The Ancient Genes
303 Things Getting Out Of Hand
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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303 Things Getting Out Of Hand

"Ah, it's finally over…" Axel said as he put his phone on the charge and got out of the bed while stretching his body.

He then proceeded to walk out of his room planning to prepare for his classes.

"Huh? You are here?"

A voice entered Axel's ear and he turned his head to see Shon in the living.

"Yeah, I am about to leave in a short while. I don't have that many classes today…" Axel replied as he scratched his head.

"No, I mean...your friend had a match. Aren't you going to cheer him?" Shon asked in confusion.

"Ah...he will be fine don't worry…" Axel replied with a smile. He believed in Max and had seen the changes in him.

"Oh...wanna watch? They are broadcasting the match it seems…" Shon said as he turned the screen of his phone.

"Broadcasting? I didn't hear about it…." Axel said in surprise as he walked towards Shon.


On the other side, Lora and Lear were watching the match as well. 

Lora was in her group of friends while Lear sat in the back seats. The students didn't even recognize him as the Young Master from Barnes house, he was just an ordinary student from Arcane that no one cared about.


"You!! You are a dual wielder?!" Victor looked at Max with a shock on his face.

"Dual?" Max smiled as a pair of wings unfurled from his back.

Victor's face twitched and he didn't wait any longer and shot forward feeling uneasy in his heart. 

His blade sliced through the air and moved towards Max. The water dragon coiling around Max immediately rushed forward and bared its fangs towards Victor.

The sword struck the water dragon and stopped it's advancement. But Victor didn't seem to have any advantage as well, as his word stuck in the dragon's fangs and the tussle began.

"Don't get in my way!!" Victor screamed as the demonic aura rose and started to push back the water dragon.

"Don't forget about me…" 

The voice made Victor realise that this thing wasn't the one he was fighting with.


The next instant, a sharp pain coursed through Victor's body as a spear pierced through the upper part of his chest.

Victor 's feet gave in for a second and the next instant, the water dragon pushed forth and consumed Victor, carrying him dozens of meters into the air before bringing him down and crashing into the stage.


The stage shook and so did the structure in the auditorium. The dust fell from the ceiling scaring the students.

Max looked at the guy lying in the trench, totally battered with bruises all over and blood flowing through several fresh wounds on his body.

"This... isn't... over…" Victor mumbled as the demonic aura continued to leak out of his body.


Before he could even react, Max appeared before him carrying a gust of wind and a kick landed right on his face again.

"Earth...element…" Victor muttered as he felt the strong, rock-like object hit his face. 

Before Victor could fly away from the impact, Max grabbed his leg and with strong stomp, he pulled him and lifted him into an arc before slamming him the ground.


But it wasn't the end. Max didn't plan to let go of him....





Outside, people could only hear the continuous noise from the collisions.

"The fight is over…" Erina said as she looked at the stage. The sounds without a moment of pause were enough for her to guess that a party had gained dominance.

Nathan nodded with a frown on his face. It didn't matter who won the match, he only hoped that things hadn't gone too far.

On the other side of the lobby, Werner looked at the scene with a frown as well. If Max won, it was good for him. But if Victor died, it would be bad. He just wanted chaos in the Academy. Something which would attract the authority's attention for a while.

If Max won, it would be an uprise for the commoners. The conflicts would definitely emerge and hell would break loose in the Academy. The so called third rated nobles would take it out on commoners. The few strong commoner groups which had been holding back will definitely use the chance to establish a solid position for them in the Academy.

Even though people may not know, there wasn't only a cult of nobles in the Academy but one for Commoners as well. It was just that they weren't that active and had always been acting cautiously.

On the other hand, if Max lost, nothing much would change. Things would remain the same. But the one thing that Werner was against was Victor or Max dying. If that happened, even he would find it difficult to raise chaos in the Academy and the capital.

If Max died, Victor would be punished. But he knew that it wouldn't be that harsh. This would only terrify the commoners in the short run although it would fuel the hatred in the long run. It wasn't what Werner was aiming for.  As for Victor dying, Max wasn't going to get through easily. Even if he somehow escaped the punishment. It would be just a matter of time before he got killed. This would again terrify the common populace and suppress them in the short run. It wouldn't be called chaos then.

"What's with your expression? Don't tell me you care so much about the fight?" Kain asked with a smile.

"It's over...if you don't want to see a dead body, you should stop it now…." Warner said as he looked at Kain with a calm face.

"It's hard to believe that those words are coming out of your mouth….be sure to say that when it's your time…" Kain said with a smile.

"I wonder who will be saying that…." Warner mumbled as Kain disappeared from his spot and appeared right beside the instructor.

"It's best if we stop it here instructor…." 

The instructor turned his head to look at Kain. His face was already covered with sweat. He was just a training ground manager and had worked hard to earn this position. How in hell would he be fine, seeing so many important figures at once? Not to mention, the guy fighting seemed to be one from Noble House as well.

He was both afraid of undoing the formation and stopping the fight as well as allowing the fight to continue.

The instructor nodded. He couldn't find the son of Mage King anymore reassuring. "Ok, I will-"

The instructor was suddenly interrupted mid way, as a person appeared behind Kain, "Why are you so hasty brother? The fight has just begun…."

Kain turned his head and his eyes immediately turned emotionless, "What do you want, Reinard?"

"Nothing, it is just that...I am liking it…" Reinard said with a smile.

James looked at the scene and smiled, he was the one to have sent him. He then looked at the stage and muttered, "It seems he can't control his emotions, what a fool….allowing himself to be played like that and losing control…."


Max cursed as he looked at the guy in front. 

Victor was lying in the distance his body twitching all over as the demonic beefy began to consume his body. His eyes had turned white and he seemed to have lost his rationality and wasn't responding.

Max was really afraid of this. He still remembered the guy in Ishtar who had exploded after losing control. 

In this close proximity, it wasn't going to be good for Max especially when he was trapped inside the formation. And if the formation which was unlikely to break ended up shattering, he wouldn't be the only one in trouble.

That was the reason Max had attempted to knock the living daylights out of him, hoping to make him lose his consciousness. After all, the only other option was death which Max was not so quite sure about….He clearly knew staying the Academy would not ne easy then. In all honesty, Max might not have cared about it earlier after all, he had come to capital mainly because of he fact that Demons had something planned in the Capital during the Academy Competitions. But now, Max had got a few more objectives now....building his group and plucking out the traitors hiding in Nobles Houses.

So, he really didn't want to create any unnecessary situation.....but....looking at the guy....

Max sighed as he looked at the guy, there was only one thing two options now.... kill him or break the barrier and escape.

'Breaking the barrier…should I try that?'

Max shook his head. That was more like a suicide attack. He would kill himself and most likely all the people around him as well.


Max titled his hand and a black colored whip lashed out scratching his cheek. There was no time to think.

"In that case…." Max mumbled as he looked at the guy.

«Tell the headmaster to come before I kill this guy, he has 5 minutes at maximum...»

«P.S. This guy might explode killing everyone if I fail….so tell him to hurry….»



Everyone turned their head to look at the guy who had just broken down the desk with his fist.

Lora looked at Lear in confusion only to see him rushing toward the window and the next instant, everyone's eyes widened as he dove straight through, shattering the glass pane.

"Isn't this the 3rd floor?" A girl sitting beside Lora said with wide eyes.


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