The Ancient Genes
306 Believing in Yourself
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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306 Believing in Yourself

"It's been a while since I saw everyone…" A lady sitting in a cafe said with an excited tone.

"We still have to wait a while before others arrive…" the man with the familiar voice sitting opposite to that lady was the Headmaster of Arcane Academy, William Kingsman.

"I know, but it's boring only with are no fun…" the lady said with puffed up cheeks as her mood turned sour on looking at William.

"We are not here for fun, Qilia." William reminded her.

"I know, I will pay them back for Leo when the time comes…" Qilia said as she turned her head and snorted. "At least if they had to take someone, it should have been you, why did they have to take him?"

"What's with this difference in treatment?" A vein popped up on William's forehead but Qilia turned her head ignoring him.

"There is no fun with you, I might as well entertain myself…" Qilia mumbled as she took her phone out.

As she was turning around looking for something fun, one particular live channel caught her eye.

"Wow! A brawl! It looks interesting…. Willy it's from the Academy…." Qilia said with shining eyes.

"Uh...that.. Yeah, there seemed to be some exhibition dual…" William said. 

"But why are you calling it a brawl?" He further asked in confusion.

Qilia didn't seem to be listening to him anymore. She was already lost in the world of fight.

Seeing her shining eyes, William felt something was off.  There was no way that something like a planned match for the purpose of show off would catch her eyes or be termed as entertaining by her.

Something was wrong here....

His hand suddenly moved and he pulled the phone from her hand…

"Uh!! What are you doing? Give it back!" Qilia moved forward but was stopped by William single handedly.

The Headmaster looked at the phone with his eyes wide and his face slowly turning pale.


"Beep! Beep!.."

The phone continued to ring before a hand finally came over it and picked the call.

As soon as the call connected, a loud voice came through the other end of the phone. It seemed that the person on the other end was screaming his guts out.

"Father! Where are you!! There is chaos-"  Before the Headmaster's could say anything, a reply came, "I know….I am watching it…."

"What!! Why are you not stop-"


The phone was hung up.

"Uncle sure will be going mad now…" Argus who had been standing by the old man's side said with a smile.

"He cares a bit too much about children….he is emotional… he thinks I don't even know where he is and what he is up to…"  the old man said as he sighed.

"Is it wrong to be like that Grandpa?" Argus asked as he looked at the old man.

"Who knows? Who can say what is right and what is wrong?  But I believe that being emotional will not help here…." The old man said as he looked at the scene below.

"For the oncoming unstable future, distinction and discrimination has to be removed….. I believe that today will be the first step towards it…" the old man said with a calm look.

"What do you think?" The old man turned towards Argus as he suddenly asked with a smile.

"Hmmn… what you are trying to do is indeed good… but.." Argus paused as his tone changed, "I don't agree with your way, how many people do you think will suffer? There might be death among students as well…." 

"Hahaha….you are just like your Uncle…" the old man laughed, "But, good… I never told you to believe me or follow me… we are Kingsman…. We believe in ourselves… not others…"

"I see...then.. I will do what I believe..." Argus said as he turned around and walked out of the the room.

The old man looked at him but didn't do anything to stop him. After all, this might be one of the reason behind that this grandson of his was able to.....


"What is that?" Shon asked with wide eyes as he looked at the giant case behind Axel's back which had almost made his back hunch from it's weight. He knew that Axel didn't practice sword or spear. Then just what was he carrying in there.

"It's just...something for my work…" Axel said as he slowly walked towards the door gathering all his strength.

"Where are you going?" Shon asked with a frown afraid that he was going towards the practice arena.

"Going for my class…" Axel said and the door slammed shut.

"At least learn to lie, you haven't even got your bag on…" Shon sighed before turning towards the couch and picking his phone up again.

"How can he survive after what he did to a noble…." Even though he said that, he sincerely hoped that Max would emerge victorious against all odds. He had after all, beaten the guy fair and square and yet this people...

"Tsk..." Shone clicked his tongue and slowly, his fingers balled into a fist unconsciously.

It had started.....

Axel got out of the dorms and turned all around. He knew where the practice area was on the campus.  It was at a distance, he didn't even know if he would make it in time. Specially with this lovely baby on his back. Besides….

"Damn! This is heavy…" Axel mumbled feeling his feet sinking in.

'I just need to find a good location…' Axel thought as he began to look around.

'Hmmn? Yup, the Blacksmith Department Building will do….its one of the tallest on the campus and is even located where I need it to… Besides, it's right in front…'

Axel could even see the building, it was just outside the area designated for Arcane Academy.

Axel dragged the case towards the blacksmith building when he suddenly heard a voice, "What are you doing?"

Axel turned his head to see Lear standing behind him. Lear had just come out of the Headmaster's office after failing to get Headmaster's private number dozen times from the lady at the desk. He was planning to go to the arena when he had encountered Axel.

"Good timing, help me! It's utter chaos in the Arena. We need to stop it before people die!" Axel couldn't be any more happy seeing Lear at this moment.

"What do you mean?" Lear frowned on hearing his words.

"I will tell you on the way...but first help me carry this…." Axel said as he grabbed the case from one end and invited Lear to grab it from the other.

'It's just a case and of a metal too...he can't even carry that…' Lear walked toward the case and spoke, "You can let it go, I will carry it…"

But the moment, he tried to life the case he realised….

'Damn, it's heavy!' 

Even with use of his element, Lear couldn't do much but just lift a bit into the air while gritting his teeth.

"Let's grab it from each one of the ends as well, it will be much easier and faster as well…." Axel said and Lear nodded acting as if he did feel embarrassed at all.

They cooperated and moved the case towards the Blacksmith department while Axel filled Lear in about the matter.

The duo finally carried the case into the blacksmith department as the students stared at them.

"Where now?" Lear asked.

"Elevator…" Axel said as he led the way.

The duo were lucky that there were much fewer students and hence the elevator was empty as well.

Axel immediately pressed the button for the top most floor. But, it didn't seem that the luck was on their side.

"The weight limit has exceeded, the elevator can't go up…."

"What now?" Lear asked as he looked at Axel.

Axel's face turned dark as he replied through gritted teeth, "Stairs…"


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