The Broken System
19 The Awakening
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The Broken System
Author :Spunk_image
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19 The Awakening

"Boy, where are we going?" It was the same person who stood behind the General of the West through the whole ordeal, 'I don't understand why the general let a child infiltrate the enemy camp with us. Thinking of a plan and executing it is two different things.' He was not very satisfied with the decision. But as the captain of General's guards as long as he is ordered he would do anything.

"Keep it down. I had moved some of the enemy armour before." Kinoya led them to the place he hid the armour, other than Kinoya all of them were from General's personal guard, most trained of all the soldiers who were present in the empire's camp.

As they were putting on the armour Kinoya relayed the message again, "First and foremost we have to find the stables, armouries, canteens and any general's camp if possible. Don't be extra brave and try to go near the command centre or try to assassinate one of the generals. If the mission fails because any of you then your entire family will be slaughtered. So be careful and hide as much as possible before the signal."

'When did the general said that words?' the Captain of the guard was surprised but didn't refute. Soon they spread out and entered the enemy camp without problems. Kinoya took a look at one of the canteens.

The soldiers were enjoying themselves after their triumphs over the enemy. There were not many people of his age, but it wasn't hard for him to join the fray. Soon there was no shortage of news. After getting the rough idea of the position of the stables he left. While he left the canteen he could see at least 5 peoples who came with him.

The moon was on high but he was moving through the shadows, without making the slightest noise. He soon found what he was looking for. The well. The place around it was muddy but there was no one around it. Kinoya waited till the sentry had left the place and moved closer.

He walked around the well once anti-clockwise then, twice clock-wise. He looked up at the moon and said: "The moon is beautiful." Even if he was the one who came up with the signal he was embarrassed while doing so. There was a movement not too far from him.

"The moon is sure is beautiful today."

"It would have better if it was red."

"I hoped it would rise in the west." Kinoya almost laughed it out. He didn't know how the guard captain could do it with a straight face.

"We have found the supply station…"

"Shh…" Kinoya silent him quickly and hand him the map he has drawn. "I want all the places to be burned down to the ashes." Kinoya left without hesitation.

'How a sergeant dares to order me?' The guard captain not happy with his attitude but opened it, "There were 6 stables? Not 4?" He wrapped it and left the place without any more words. The whole camp plunged into silence not much after.

There was almost an hour left before the sunrise. It was still dark and Kinoya no intention to burn anything rather he was going to protect the supply station. There was a chance that they might try to burn it down when leaving the camp. He should have told others to gather there but by the time he remembered it, it was too late.

The silence was broken by the chaos at the empire's camp, then there was a fire that lit up the horizon. In Torria camp, there was light chaos at first but soon it broke into cheers. But…

The cheer turned into utter chaos with a moment's notice. There was fire everywhere. Everyone was running to put down the fire. But most of them were still in a daze. Some of them even tried to look for the reason, but it was too late. The ground started to vibrate, and it continued to increase.

"It's Cavalry, head for cover."

"Those Empire's bastard attacked us at night."

"Those moral-less dogs…"

The curses were everywhere but words couldn't do anything against the cavalries, soon the whole camp was run down to the ground. Some tried to use the shield against cavalry but to no avail. They were just thrown into the air. There were still people holding the weapons, waiting for the next wave of Cavalries that didn't come.

Someone with keen sense hearing shouted, "Archers." And it rained down. The result was bloodier from the charge of the cavalry. Blood splattered everywhere. Kinoya simply moved through the rain of arrows towards the supply station.

'Knowing that the arrows will be coming makes it easier to dodge.' With [Subtle Movement] it was a lot easier for him to move through the rain.

"Who are you?" The guards in front of the supply station shouted. Not knowing the situation around him made him nervous and question everyone.

"I am from the 3rd battalion. Here to protect the supply station." Kinoya answered casually but he never stopped moving.

"3rd battalion, pr…" He couldn't complete the sentence before shot down by the next wave of arrows.

It was unfortunate for Kinoya that the spearman who was standing beside the dead guy recognised him.

"You are one who was shouting at the shield wall yesterday. It's an enemy." The spearman shouted top of his lungs. "Enemy is here to burn the supply station."

"Well, I didn't think that I will be so well known. But you are wrong. I am here to protect the supply station"

But the spear guy didn't hear him out. His spear was like a slither, tried to latch to his throat. Kinoya smiled and moved out of the path. His [Falling leaf technique] had already reached the second stage. His movement was slow in the eyes of the spearman but before he could do anything the scimitar sliced his throat. Even upon death, he was surprised, never did he believed that he had fallen under such a slow attack.

