The Ancient Genes
304 Real Battle
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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304 Real Battle

"Damn, why the hell am I always the one doing this job…." Lear muttered as tucked in his arms and legs and crashed into the glass pane.


 The glass shattered into pieces and Lear raised his hand and used his element to pull his body towards the lamp post nearby. Since the lampost was too heavy to move, it was obvious that the one to move would be Lear.


Lear stuck to the post like a piece of magnet and carefully controlled his mana as he slid all the way down.

The students nearby looked at him as if they had seen a ghost. Lear obviously didn't have time to react to them, he immediately turned around and dashed towards the Arcane area.


Max crushed Victor into the pavement trying to hold him off. The demonic aura had begun to rampage.


Suddenly a whip formed of black aura lashed out at Max. He immediately moved his head and the whip went ahead and collided with the barrier producing a ring.

"Tsk…" Max clicked his tongue as the blood dripped down the cut on his cheeks.


Flames erupted from Max's hand and exploded in the pit. The demonic aura retracted a bit entering into the passive state. "He wouldn't die from this, right?"

It seems that Max was right, the demonic aura rescinded only for a minute before starting to flare up again.

Max frowned as he held himself back and countered the incoming attacks. This guy had gotten stronger after losing control. Still, he was a bit weaker than the guy Max had fought in Ishtar.

"Whoosh!" Max flapped his wings and dodged the incoming attack. He then swung his spear which suddenly burst forth with waves behind.


The attack collided and Victor's feet sank bringing him down on his knees.

"Freeze!" Max said as vapors left his mouth and the next instant, the water around suddenly began to turn into ice.

The ice slowly caught up with Victor. The demonic aura couldn't defend Victor from both Max's spear and the ice at the same time. Within a few seconds, Victor was entrapped in a layer of ice and Max finally back down a couple of steps.


But it didn't seem he had a long rest to enjoy. The cracks were slowly spreading. 

"What?!!" Lear looked at the lady in the reception with wide eyes.

"Umn...the headmaster is out of Capital for some work. He will be back in 4 days…." The lady said with a forced smile as she looked at Lear who was looking at her with a terrifying face.

"When did he leave?" Lear asked hoping that it still might not be too late if he gave him a call. If he only left an hour or so ago.....

"He left yesterday…." The lady replied shattering Lear's hope.

"What's going on? What's with the ringing noise?"  Kain frowned as he looked towards the stage.

"It seems there has been a contact with the barrier…" The instructor said as he looked at the barrier.

"Pull it down…." Kain said with a serious look.

"But-" Before Reinard could speak another word he felt a chilling gaze onto him.

"I don't remember asking you for advice…." Kain's words brought a chill along which immediately made Reinard's back to drench in sweat.

"Don't test my limits little brother…." Kain further said as he turned his head around.

Reimard could only grit his teeth as he looked at his back.


«Lear: Headmaster is out of capital….»

Max sighed as he looked at the message.


The ice sculpture finally shattered and Victor was released. He reacted like a wild beast and immediately attacked Max without giving it a second thought.

Max immediately moved dodging the incoming rain of several black colored whips. 

'The headmaster is always there when we don't need him and now that we need…..he is missing….'

«Lear: What now?»

«What else could I do? Five minutes are over anyway...» Max replied before closing the window.

Max didn't have a way to break the barrier safely. Even if he surrendered, he doubted the people outside would even realize since they couldn't see anything and with this guy still going on a rampage Max would have to fight. The sound from battle would only make them think that the battle was far from over. Not to mention, he definitely wouldn't want to surrender.

"This is it then…." Max said as his eyes turned calm. The next instant, water burst apart from his feet and his feet moved in a rhythmic patterns as he swiftly dodged all the incoming attack and in the blink of an eye, he was face to face with Victor. 

This was it....

"This power was never yours…..what belonged to you was your talent….your family might have abandoned you but your talent didn't. It was you who abandoned it for attaining something which never was yours…..If you want something, grab it with your own hands….do not beg for it…only weak do that...remember it..." Each of Max's words were what he truly felt. This was his farewell message. His eyes carried a terrifying look in them as his spear pushed forward. The words he said were something that he wanted to remind himself as well. Not to take things for granted.


Max's spear pierced through the air and moved towards Victor's heart.



Blood dyed the ground red and the next instant formation surrounding the stage cleared and the dust suspended in the air was immediately cleared by a gust of by produced by the instructor.


The stadium turned silent, a chill crept up through people's neck and the terrified look on their face couldn't be any clear. It was all crystal clear in front of their eyes.


"I-Is this really happening?"

"He k-killed  him….."

"What's going to happen?"

The discussions soon began to take place. It was obvious that people were terrified of the consequences.

"B-Brother?" Janet looked at the scene, her eyes tearing up. She still couldn't believe what had happened.

Lisa had a worried look on her face as she switched her sight from Janet to Max. 'This is bad, he really killed him…'

Aria and Elly didn't know how to react as well. It was something that no one could believe nor imagine.


Erina looked at the scene and sighed, she was afraid of it and it indeed happened. The moment it started, she could see that no one was holding back. In such a case, something like this happening wasn't impossible.

"You can't blame anyone for it….the fight-" Erina suddenly noticed that the guy beside him was missing.

Max looked at Victor with his eyes wide.

" not….weak…." Victor said with blood spilling out of his mouth. There was a fire in his eyes which seemed to have gone missing for a long time now.

He had raised his palm to block the attack. The result was....the spear pierced his palm making its way right through his chest before emerging out of his back.

What surprised Max was that the Demonic aura was gone. It disappeared within a second.

'Did he controlled it?' Max couldn't help but think about it. 'It doesn't matter, he might not survive….'

Max looked at the position his spear had pierced through. It did deviate from the original path but it should be enough to put him in eternal sleep.

Soon, Max felt the weight on his spear increase, Victor had lost consciousness.

Max looked at him with calm eyes…

Suddenly,  Max felt a sense of danger and the next instant, he shifted his body.

It was by hair's bread that the strong ray of light missed his skin. The moment the lighg touched a portion of Max's cloth, it disappeared into thin air.


Max immediately abandoned his spear and retreated.

'Damn, it hurts…' Max gritted his teeth as he felt the intense burn on his skin. It felt as if his skin was about to melt. If he was actually hit by the attack with his guard totally down, he could imagine himself a vanishing into thin air.


As soon as Max backed out, a pillar of white light struck the stage and Nathan emerged out from it. His facial expression was frightening, it couldn't be anymore obvious how angry he was.

Max looked at him with a frown. But before he could do anything, he felt his instincts scream in danger again.

"Whoosh!" Max immediately moved again and as soon as he did, the broken pavement below crumbled to dust.

"You shouldn't be going so overboard...." The serene voice carrying a malicious intent entered Max's ear.

He turned his head and his face turned dark. It was Werner Ovens. The guy had rushed after seeing Victor's situation....

"Don't get in my way…" Nathan said as he took a step forward.

"I can't just let go of such things…." Warner said as he took a step forward as well and with a single step, pavement began to crumble into dust and it moved towards Max.

Max looked at it, he wasn't the type to let people beat him up. They wanted a fight, they had to have the resolve to die then..

If it was anyone else, Max wouldn't have such thoughts. But these two people…..he actually wouldn't mind killing them….

As Max was about to tackle the oncoming attack….


A purple bolt of lightning descended from the sky....


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