The Chaotic Human
3 The Meeting
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The Chaotic Human
Author :Superum
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3 The Meeting

As the troika moved towards the western side of the Labyrinth of Alleyways which even some pathfinders would get lost in. The troika soon came across a sign that said 'the Red Kids Turf' .

Jak questioned "So what does this have to do with the RK"

Umbra said "They will give us the equipment they owe us a-"

"And the money they owe us" interrupted Laetus while his shining eyes turned brighter.

"Alright, you two handle it" said Jak while getting in front of the two as if to protect them.

"We will" replied Umbra and Laetus at the same time.

As the kids walked further in the RK turf they could smell the dizzying smell of alcohol and cigarettes, they would also see how fucked up some kids already were due to the drugs they were always taking.

"I'm glad I met you before I turned into this" said Laetus while shivering with every step he took

"Your talents would been wasted here and I wanted some friends too" said Jak while cautiously moving forward in case someone wanted rob or attack them.

"You just wanted friends didn't you" said Umbra while getting closer to Jak as it is the safest spot in the alleyways.

The trio met in a turf war between the RK, the GK, the MK(Military Kids), and the SK(Slum Kids).

Jak was a neutral person who just wanted to fight and relieve his stress against anyone and everyone , Umbra was with the SK but he was being suppressed due to some paranoid idiot thinking he was going to take his spot in the higher ups,while Laetus was with the RK but because of his fear of pain he didn't ingest any drugs and was treated horribly.


2 Years ago

Martii day 23 Year 1993

Jak was mad due to Summa beating him up for doing something wrong when it was his first time doing it. 3 minutes of traveling the L.A. (Labyrinth of Alleyways) later he saw Umbra being backstabbed by the paranoid idiot in the SK and so as soon as he saw the brawl he jumped into it and beat almost every one up, apart from those who ran away and Umbra.

"Why did you save me" said Umbra while glaring at Jak

"Cause I wanted a fight" said Jak as he was looking at the bruises and scratches he got while fighting the 18 kids who were ganging up on Umbra

" hmm... I got it you're an idiot" said Umbra as he got up " My name is Umbra what's yours" he said while putting his hand forwards to a handshake.

"My name is Jak and watch your mouth if if you don't want it broken" said Jak while shaking Umbra's hand"

[Great, a brute who only knows to fight } thought Umbra

But then out of nowhere a group of RK came out of the northwest alley way chasing a fat boy holding a bag of money. The kid was crying but he soon tripped and rolled in front of both Jak and Umbra, he looked up saw them and then he said

"Here this the that money you wanted" as he scurried behind them.

"You bitch" screamed Umbra with an raging look on his face.

"Leave it we got bigger problems to solve now" Jak said " The RK never listen to reason ugh"

"I'll hit them straight on and distract them, then you go and take out those that are not expecting it" Jak ordered as he started to forwards onto the RK group.

[Guess he's not as idiotic as I thought} thought Umbra as he started to move towards the sides the alleyway.'

9 minutes and 29 bodies in the floor later.

"So who are you and why did you frame us" interrogated Umbra

"M-m-m-my name is L-L-Laetus and i didn't do it on purpose I swear" pleaded the snotty fat Laetus.

"What'd you do to get them so riled up" asked Jak with a questioning gaze "They normally don't get so worked up"

"I-I sold their share of drugs" replied Laetus

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's the funniest shit i heard all year" said Jak while wiping a tear out of his eye " I like you come join us"

"!US!" screamed Umbra

"Got anywhere to go then" Jak asked condescendingly.

"no" Umbra replied begrudgingly.

"But where we gonna go" asked Laetus

"Follow me "replied Jak mysteriously.


Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Mattie Stepanek
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    《The Chaotic Human》