The Ancient Genes
307 Battle Continues
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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307 Battle Continues

"What the hell!" Edward forced a smile on his face as he slowly turned around to leave.

He was in the stands waiting for Max to be beaten up before he could settle the score with this thief. But now, he didn't think the same way.

This had gone too far!!!

The scene on the stage had sent shivers running down his spine. The battle has already gone out of control, it was even dangerous to be present in the Arena with all these maniacs going crazy.

"Let's go, Mark. Forget revenge….life comes first…." 



Hearing no reply, Edward slightly turned his head and found the guy missing.

"Haaa!!! Where did he go? Did he run away? No… it's him he definitely wouldn't leave me alone…" Edward calmed himself, he knew Mark well. He had known him from the first year after all.



Suddenly, a guy came flying and crashed into the seat beside him almost carrying living sh*t out of him.

The guy was burnt several places and had smoke rising all over from his body. Edward turned his head in the direction from where the guy came and blinked his eyes.

Edward began to rub his eyes, "Am I hallucinating? Right it must be due to the shock….there is now way an honor student like him-"

"F*ck! It's him!!!" Edward screamed as he gave another clear look.

"What are you doing?!!" He screamed, worried of the consequences that Mark might have to face.

Mark turned his head and waved his hand asking him to leave. He knew that the guy was only good with the hammer.

"Behind you!!!" Edward screamed and Mark's eyes turned grim. He immediately turned around but the guy had already made his way towards him.

The person rushing in was carrying a sword in his hand. The gust of wind around him showed that he was using the basic Wind spell to improve his speed.

"Water blade!"


Before Mark could do anything, a blade of water passed by his face and it landed straight on the incoming guy sending him flying into the stands.

Mark turned his head to see a guy with an axe on his shoulder.

It was Eren.

"This was not an accident, was it?" Mark asked as he pointed at the cut on his cheek. 

These two guys had a bit of history. Let's just say that they were friends…..

"Oh...I am so sorry, I thought the great Fire General should be able to dodge-"


Before Eren could even complete his sentence a ball of flames passed by his face hitting the guy behind. 

"You b*stard…. " Eren cursed as he put off the fire on his head. He then turned to look at Mark, "I saved your ass and this how you repay me…"

"I repaid you by saving your got any problem with that…." Mark asked as he turned around to face the rest of the group which was moving towards Max.

"Yes, I do!! I would have rather taken a cut on back then having my hairs burned!! A man can compromise for anything but his hairs and d*ck size!!!" Eren screamed in anger, as he swung his axe.

Mark shook his head as he muttered under his breath, "He must think he is looking cool….idiot…"


"Hmmm? What are you fighting for?" Mark suddenly asked in realisation as he kicked the guy in front, sending him flying.

"Huh? I am here to repay the favor. And unlike you, I do it properly…" Eren replied.


"Huff! Huff!" Huff!"

"Which floor is it?" Lear asked as he breathed heavily. He was covered in sweat from all the labor. He was carrying most of the weight after all.

"20th…" Axel replied being in a similar situation. 

"How many more to go?" Lear asked as he lifted his quivering leg took another step up.

"10 more floors to go…" Axel replied.

"You kidding me? Wouldn't it be easier to just carry it to the arena instead of bringing it all the way up…." Lear said with a frown.

"Maybe...but who knew the elevator would betray us….not to mention we are already more than half the way….do you want to go back? If not then stop complaining…." Axel said as he turned his head and glared at him. He was already using it without Professor's consent. He was already afraid of the dire consequences waiting for him and here this guy....

Lear shut his mouth looking at Axel's angry face. It had reminded him of some dark memories, his first encounter with Axel.

As the duo reached the next floor, a person entered their vision. He was standing in the balcony and leaned on the railing letting the breeze fly past him.

The guy was all alone as it was very rare for people to be found in the stairways unless the lifts were under maintainer or they were burning in the flames of love….

This person was none other than the one over whom Max was wasting his youth, trying to win him over…Talk about sad life…. Yes...It was Tyler.

"Hey!! Can you give us a hand!" Axel asked, they were running out of time and energy too.

Tyler turned his head to look at the two people carrying a case. They were all sweaty and tired with their faces dry and eyeballs popping out. Looking like zombies...



