed sideways and dodged the blade of the sword but and moved in. But as usual, the black aura interfered with his attack.

'F*ck off!!' Max brows twitched as the spear flared up and the tip began to turn red. When Max felt that he was pushing in, he suddenly heard a swishing sound and immediately tried to back off.


The black aura latched onto Max's feet and there wasn't enough time to get out, Max pulled the spear in front to guard and Victor's sword struck him hard.


Max flew out like a bullet and crashed into the titled stage which had broken apart from several places.

"This is what my true strength should have been…" Victor said with a laugh as he looked at his hands.

"B*stard…" Max muttered lying in the rubbles feeling the ache all around. He had felt the shock from the attack all throughout his body. He really hadn't expected this b*stard to actually release the demonic aura in public.

"What's going in there?" 

"I could see flashes and hear the sounds of weapons colliding…"

"The battle still seems to be going on…."

"Something doesn't feel right…" Nathan suddenly said and Erina nodded. It was instinct, they couldn't sense it but feel the danger.

James standing in the opposite lobby smiled as he looked at the stage below, "So, you finally decided to use it…."

Victor walked towards Max carrying his blade, "It ends here.."

He said as he raised his sword, the guy really seemed to have lost it. Well, killing a commoner in a battle of this scale shouldn't be much. He won't be receiving a harsh penalty it seems. After all, accidents occurred and the path of a mage wasn't an easy one.

As he was about to bring his blade down, Max finally spoke, "30 seconds…"

"Huh?" Victor looked at him, with a strange look which changed to that of shock

"30 seconds is up… one came….you were indeed right…." Max said as he slowly raised his upper body and a dragon formed from water emerged from behind before coiling around Max.

"It's time for me to go all out…."


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