The Ancients World
365 City of Wessixs, A Moderate Merchant City
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The Ancients World
Author :easyread
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365 City of Wessixs, A Moderate Merchant City

~~~(POV: Cera Adamo)~~~

~~~(Location: Closing in on Wessixs, Elven Kingdom)~~~

~~~(Time: 9:48 AM)~~~

Last night, I actually got some decent sleep, which is unexpected. The morning has been easy, and we wasted no time packing up our camp and making our way here. Wessixs is within view now, and there are plenty of carriages coming and going from the main gates. Helda wasn't lying when she said it's one of the more busy cities...

She claimed that Merchants do lots of business here thanks to the lax tax laws and sales tax. Thanks to that, it's one of the wealthiest cities in the Elven Kingdom. We're coming here for information and items that we'll need for facing the royal family and the Orvello family. Not anyone can just get into the capital of the Elven Kingdom.

You need clearance, papers, false identities, everything that makes it seem like you're supposed to be there. They take their security seriously, more so than I've ever seen. "I know where to go and who to talk to, so we'll rent rooms at an Inn, and you can let me handle everything." Helda has proved her value time and time again. 

We look elven, but that's all we have at the moment. Looking as we do now serves the basic need to blend in. If we came in here and stayed in our human looks, we would've been attacked on sight. "Remember, don't take to people and avoid groups. You look like elves, but you know nothing of our customs." Melimora is adamant that we follow these rules. 

I have no qualms against not speaking to anyone. I wasn't going to in the first place. I doubt anyone in our group was going to spend time talking to strangers. "What about food? Are we allowed to get food?" Jasmine is quick about asking for the protocol regarding food. I'll want to know this too. She's not the only one that wants a good meal.

Helda sighs in slight annoyance and pinches the bridge between her nose. "Don't worry. We'll make sure that you are fed. Don't leave your rooms. If people find out you're players, it'll raise many flags. It'll make what we've done so far meaningless." She doesn't have to tell me twice. Staying in bed while Helda and Melimora do all the heavy lifting sounds great.

Leila, Freskra, and Ashburn are not bound by the same rules Sally, Jasmine, Hailey, and I are bound by. They know how all this works, and they won't be confined to any rooms. "Once we've secured everything that's needed, we'll head for the capital." I don't know how long they'll take to get everything. Hopefully, it's not more than a couple of days.

~~~(POV: Hailey Adamo)~~~

~~~(Location: Stay at an Inn in Wessixs, Elven Kingdom)~~~

~~~(Time: 10:49 AM)~~~

Jasmine and I are sharing a room, and I'm glad that the walls are soundproof with magic. Sally and Cera will likely spend some time doing intimate things, and I don't want to listen to any of that, and neither does Jasmine. "Do you want first dibs on the bath?" All the rooms come with their own private bathroom. I plan on taking a long soak myself.

The heated river was wonderful, but I want soap, shampoo, and conditioner to clean every part of my body. That's what our bathroom has. "You can have it all to yourself, for now, Jasmine. I'll take one after you." Usually, I wouldn't hesitate to take the offer, but Jasmine seems to need it more than I do. Mom and dad would be proud.

On the subject of mom and dad, I can't help wondering what they're doing... They're probably having some awesome adventure enjoying their new lease on life. I would do the same if I were in their shoes. They've sacrificed so much for us over the years, and now it's their turn to have fun, albeit with Marcus in tow.

Marcus is my youngest brother and someone that I hoped would turn into a success in the family. Instead, he's been dragged into this world with us, and he's all alone in terms of people his age and mentality from Earth. All his friends are dead, at least most of them... So many innocent children have been lost... Parents have been destroyed emotionally...

The thought of my parents having to go through all that makes me queasy. Especially mom... She'd have a psychotic breakdown and give up on life if we all died and she lived. To many, the worst part is that they can't kill themselves to be with their kids... Some parents only live for their children, and without them, they'd rather be dead...