A vein popped up on Axel's forehead as he put the case down and balled his fingers into a fist before speaking with a smile, "Ok, I am gonna kill him.."

"Calm down!" Lear grabbed Axel and stopped him from making the situation any worse than it already was.

"Leave me….this b*stard is dead today.." Axel struggled under Lear's grasp. The guy's words had hit him on the spot. Those words were the one's which an Otaku will never want to hear. Axel had gone through flashbacks on hearing those words remembering his dark days which every otaku had faced once in a lifetime. But no matter how much Axel struggled, he couldn't break free from Lear's grasp, the difference in strength was obvious. 

"Hey, just help us get it above to the terrace….I will remember the favor…" Lear said as he looked at the guy.

"I don't do favors nor do I like someone doing one to me…" the guy replied.

"Leave him, we will deal with him later. First let's do what we are here for…." Lear said to Axel and he finally calmed down but was still sulking.

"I will see if there is still anyone left on the floor whom we can ask for help…"  Lear said as he moved towards the entrance of the floor. It was better to get help if possible. This was tiring after all.


Tyler suddenly moved towards the door and closed it with a slam.

Lear frowned at his actions...

"I don't know what you are up to, but don't think you can just get off with everything…. I am in a hurry, so back off before I lose my pat-"

"I will help…" Tyler interrupted.

"Don't piss m....Huh?" Lear looked at him with a blank face.

"Sorry, what did you say?" He further asked in confirmation.

"You need to get it to the terrace right?" Tyler said as he grabbed the case. He couldn't let this awful looking people behind the door. If just lifting this case would stop them, he would do it. But the instant he pulled the case...

'Damn! This is heavy…'

Axel and Lear looked at each other and then looked at the door. They were interested, just what was behind the door that could have changed the guy's attitude like this. But they didn't have much time to satisfy their curiosity, they grabbed the case from both the end with Tyler in middle and began to move once again


On the other side, the battle continued to rage.

Nathan and Erina exchanged a few moves with neither of them getting any advantage whatsoever.

Nathan looked at Erina and sighed before a sword appeared in his hands. She wasn't the one of those who were easy to deal with.

Erina looked at him and as she was about to pull her weapon out as well, thunder struck the stage.

"Back off, you are only getting in my way….idiot...." Wilson whispered in Erina's ear as he flew past her with a spear made of thunder. He had activated his true spell.

"Huh? Idiot…" Erina stood there with a blank face. She had heard it a dozen times but still couldn't get used to it. The words of her little brother which she loved so much... hurt her ….without their mom to be with them, she was the one to had raised him, comforted him during the thunderstorms….hugged him when he cried… and now this ungrateful brat….

On the other side, Max and Werner were engaged in a duel. Both of them weren't serious, Max wanted to leave and help others but he knew that it was better to keep the guy with him if possible.

He didn't want to go all out with him as well. He didn't know what would happen in that case and he could see familiar faces around.  Besides even if he succeeded, he would be digging his own grave, he had already sent Victor towards the nether world, if he sent one more, it was confirmed that he would be killed by the 12 Noble Houses even before a trial.

"Just stop it…." Suddenly Max turned around and raised his hand blocking the chop from Kain who had appeared out of nowhere.

"Tsk...I am not the one who started it…" Max was pissed, this guy didn't attack anyone else knowing that attacking any other noble would have certain consequences. He had to say the guy was sly unlike Lisa.

'Sh*t!' Max cursed as he realized that Werner was closing in, 'Don't tell me this was intentional…..did he block me to let that guy knock me out….' 

It was possible….after all, even though Max was not to be blamed, getting him in control would calm the situation. That was the quickest way of getting things under control. That was what Kain thought….

"Two against one….how in this fair…" Suddenly, a voice entered their ears as Max felt a sense of danger.

"Miasma ring!" 

A purple color gas began to emerge out of nowhere and Werner and Kain immediately backed off…

Max immediately covered his nose only to realise that this thing was not directed towards him.

"Don't fuel the chaos….is the Blackwood willing to take responsibility for it…." Kain asked with a frown.

"Responsibility? Of course, why won't I? Come if you dare to…" 

The miasma parted its way as a figure walked through it...


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