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Chapter 1762 – Battle God Puppet (4)

If you must know, this huge source stone contained more than one hundred pieces of purple-colored crystal stones ah!

Now, Su Luo didn’t have time to attend to much, so she directly divided this source stone into two, revealing the sparkling, bright purple rays of light from inside.

When Su Luo placed the huge source stone at the corner of the Battle God Puppet’s mouth, very quickly, that source stone disappeared without a trace.

Su Luo unblinkingly stared at the Battle God Puppet, afraid of missing any traces of news on its face.

Now, the situation had already reach such a dangerous degree, Dongfang Xuan was about to kill over. The Battle God Puppet contained all of Su Luo’s hope, if some mishap occurred now, then what would get snapped was Su Luo’s life.

But the Battle God Puppet still remained deathly still, didn’t give any reaction to Su Luo.

Just at this moment, Dongfang Xuan’s figure appeared in front of Su Luo.

Dongfang Xuan originally didn’t think that what he hit was a Battle God Puppet, until Su Luo once again returned to the bottom of the lake, he then had a trace of suspicion. As a result, he pursued over.

Now, when he saw that creature laying there peacefully, his eyes almost went vertical.

He saw Su Luo, but right now, the most important thing in his heart wasn’t to kill Su Luo, but rather, to take out all the things he had that contained spirit force. His body flashed and rushed to in front of the Battle God Puppet.

When he was full of hope as he placed the crystal stones he gathered at the side of the Battle God Puppet’s mouth——

This time, the Battle God Puppet didn’t even absorb it. Regardless of how respectfully Dongfang Xuan offered the purple-colored crystal stone with both hands, standing there so awkwardly with waist bent.

After a long time, Dongfang Xuan saw that the Battle God Puppet was still indifferent, and the rage in his eyes became more fervent. His head slanted to glare at Su Luo on the side who he ignored before. His expression was savage as if he wanted to eat her: “Did you feed it something?!”

Su Luo knew, this time, as long as she admitted it, she would immediately meet with a deadly blow.

But if she said no…

Su Luo lifted her eyes to look at the Battle God Puppet.

At this moment, don’t know which muscle was wrong with the Battle God Puppet, as it suddenly sat up with a ‘whoosh’ sound!

Su Luo looked in surprise at the Battle God Puppet that sat up with a bewildered expression.

Dongfang Xuan also suspiciously looked at that Battle God Puppet in puzzlement. At this moment, he still wasn’t certain if Su Luo was suddenly controlling the Battle God Puppet.

One only saw the Battle God Puppet’s stiff neck slowly turn. That pair of large bell-like eyes were exploring and scanning in a straight line. When it saw Su Luo, its huge face suddenly laughed, revealing some teeth. A expression that was very foolish and very innocent.

Su Luo was somewhat scared after being looked by it….

Before Su Luo could react, the Battle God Puppet’s gaze turned once again. This time, accurately and without mistake fixing on Dongfang Xuan’s body.

Dongfang Xuan felt his blood run cold from being stared by it.

Because the Battle God Puppet’s eyes were full of a bloody mist, really was very terrifying!

Afterwards, the Battle God Puppet slowly stood up.

Its emaciated skeleton gave off creaking sounds, step by step, it walked towards Dongfang Xuan.

At this time, Dongfang Xuan was somewhat apprehensive, he subconsciously retreated back.

The Battle God Puppet pressured closer, step by step.

Dongfang Xuan retreated again and again, until he couldn’t retreat anymore.

The Battle God Puppet suddenly open its mouth and gave off a sinister and strange laugh. That laugh would horrify people.

At this time, Dongfang Xuan had already realized, this Battle God Puppet was already under Su Luo’s control. He was very vexed in his heart! Because the Battle God Puppet gave him a formidable, ‘hard to defeat’ powerful feeling!

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