Suicide is never the answer, but sometimes, everyone goes to that dark places... The really unfortunate ones don't have people to lean on... I don't know where this train of thought came from, but it isn't something that I really do... "The water is magically enhanced!!" Jasmine's excited voice pulls me from my thoughts as I hear the water to the bathtub running.

~~~(POV: Violet Adamo)~~~

~~~(Location: Remote Safehouse, Elven Kingdom)~~~

~~~(Time: 11:14 AM)~~~

This remote house has been somewhere our children stayed... I can smell their scents, and I know that they were here... That, and the item we're using to track them, shows that they were here at one point. A mother always knows what her husband and kids smell like. It's something that we never shake and never forget. 

Chris stands next to me as we watch Marcus head into the kitchen to investigate any snacks since he's hungry. "We're right on their tails, and they apparently went to a dungeon according to the magic item..." That piques my interest as I turn to him to read the information myself alongside him. There is little information on the place.

Only a location and a name... Elenahiers Dungeon... That's a weird name for an elf, but who am I to judge. I was named after my grandmother's favorite color. "We should also take the dungeon on..." His words confuse me... "They obviously took it on for a specific reason, and they got something they needed. We probably need it too..." He makes a great point...

They wouldn't stop off at a random dungeon in the middle of nowhere for no reason at all. No one would do something like that, which means we should also head there to find out what they were after. "Marcus! Finish up in there! We're leaving!" Chris knows there is no time to waste. We need to make up for the time we lost.

~~~(POV: Chris Adamo)~~~

~~~(Location: Campsite near the river, Elven Kingdom)~~~

~~~(Time: 11:29 AM)~~~

We're right on getting closer as the days go by, but all these distractions and detours is causing all the ground we made to be lost. Marcus is ahead of us, using his magic to do rather reckless things, but he can't be harmed by his own flames. Violet has tried on many occasions to stop him, but he's in that part of his development...

The one where he's forming his own ideas and thoughts, disobeying and discovering things for himself. Cera was the easiest to raise, but he gave Violet some heart attacks when he was younger. He didn't disobey us, but he had a far worse habit. He loved going off on his own for adventures... Away from Violet's eyesight.

I can't tell you how many times he's disappeared, been gone for hours while the police search for him, only to come back home with a huge smile on his face from having fun all day. Violet tried to be mad, but he didn't know that disappearing on us was worse than disobeying. Violet shed many tears in those days... Harder times, in my opinion...


A/N: Below this line, I'll be keeping Cera's player information. That way, I won't have to place it into the story above anymore. It takes about 180 words up.

[Slayer (Zern) Lvl.196]

[Exp: 40/100%]

[Title: The Son of Arch-Angel Michael (Hidden)]

[Stats] [Strength - 7095][Endurance - 7045][Dexterity - 7215][Speed - 8240][Focus - 19,660]

[Mana aura control: 6/100%]

[Health: 76,560,000,000/76,560,000,000] [Mana: 216,600,000,000/216,600,000,000]

[Stat Points: 50] [Armor rating: 500]

[Inventory] [Dice of Wayland (Divine)] [Hardened Tree sap Armor (Very Rare)] [The Witness (Legendary Sword)] [Fenrir's Whistle (Divine)] [Sally's Dresses 5x] [Camping gear] [Food Rations 3x] [Dried meat 4x] [Fishing poles 2x] [Fish 8x] [Festival Garbs 2x]

[Passive Perks]

[Inheritor of the Sword] [Son of Heaven] [Slayer of Evil] [Holy Willow Trees Savior] [Finder of Legends] [The Divine who has Legend] [Destined for Greatness] [Dungeon Diver] [An Overachiever]

[Active Skills]

[Heavens light Lvl.59 325/5900] [Protected by Heaven Lvl.59 225/5900] [Slash Lvl.77 4600/130000] [Parry Lvl.53 80/5300] [Double Strike N/A] [Kingslayer N/A] [Raging Machine N/A] [Winged Glory] [Angelic Flight] [Divine Pressure Exertion] [Divinity Pulse] [Controled Fun]

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    《The Ancients World》