The people around him wasn't sure about the spear guy's claims, but Kinoya's action proved it. The cavalry charge or the arrows took them by surprise, they didn't know what to do. But now that they found one of the enemies they charged at him like crazy.

"Well, I have the same issue with you. Let's kill each other." Kinoya gave the creepy smile and jumped. With Endurance and agility, backed with his small stature and [Subtle Movement] he wasn't someone to mess with.

He moved and people around him turned in blood geyser. Very few could match his speed. No matter whether it was swordsmen or the spearmen, none could hold a candle before him. Dead bodies started to pile up around him.

But these were soldiers after all not some bandits. They quickly reorganised themselves. In a moment's notice, Kinoya was surrounded by the wall of shields. With a line of spearman behind them. He turned into an animal in a cage. There was no way he could break the ring. He was too inexperienced to break it.

He tried to jump over but the spearmen couldn't let him and with the shield bearers hiding behind the huge tower shields, his efforts were making no progress. His struggles were becoming desperate with each failed attempts. No matter how much efforts he put it was to no avail. The wounds were stacking on his body. Even with the Endurance stats, he was feeling fatigued.

He was putting all his effort to move his body. The more he concentrated, stronger the pain in the brain got. But he couldn't do anything about it. He didn't know its source.

All his strike was bouncing off the shield without leaving a scratch. With his recent loss of an eye, it was becoming harder to cope up with the increased number of the attacks. One of the spears almost took his life. He moved at the last minute just to save his throat from an incoming spear but it left a deep scar on his face. For a moment he fell silent. And the enemies didn't miss that chance, over a dozen spears plunged through his body.


The spear went deep enough to cut his tongue. The pain was so intense that he closed his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes he was lying on a cold hard floor.

"Did I die again?" None answered. Kinoya looked around as he stood up. "But why do I just reincarnate in a cave?" The situation he was in was confusing, the place where he stood didn't make any sense either but the notification from the system made him forgot that for a moment.

[Skill check: [Subtle Movement] reached the third stage.]

[Agility increased by 2]

[Skill check: [Falling leaf dance] & [Subtle Movement] can be merged.]

[Host want to merge the Skill?]

Kinoya was surprised, It was not like he learnt the skill today, but the merging option didn't appear before. There must be some hidden condition.

"Will the parent skills disappear on merging?" Losing one of the skill was Kinoya's biggest concern.

[Parents Skill remains.]

"Then merge it."

[Skill check: [Falling leaf dance] & [Subtle Movement] is merging]

[[Leaf tornado (General Grade)]

Merging time: 65 days

Completion level: 0%]

Kinoya was surprised that the resultant skill will be a general grade one. He was happy thinking that the skill will be like [Death-Wind Blade]. But that will take time and he had a different thing to worry about. In the excitement, he had forgotten his immediate situation. Kinoya looked around.

'I was in front of the supply station for sure. Did someone use some spell?

No that can't be, then there would have been a skill check.' He chose his last resort, "System, where am I?"

[Host had activated the space of consciousness.]

"Space of Consciousness?"

[More commonly known as 'Mage space']

"Mage space? Is that even possible?" That means he will be able to become a mage now. He opened it by 12. He could join Royal Magic Academy if he can pass the exam. Well, he wasn't good enough to be like the monster who opened his mage space by 10 but he was better than most of them, like his sister who awakened at the age of 13. She said it was just above the average.

"I hope sis is ok. I have to look for her soon." Kinoya stood up and the space around him lightened up. He moved and the lightened radius increased with each step. Soon he reached the end the room, and what was at the end of room surprised him.

There was a stone bed, on it there was a body wrapped in black sleeping soundly. Kinoya's presence didn't bother him a little. But black smoke was oozing of from him. There was one stone table, above it as mud puppet. It was dancing on the table, constantly changing shape. It was more like mud coloured slime who was giving puppy dog eyes to him. Beside it there was a stone pillar, on it, there was blue coloured orb sized water drop. But the peculiar things was it was beating like a heart.

"What are these?" He asked but the system didn't answer. Kinoya sighed. 'Well, the man could be the one who saved me before. He had said that he will be sleeping. Is he really the one?'

Kinoya moved closer to the man. His skin was pale as snow. His chest had the rhythmic movement but eyes were closed. Kinoya moved his hand to touch his forehead, to see if he was cold. At the moment of touch, there was no feeling. But the time around him stopped on the next. Right at that moment, the black smoke of his body jumped towards him, enveloping Kinoya from head to toe. Even before he could move his vision turned dark.
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    《The Broken System》