The Ancient Genes
305 Chaos
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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305 Chaos


A purple bolt of lightning descended from the sky and struck the stage putting a stop to the wave of devastation initiated by Werner before Max could make any move.


The impact shook the stadium and sent debris flying throughout. A cloud of dust rose engulfing the stadium once again.


The dust finally subsided after a minute and the scene became clearer than before.

"It's only been a year and I almost didn't recognise…." A voice came through as a shadow of a figure emerged from the dust.

"You look better now…." The guy further said as he looked at Max with a smile.

Max smiled looking at him. He was obviously happy to see him after such a long time.

"It's been a while, Wilson…" Max raised his hand and greeted him casually with a smile.

"It doesn't seem that we have that much time to talk now…" Max further said with a forced smile as he moved and dodged the incoming ray of light.

"This isn't time for your reunion…. I will make you pay for what you did...." Nathan  said as he shot forward. He had realised something which other's didn't. The condition, Max looked very fine in comparison to Victor. It must mean that the battle had gone against his predictions. It had to be one sided, in that case, there wasn't a possibility of accidents. It could only mean that it was intentional.


But before Nathan could take another step forward, a bolt of lightning came towards him and he was forced to take a step back.

Nathan looked towards Wilson and frowned, "This has nothing to do with you… this is my family's matter. If you still want to interfere, let me ask, is Scarlet house willing to take responsibility?"

Wilson smiled as lightning sizzled around him, "Nothing to do with me? You really say that so easily….." He then took a step forward as he spoke once again, "As for Scarlet House, you don't need to worry...I abandoned it…."

"You take care of him...I will handle the other guy…." Max appeared behind Wilson and whispered before moving towards Werner. 

Max didn't know which one of them was stronger. But if it was just to be based on his instincts, he felt that Werner was giving off a dangerous aura.

"Where are you running to!" Nathan frowned as he saw Max disappear. But Wilson didn't plan to let him go.


Wilson moved as lightning conjured around him.

"Don't blame me then…" Nathan said as he moved with a flash of light.

The flash step he displayed seemed to be much faster than the one Victor did. He easily took Wilson's back. But before he could use this opportunity, Wilson spoke, "Discharge!"


Lightning broke out through the stadium, plunging the surrounding into chaos.

On the other side, Max stood in front of Werner with his black dagger in hand.

Wermer didn't seem to be much interested in a fight as he stood there staring at Max without making a move.

"Why did you aim to kill?" Werner suddenly asked as he looked at Max, "From both of your conditions, it's pretty obvious that there was a wide gap in terms of ability. This wouldn't have happened unless you wished for it…."

Max stared at him. The guy had sharp eyes. But it didn't seem that he knew about Victor transforming into a demon.

"There is no place to go now…..if he really is dead? The hunt will soon begin…." Warner said with a calm look on his face. 

"Well, it already has begun I guess…." He further added with a smile.

Max could get what he was talking about. He could feel several gazes with killing intent directed towards him. The Academy didn't lack students, there had to be hundreds or thousands of them from the Edwinson House.

If there wasn't anyone to control them, it would be bad…

Werner suddenly moved as he closed in on Max. Max immediately spread his senses and took his stance.


Warner threw his hand shaping them like a claw right towards Max's head. Max immediately ducked and moved in with the dagger.

He had seen Werner's attack. It all started from a point of contact and everything had crumbled to dust. Max didn't know what it was, but he knew that it was best if he avoided getting hit by the guy until he figured it out.

'He isn't that fast? Is he not taking me seriousl?' Max wondered as swung his blade and Werner dodged it with ease as well before both of them backed off.

Suddenly, Max moved as he felt the incoming attack and as soon as he did,  the spot he was standing on suffered a barrage of different attacks.

Max turned his head to see a number of students. He didn't recognize most of them. But one among them was very fresh in his memories. It was Janet's guard.

"Tsk…" Max frowned as he turned towards Werner who had moved again. He couldn't possibly have the liberty to divide his attention facing a person like him. But if he did, he would be leaving his back wide open….

Is this really supposed to be one of the safest places in the Capital?

Max wanted to laugh at the statement. They were trying to kill him in broad daylight.


As Max was contemplating his next action, suddenly flames lit on the devastating stage right behind him, separating him from the group of angry mobs.

Max slightly turned his head and his eyes widened as he looked at the person standing behind with glasses in his hands.

Even though it was just his back and he had changed a lot, Max still recognized at a glance.


"It's been a while, but I suppose we can leave the reunion for later…" Mark said with a smile as he turned his head and looked at Max.

"I will do that then…" Max replied as he turned his head and looked towards Werner. He really had a lot to say and lot to listen to. But it wasn't the right time.....for now, he was just happy with the fact that he had found him.

Even with all the trouble around, a smile had a emerged on Max's face unknowingly.

On the other side, Wilson and Nathan continued to fight.

"Don't force me Scarlet, it won't end well…" Nathan said with a threatening glare. He had been holding back until now, but it didn't seem he could do that any longer.

"Leave my way, if you don't wanna die…." He further added as a white light burst forth his body and rushed toward Wilson.

Wilson frowned as he felt the sting on his skin. As he was about to activate his true spell, flames rained down from the sky.


A pillar of red flames collided with the white light and the stage below instantly melted from the touch.

Nathan frowned as he looked at the lady in front.

"Kill my brother? Why don't you try saying that again?" Erina said as flames burned around her crazily. The rage on her face was clear. It didn't seem that there would only be an exhibition match now.


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